CandyCarsonWritten By Sheryl Leonard, “Michiganders for Dr. Ben Carson”

“Here is what I witnessed last night. I was a guest speaker on behalf of Ben Carson at the Caucus in Altoona at an elementary school and I spoke last night. My pro Carson speech included an introduction that I was from one state over in Wisconsin and that my family were Polish immigrants. After my speech was over the Ted Cruz spokesperson made their speech and closed with “By the way Ben Carson is dropping out of the race”.

I got up and shouted “He’s lying”.

Immediately after that…who walks in? CANDY CARSON! Ben Carson’s wife! She backed me up and said it was a lie! Ben was NOT dropping out and not to be deterred. The people then voted and Ben came in 2ND PLACE! Just 8 votes shy of first place.

While I was observing the vote count, the Cruz staffers told me, “Back up away from the table….you are in OUR state now….go back to Wisconsin you Dumb Pollock!”….These are the kind of people that Cruz hires.

Remember a couple days before this Cruz sent out mailers to people sharing their neighbor’s voting records to shame & embarrass them and pressure them. Ted Cruz is a PHONY ladies and gentlemen. He campaigns as a “Conservative Christian” and spreads outright lies in order to steal a win illegitimately in an election.

Cruz campaigns as a “fierce protector of privacy rights” and then sends out mailers with people’s personal voting information to their neighbors, putting them in possible danger. Folks this guy is either a piece of garbage or a complete ignoramus. Take your pick. Either way he is NOT qualified to be the Republican nominee or President of the United States.

I hope the American people will realize this man doesn’t have what it takes to face Hillary Clinton in the general election or serve the people. How is he supposed to attack Hillary for being a liar, dishonest and untrustworthy when he HIMSELF is a liar?!

By  Sheryl Leonard, Michiganders for Dr. Ben Carson.



  1. What/la says:

    The Voter Report Cards remind me of a interview I heard on YouTube or maybe a sound byte.
    John Kerry is being interviewed on a issue the American People does not agree with Obama Administration on. The interviewer ask John Kerry how will they get the American People to comply with their plan? Kerry replies, “we will shame the population. Shame is a “POWERFUL” tool.”
    REMEMBER folks how many time Our president got on T.V once in a foreign country and gave the American People a talking-to. These words will forever disgust me….”That’s not who we are. That’s not who the American People are”. The onion tears cried for people of other countries, nations. When the Veterans of the Nation he was elected to be commander-in -chief of he cares NOTHING about they get zero-poor medical treatment, they are hungry, homeless. Has anyone seen a tear? Better yet has he put programs and money in place to help them? This is the Nation we are paying him to lead!
    Now what was that Voter Report Card supposed to do? Sounds like there all ONE. Birds of a feather flocking together. Cuban, Canada Tex Cruz has been associating with Kenya, Hawaiian
    Brack Hussian Obama , John Kerry along with the entire crooked cabinet of Frauds that have hijacked our Government away from, “We The People” they’re all following the same plan. Look Washington Cartal, the people are awake now. It will never be business as usual again. We’re on to your shaming, your passing unseen, unread bills, lies, deceit, thef and your One World Government. And heaven forbid “No More False Flags” stop trying to disarm American’s. You are trying right now to Strong arm Russia’s Putin. The people of this Great Proud Nation The United States Of America are ashamed of you leaders. Ashamed do you hear me. What You Represent is Not Who We Are! If you want other Countries Natural Resources we just bully ourselves in and take them. No respect for the people and what that country wants. People listen up! Tex Cruz, Marco Rubbio, Hillary Clinton are Just like Obama a puppet with paid in full stamped across their faces. So if you like your current government? You can have it! Sit back and do nothing. If you don’t like it then we need to get some community organizer in every community. Some lawyers. I personally have no idea how it’s done and neither does the adverage person. So end results we do nothing but post on blogs and chat sites as our government continues to be stolen. We need to get organized…… Get out those Pots and Pans!

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  2. Jim Hise says:

    Man do I agree with this. This nation is standing on the same ground it did when the southern states pulled away from the union. When the fed gov. got so big it no longer took the states in consideration when it forced new laws and new taxes on the people in the individual states. As for me, I am for that break away today. We need to reclaim states rights and stand up as our forefathers did and say NO MORE of your Shit and pull away from the fed as there is no union or united today. We allow this black muslim enemy to sit in the White House spewing hatred of the country through out the world and do nothing. Time has come and is passing fast. J. Hise, Arkie

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  3. absolutely shocking and and full proof of fraud by cruz campaign….is nothing going to be done. fraud must be stoped at the outset and it is ben cqrson’s obligation to protest this to protect the country and the other candidates should be right with him like trump is. otherwise we do not pick our president, it is manipulated.


  4. She/la says:

    From the News articles I’ve read Dr. Carson has accepted Tex Cruz apology. I assume he will not trust him until he proves he can be trusted. (smile)
    That is the Christian thing to do you see. And I agree! But forgiveness does NOT mean you need to lay down and be walked on! Nobody ever walked on Jesus! He called them what they were, “brooe of vipers” there are consequences that need to be addressed. Not a well that’s alright this time but don’t do it again attitude. I read a article that said the radical Muslim refugees say they rather attack Christian because we don’t put up a fight. We’re easy targets. Dr. Carson’s turn the other cheek but don’t do it again attitude is exactly why he is not the man we need for president. Those career politician will eat him alive. We need a strong forceful personality. Washington Cartal can’t over power, a bull-dog that will bit into them slinging them right and left till they run out of Washington necked and afraid. Donald Trump is just one man. It is the millions of people that are supporting him that has Politicans running scared cheating like kids. There either doing it Blantinly taunting Trump through the media, showing him we will cheat you out nanny, nanny boo boo what you gonna do about it? Or they think there so wise and people or so dumb. Another possibility is, everything they do that is meant for harm God is turning it around for Trump’s good and God’s Glory. If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, turn from their wicked ways. God says in the Bible he will heal our land. Let’s all remember to pray daily repent for the sin’s of America abortion, same sex marriage ect…
    God knows we will stand up and turn America back to His Ways with a Godly leader in Washington.
    We ask you Father to put a Godly leader in the Whithouse.


  5. Shela says:

    Will any of those 3 do ANYTHING at all if SOMEBODY Don’t kick-up one hellava fuss the likes that Washington fat-cat Politicans and their super pac’s ain’t never seen before? If we say that’s alright we accept your apology, just don’t do it no more. Will they do jack-squats? The way Dr. Carson handled the voters fraud proves he’s a turn the other cheek nice Christian & Washington political sharks will walk all over him and eat him for lunch.


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