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Everyone is always gun ho about the Iowa Caucus and it being the most accurate reading on what the entire state wants in a candidate.  So tonight we are told that what the entire state is wanting is what they all got.  That’s the blimp and the prime headline….type of jargon anyway.

Well, let’s look at the entire state voting results for what they are.  First off, throw away the percentages…those always throw people off.  Let us break it down in real numbers….the kind people know how to add.  Smiling.  Are you ready folks?  Here it is-

Ted Cruz:  51,420 – 27.65%  number one gains  8 electorates.

Donald Trump: 45,259 – 24.34%  number two gains 7 electorates.

Marco Rubio: 42,869 – 23.05% number three gains 6 electorates.

Ben Carson: 17,324 – 9.32% number four gains 2 electorates.

Rand Paul: 8,416 – 4.53% number five gains 1 electorate.

Jeb Bush: 5,220 – 2.81%

Carly Fiorina: 3,471 – 1.87%

John Kasich: 3,469 – 1.87%

Mike Huckabee: 3,340 – 1.80%

Chris Christie: 3,276 – 1.76%

Rick Santorum: 1,782 – 0.96%

Other: 119 – 0.06%

Jim Gilmore: 12 – 0.01%

TOTAL NUMBER OF IOWA VOTERS  185,977 (some precincts are still not counted as of the writing of this report)


Just reporting the facts here.  Think about it.  Smile while you think.

Dianne Marshall

p.s.  Microsoft tallied the votes…second biggest Rubio donor. Wink…Wink.



  1. Is anyone commenting on how Cruz won. He sabotaged Carson by twitting he was dropping out. Cruz used Trump’s ideas on issues. Cruz lied about Financials and sent out mailers to voters about violations. Totally dishonest. So this is Christian? If so, I would be ashamed to be counted as such.

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    1. And Microsoft tallied the votes witch happens to be the second largest donor to Rubio who out of the blue after polling very low won third place to trump by 1 percent. This entire election is rigged folks…we need to rethink how we are all to proceed.


      1. I’m a political newbie (since Trump announced candidacy). My first thought this am (on gut instinct) are that within the week voter fraud will be revealed. You validated my thoughts. I bet Trump has people on it as we speak. His Twitter and FB accts are silent thus far. Planning the best strategy to combat this??


  2. Liz Eisele says:

    Is this the usual turnout in Iowa? This can’t be a representation of how the election will go. 186,000 (or so) people out of a state of 3.1 million? Where’s everybody at? This is not really much of a loss for Mr. Trump. Sunday the polls all had Trump ahead of Cruz.. Well, if Cruz can spread false rumors about Carson, and lies about Trump’s beliefs, maybe they better start recounting these votes, not just Clinton’s and Sander’s. Smarmy is as Smarmy might do!!! ( Smarmy is my husband’s favorite description of Ted Cruz from the first time he saw him! My husband has always been an accurate judge of people). Go Mr. Trump, and don’t be discouraged!! Liz Eisele, Cape May County, New Jersey


  3. Sha/la says:

    Cruz also had workers handing out election cards Vote Cruz at the caucus sites of Bill and Hillary with him at his wedding. Said a internet site. I’m questing that was a true report. Another one of those thing too crazy to make up. All’s fair in politics it seems. …. What I found just to whacko was a person under investigation by the FBI that they already have tons of proven illegal activities on is not only running but come on…. Look at the claimed votes…. I didn’t have my glasses on but I though I saw on the T.V screen Killery 49.9 %. – Burninyou 49.9 % I ask you, do you believe Iowa is split down the middle? Are there that many law-abiding people that willingly would overlook abandoning those solders when they called for help repeatly plus all the e-mail illegal activity , passed criminal history just because they don’t want Burninyou? If so those people don’t ever need to sit on a jury. I say no they wouldn’t! I personally if it were myself I found in that situation would go to the other side., so would any other law-abiding American! Do I smell a ole’ stinkin rat? Funny how Rubbieo was not only 3rd. But running neck to neck almost as though 100’s were attending his rallies leading up to the caucus? It would of been just too obvious for him to place 1st. Or 2nd. Now I know why the Internet sites such as Allen West was posting articles titled, what I predict will happen in the Iowa caucuses. He predicted Ruddieo, greasy Cruz, Trump. When I read it my thoughts were he must be way out of touch. Now I know. They are doing what bought talking and writing heads do. Preparing the voters for…. nuff said….
    🇺🇸 Donald J. Trump. 2016 🇺🇸
    Thanks Dianne for breaking it down for us. I feel so much better now. Ok let’s all refresh ourselves in the Lord as King David did when he was battling Saul. Put on our full armor and gird up for one of the greatest battles. The battle to …
    “Make America Great Again ”
    Dianne lead on …..
    BTW. Does Tex Cruz remind anyone else of a slick greasy, willy, silliy, slippery, walled-eyed el.


    1. He sure does! Ted Cruz would have america think that “Net Neutrality” (putting the internet under title 2 making it a PUBLIC UTILITY) Would be a “bad thing”. But in TRUTH it would make it REMAIN just as it is. It keeps the ISPs from changing the law so they can crimp the bandwidth on sites and services that either don’t pay up or have opinions or material they don’t agree with. Making it a “public utility” PROTECTS it from the telecoms that want to be able to charge for fast lanes. Who is one of Teds biggest supporters? TELECOMS! Help me spread the word. Check out Ted trying to sell us on voting AGAINST Net Neutrality.


  4. I LOATHE those new gadgets. The problem is it’s SO easy to cheat with those because no one sees what’s ultimately sent. Don’t feel bad though. Reagan didn’t win Iowa either, and later took the general in a landslide.


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