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The audacity to send another email blast to me begging for money?  How many times do I have to report you to SPAM?

Dear Ted, please listen up. I am taking the time to answer your mooching chain letter. Here goes….

“I can’t wait to tell you want a disgrace you are to Americans, to evangelicals, to real candidates and to yourself.  You probably just got off the phone alright with your gravy slurpers scamming the private sector seeing how you can scam Americans over the next 48 hours 24/7.  I have never been one of your loyal supporters, and have reported your emails  repeatedly to spam alerts.  Somehow your spy data equipment keeps on hacking into my account with annoying, obnoxious money begging ads like this one.

Let me add that your spam promo piece is full of lies.  You do kiss up to donors, CFR, Bilderberg Members, bankers, wall street guys, and any walking NWO person that you can. I will never give a penny to you and your “push America into the sewer and make her the north America union” goals.  You may have fooled many uninformed people, or perhaps just committed major voter fraud by having your own people screw up the caucus’s like Hillary was just busted for doing….but you will never win in the end. 

I saw what you did to Dr. Carson. It was ugly, cheap, evil and illegal campaign fraud. It should by campaign laws warrant your removal from the GOP race, along with a fine and jail time.  God sees all things and his eye is on you.  However God may well allow the devil to use you as his tool for a while, but when that time is over, you will be getting a big surprise.  God’s ways are not man’s ways….you will soon discover that.

You were very correct in your spam mailer that “Last night, we showed America that only the power of the grassroots will ultimately defeat the Washington Cartel.” You just forgot to add one key word, ‘snakes’, after the word grassroots and just before the word will. And change the word ‘defeat’ to ‘uphold’.

It should have read, “Last night, we showed America that only the power of the grassroots SNAKES will ultimately uphold the Washington Cartel.”

You and your entire campaign has reminded me of Obama through and through….from sealing your records, producing no proof of natural birth, double talking, etc. the only thing you had not done that he has done was to chant, “YES WE CAN”, but last night you did that one too. 

Dianne Marshall


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Dear Dianne,

I can’t wait to tell you about the phone call I received.

I just got off the phone with a few very generous supporters who — after our big win in Iowa last night — have pledged huge support for my campaign.

For the next 48 hours, these most generous supporters have agreed to match all online donations to my campaign made through the links below.

Because you have been one of my most loyal supporters — I’m reaching out to you first.

48 HOUR DOUBLE MATCH: click here to chip in >>

You see: these generous supporters know how hard the next few days will be and how important it is to continue the momentum we received from Iowa.

Here is what they know:

1) I will never get — nor do I want — money from the D.C. lobbyists or the special interest billionaires; and

2) After winning Iowa — the Washington Cartel is most certainly more determined than ever to defeat me. Their attacks are only going to increase in the weeks to come.

That is why these supporters have made me a special offer, but it is up to you to help me take advantage.

How it works: for the next 48 hours — generous donors have offered to match ALL online donations made through the links below in this email.

Lee, this is the biggest boost you can give my campaign when we need it most!

Let me explain how special this is: your contribution of $25 will be matched to become $50, $50 will be worth $100, and $500 will become $1,000 — your immediate donation will be worth double the original amount.

Below are special links for you to use and have your donation doubled BUT it will only work for the next 48 hours. So time is critical!

Donate $10, see it matched to become $20 >>

Donate $25, have it matched to become $50 >>

Donate $50, see it matched to become $100 >>

Donate $100, it will be matched to become $200 >>

Donate $500, it will double to become $1000 >>

Again, this special matching offer is only good for 48 hours.

I can’t win these primaries without your support.

Lee, our victory in Iowa will be wasted if we can’t capitalize on our momentum as we move onward to the next contests in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and beyond.

Last night, we showed America that only the power of the grassroots will ultimately defeat the Washington Cartel.

Dianne, with your support, we can win this.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz

6 thoughts on “Rafael CRUZ QUIT BEGGING ME FOR MONEY!

  1. Sharon DeLany says:

    Unbelievable….what is he going to do with all of this money when he loses?…..Pocket it for his next failed election?….He says he already has $20 million in the bank….Does his wife,..who is his financial chairman…make a big salary?….He is getting rich off of the taxpayers.


  2. I get those also. If the people in Iowa didn’t get the chance to vote, then that means the final vote will end up totally different. I do not believe Cruz will win. Then who are the Iowan’s going to look too since their credibility is dead. This was just a game for Cruz to upset Trump & put doubt in his mind.


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