WHAT HAPPENED TO RECOUNTING THE VOTES?  Oh that must be another card game, not this one.

IT WAS VERY CLOSE SO LET’S JUST TOSS A COIN AND SEE WHO WINS?  This is business as usual and Iowa precinct overseers seem to accept that this is all part of a normal political process.  It is you and I that have the problem here.  Or so it seems.

I swear it looks like I am either walking around on a movie set watching the filming of a new Mellissa McCarthy comedy titled, “Tammy Runs For Office”, or I am walking around in a lucid dream state trying hard to wake up.  Maybe I am experiencing one of those “out of body” things people talk about?

Either way….as far as I know…for I have pinched myself over and over, I am awake.

Dianne Marshall


  1. doubledenvy says:

    I mean “What can I say , It’s Iowa” God Bless Iowa , and to think The Iowa Basic Skills Test , that I had to take growing up (for old timers you know you had to black out A thru D , with #2 pencil *it had to be a #2 – get it?) to see what my aptitude is and see if they were going to the next grade. OMG , if I had only knew … Iowa … Wow

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  2. Hi Diane,

    Per Jim Condit Jr. of WatchTheVote they are planning to steal the election, as you may already be aware.

    Please view this video (cue to 15:21 min) our Republic depends on it.

    After you view you’ll know what I mean. We have to stop them from stealing another election. It doesn’t matter how many crowds show up, it’s stolen. Jim Condit Jr said to get this to Trump, he’s trying, and others are and I have been. It’s imperative. All the months of work, all the volunteering, the interviews, the huge crowd rallies, will all go to waste if Trump doesn’t stop it. The video explains how the fraud is done and how it was done in Iowa for RUBIO (listen from the beginning) — or — go straight to 15:21 min to see how they do the cheating in NEW HAMPSHIRE and how to stop it.

    He even explains how they did it back then with McCain who had zero support in South Carolina, yet Ron Paul and especially Huckabee had strong campaigns, and Huck was doing very well in the bible belt, yet somehow out of the blue McCain won SC. Please take the time to watch.

    VIDEO HERE (or in my tweet below):

    Thank you!

    URGENT: GET TO TRUMP OR WE’RE DONE! Trump must stop this: NH & SC elections Stolen Easily-Rigged, Computer Program


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