A few hours earlier what was most likely an intentionally leaked story made its way to D.C. Whispers regarding an alleged early-morning response by an already impeccably dressed and coiffed Donald Trump to one of his most trusted advisers who upon seeing his boss seated in a chair asked him, “What now?”


Trump’s eyes flared as he looked up with a jaw tightly clenched. His mouth turned into an almost-snarl that was as much an affirmation of his refocused confidence as it was a declaration of intent.

“George…WE WIN.”


11 thoughts on “TRUMP WHAT HAPPENS NOW?

  1. Mary Hamilton says:

    Trump we are fighting satan herself. We know the evil we face malace of intent against honesty. Move in faith nothing wavering. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.
    Democrats are hell bent on the destruction of America. We win after we pound the living hell out of every lying thieving bastard alive with truth. Love kills! We win!

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  2. Dianne,
    Sorry for being a touch off topic for saying THANK YOU for your site (again). I’m stuck in France on a job, and the television “Trump bashing” abounds. If only these people understood the gravity of ANYTHING short of a Trump victory! They don’t see the danger of the loss of U.S. sovereignty (and probably currency), that will put us further down the road of the agenda (21) of the globalist cabal, and the march towards truly meaningless “existence”.
    When I first started traveling here, I was ADMIRED as an American, almost envied. Now? We have successfully been vilified as the PROBLEM! DAMN the secular, progressive globalists!
    Anyway, THANKS AGAIN for your site! You and CTH are the only places I get truth. You ROCK!!

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    1. P.S. Please pray for my Missus, as she has informed me that some death-wishing PUNKS actually came within 10 FEET of our house to steal our TRUMP 2016 yard signs! The recklessness of the haters has become more and more rabid and detached.The next batch of signs will be “hot wired”. I expect them to be “shocked” at the results of their next ill-advised foray onto this NRA Life Member’s property. It should be a lesson in natural selection.

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  3. Dianne,
    You are most welcome. I should clarify. As individuals, the French people are mostly genuinely warm and welcoming. However, as we see in our country, the media drives collective public opinion. And we all know how insidious that relationship can be.It should come as no surprise that rupert murdoch has his grimy little globalist digits all over European “information”. IMHO, his betrayal outweighs the effect that pox news had on my political awakening.I should have seen straight away that the likes of him, and glenn beck are/were only motivated by $$$$. No more.I realize that Mr. Trump would only be further vilified if he were to own a broadcast company, but he sure could counteract the relentless attacks on him, couldn’t he? You know what? He doesn’t need it. At this point, if anyone opposes his common sense solutions, they are truly willfully blind.
    Much appreciation for your well wishes and words of caution. We are over here doing our best to contradict the misconception of the reputation of “ugly Americans”. Grinning, hard working, TRUMP SUPPORTING, PROUD AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! We’ll keep you posted.


  4. Appreciating the hard work you put into your website and detailed information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Fantastic read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


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