Redstate is twisting the Carson story using sound bytes.  They are saying he is the one that said he was going back to Florida.  The real story is Carson was going back to Florida after Iowa vote to get a change of suits.  He had been on the campaign trail for 18 days and needed to do a few things after the caucus.  How in the world is this to be anywhere confused with – DROPPING OUT OF THE RACE.

I have noticed Redstate is very much establishment.  Oh yea…Erickson…that’s right.  We can trust him right?  Wrong.

Dianne Marshall



  1. doubledenvy says:

    Same with Levin , the first 30 minutes , Levin tried to spin , starting out with “Here we go again , with Donald Trump and his stupid stuff , his tweets”. I don’t care about Limbaugh , Hannity and Beck and I deemed them as Clown Shows years ago , but considering AIR America , I listened to these guys versus Air America. So before XM radio raised there rates I listened to Levin on Patriot Channel. Levin was different before some one got to him a couple months ago. Anyway we all know the backstory on Levin. The elephant in the room on the Iowa Voter Fraud , is the point that the talk show hosts are avoiding , Republican Steven King , Iowa’s congressman , who made a point to back Cruz , and on Caucus night was holding court through out the night with the media was saying that Ben Carson was dropping out , as Sara Palin eloquently pointed out today , in her expose on the voter fraud travesty that disenfranchised Iowa’s voters and factor in e-vote fraud. The sleaze that I see in Cruz , I come to expect (just look at all his spokespeople , every time they are interviewed , they look like they just sucked on a lemon) Steve King , Mailer’s sent out scolding citizens for their voting record (that intrusion into privacy I despise) his surrogates at all caucus locations spreading false propaganda , not disclosing funding from banks (shady) , I will never vote for this fraud. P.S. , for Levin slamming Trump for twittering , I had to unfollow Levin , because my fricken phone was literally pinging non stop when I was following Levin , before the election.

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  2. Tony says:

    First off, Redstate’s Erickson is a bottom feeder! After this election and (what he tried to do to Trump last year) he’ll be lucky if he has a career after this. This whole Iowa Thing reeks! I’ ll just say this, if they try anything else like this, (and they will) Trump will consider this, not being treated fairly! And you know what I mean! He’ll run as a third party!


  3. Copy and paste:

    A man in Iowa wrote this just to let people know how Cruz cheated and what he did to Carson a friend was speaking at a caucus for Carson last night. ..and this is what he went through which Candy Carson also walked in on…I told him I wanted to share his story…so here it is~

    “here is what I witnessed last night. I was a guest speaker on behalf of Ben Carson at the Caucus in Altoona at an elementary school and I spoke last night. My pro Carson speech speech included an introduction that I was from one state over in Wisconsin and that my family were Polish immigrants. After my speech was over the Ted Cruz spokeperson made their speech and closed with “By the way Ben Carson is dropping out of the race”. I got up and shouted “he’s lying”. Immediatelty after that…who walks in? CANDY CARSON! Ben Carson’s wife! She backed me up and said it was a lie that Ben was dropping out and not to be deterred. The people then voted and Ben came in 2ND PLACE! Just 8 votes shy of first place. While I was observing the vote count, the Cruz staffers told me “back up away from the table….you are in OUR state now….go back to Wisconsin you Dumb Polak!”….These are the kind of people that Cruz hires. Remember a couple days before this Cruz sent out mailers to people sharing their neighbor’s voting records to shame & embarrass them and pressure them. Ted Cruz is a PHONY ladies and gentlemen. He campaigns as a “Conservative Christian” and spreads outright lies in order to to steal a win illegitimately inn an election. He campaigns as a “fierce protector of privacy rights” and then sends out mailers withn people’s personal voting information to their neighbors, putting them in possible danger. Folks this guy is either a piece of garbage or a complete ignoramus. Take your pick. Either way he is NOT qualified to be the Republican nominee or President of the United States. I hope the American people will realize this man doesn;t have what it takes to face Hillary Clinton in the general election. How is he supposed to attack Hillary for being a liar, dishonest and untrustworthy when he HIMSELF is a liar?! — Sheryl Leonard, Michiganders for Dr. Ben Carson.

    Trump for President 2016

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