This article is unique as it is written through other peoples comments and not my own except this one –Microsoft tallied the votes witch happens to be the second largest donor to Rubio who out of the blue after polling very low won third place to trump by 1 percent. This entire election is rigged folks…we need to rethink how we are all to proceed.

“It was announced at our caucus in Buchanan County that Carson had dropped out of the race and that Carson wanted to encourage his supporters to vote for Cruz. It was specifically said that Carson was encouraging his followers to vote for Cruz. How shady is that?!?!”

“Heard that this (Carson dropped out of race and wanted voters to vote for Cruz) occurred in Blackhawk, Grundy and Buchanan counties. Thought that KWWL would dig a little deeper.”

No one in the media is mentioning that Cruz bussed people in with church buses and that NOT everyone got to vote.”

“Reports that thousands could not get into the caucus centers and Iowa ran out of ballots. chaos at the caucus tables.., i just posted one good example of a voters account on the page.”

“You see, not everyone got to vote, so those first time voters didn’t get a chance >>> Not everyone gets to vote that heads to their caucus site. The locations have a limit to how many people they can hold. ( I’m sure it’s whatever the fire code says ). Voters need to arrive at their caucus locations hours before the doors open to assure they can get in. Voters that have done this for years know this and arrive 4 or more hours ahead of time and camp out in their cars until the doors open. It is harder for an average Joe to be able to take off from their job to do this. And new voters may not realize that there is the possibility that they can not get into the room to vote. It is also better to go as a group because of the way a caucus works. They vote in groups. For instance, if only a few of Trumps voters could take off work to arrive early and the other candidates supporters have many more voters in the room, then the Trump supporters must be put into another candidates group and vote with that group. So, it is crucial to notify all voters voting in any caucus how it works.”

“Carson will not be in the abc debate. Only the top 3 from Iowa will be. Carson needs to demand a recount!”

I just saw clips of a guy walking around the room gathering the votes! Do you know how unorganized that is? It looked like chaos!

In response to a post saying..let it go.  “Forget it and walk away is exactly what they expect for it is why they have all gotten away with their fraud in the past. Exposing the truth is not going to lose votes that have already been cast. Where in the heck do you think these comlaints are coming from?? They are from people who have yet to cast their votes!”

“Well, since that puts #TRUMP in first place to win the presidency, it is HUGE news. ……. See Iowa has only picked the winner once in the last 40 years, and since we had one timer pathetic moron idiot jimmy Carter in there, that means 1 out of the last 6 !!!! ROFL, so that actually means Cruz the loser a 15% chance to win and the awesome #TRUMP the 85% favorite !!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!”

“I think fraud was involved by Hillary, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz
Trump & Bernie have had packed houses. Marco and ted a moderate amount.
Hillary has had low turnouts.

250k showed up for Donald Trumps rallys but less then 50k showed up to vote for him. Not going to the last debate doesnt sound logical to lose that many votes but still continue to climb up the polls following the debate.


“People waited in lines for hours to see him in the snow. They love him very much. Obsessed w him actually. He’s won in every poll and has 83% loyal fans.
We are demanding a recount because the numbers do not add up.  Hillary clinton is a liar and a fraud but she did well in a concervative religious state?

Hard to believe. Ted won in a state that relys on ethanol for thousands of jobs. He would demolish Iowa.

Trump was 8 points ahead of Ted today but Ted won.
He also may have been caught trying to steal Dr carsons voter’s.

10 thousand  caucus goers were turned away because they ran out of ballots.
Ted ran a VERY dirty campaign. So much drama you have no idea what a phony he is!
We will find out about micro soft counting votes for Rubio.
This is why we don’t trust lawyer’s or politicians.  An investigation will be conducted.”


Dianne Marshall






  1. 2000 – Diebold had contract for voting machines Bush/Gore voting irregularities. 2008 – Scytl (soros owned) had contract for voting machines 2012 accusations that Tagg Romney might have ties to Solamere , who in turn is invested in Hartintercivic (3rd largest maker ov voting machine) 2016 Hawkeye Cockeye – Micosoft App is voting software. So now we will be told these are to be trusted , “The Cloud Cannot Be Hacked”. But some hacker kid can hack into top secret NASA control ( the 19 year old when caught said ” It took me .38 seconds to root in to NASA password/screen) and down a drone over pacific ocean.. Just like nobody could possibly hack Hilerys homebrew server , and thank the lord The Commaner in Chief reads the Sunday comics in the NYTimes , because that’s the first he heard about Clintons off site server , oh , except for those 22 Above Top Secret e mails that are from the Whitehouse to Chataqua. Nothing to see here , walk on by.

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  2. She/la says:

    I didn’t want to post it in my other post b/c I don’t want to sound like a negetive whining “they didn’t play fair” loser. Now after reading this post I’ll say it. POPPYCOCK! That voting was crooked as a dogs leg! The entire world knows it also! And folks didn’t we expect them to cheat? Well yeah!
    Also in my working years I never could have taken off work to caucus. I would not have been able to let those working for me take off either. Especially since it was just the caucus. Not the voting that determined the next 4 yrs. I don’t live in Iowa but if I did me and my sister plus our run-the-roads-buddies none could have gone and stood more than 15 minutes at most. We are like most seniors bad knees, backs, hips, arthritis. I’m thinking Iowa is like any other State. It’s got seniors also. It’s got people who work, stay at home moms with no sitter. Our work issues, sitter issues, and health issues would have kept us at home.
    Can someone tell me WHY do they do a caucus without setting up enough sites, without providing enough materials to caucus with, without having enough volunteers? WHY bother? I don’t know how voting is in other places but my town NEVER has a line. In a radius of 10 miles are 3 voting sites. People walk right in vote walk out. No lines no waiting.

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    1. Control. Voter Suppression. Remember ” That , that does not kill us , only makes us stronger”, I woke up more determined than ever. If anything , last night was very sobering. Asking myself “How could the polls be so off”, then I watched that caucus fiasco , I mean seating and pitting neighbors against each other , and as a American witnessing the spectacle that was the Hawk I Cock I , I don’t care , as a previous poster printed “Them thar’s tha’rules” I say “screw that”, And I will be damned if I listened to any of these mic heads , explain to me how this happened. I don’t need the media idiots telling me it’s raining , when I know they are p*ssing down my leg.

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    2. yvonne says:

      @She/la Caucus is a joke..real voting is private and personal with no coercion..that goes for primaries also..this method was good when there was no communication and you had to arrive by horse and buggy..USA uses this ploy for the establishment..this method needs to change ..not accurate

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  3. Frank O'Pinion says:

    Voting for Cruz or Rubio is like taking the U.S. Constitution for an airplane ride with Buddy Holly on February 3, 1959, during a blizzard from Clear Lake, IA, to the next event.

    Trump was the clear Republcan winner among the natural born U.S. Citizen candidates.

    Rubio is a derivative U.S. Citizen, only obtaining his U.S. Citizenship when his parents naturalized as U.S. Citizens and is clearly not a natural born U.S. Citizen.

    Cruz has not produced background documentation, nor is it obtainable, on his U.S. citizenship. Cruz also is not a natural born U.S. Citizen.

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  4. She/la says:

    We the people must not allow non-citizens to ever become President of The U.S.A again.

    Last night Donald Trump graciously thanked the wonderful people of Iowa, he said he loves them. He thanked his family, volunteers, his staff and promised to come back many, many times he loves Iowa. In fact he might buy a farm there. NOW listen up! He is telling us in one of his next sentences’ what is probably up ahead. I believe he is preparing us. Saying do don’t let it throw you for a loop. He promised to beat Hillary , Burnyou OR “WHOEVER” they try to throw up there. ( Donald is expecting a last minute old Joe, or heaven forbid John Kerry. Gotta have somebody that will go along with the puppet plan. The reason there gonna try so hard to get Ruddy is b/c he will be easier then Tex to control. Just give Ruddy enough money & heck he will just stay home play with the kids & dog.
    It is a crazy Democrate line up to begin with. A person in legal proceedings by FBI for treason, a communist, someone I can’t remember his name (for real not being sarcastic). On the Republican side 17 people! There are many Democratic ( because I looked it up) Senators, Congressmen, Governor’s , former Senator, former Congressman that could have ran for president. Why do they only have those 3 unelectable (from my view) running. Somethings not right! They rather a Democratic so they don’t give any real electable to choose from. On the last leg of the race they will throw another candidate of there choice in the running. If they can’t get a Democratic elected they’ll settle for Rudy. That’s what I think I see in these early days. However I do feel The Donald tipped us off last night in his speech. You know even the Internet is crazy. My last sentence was automatically changed to read
    “In his hate spewed speech ” is that not insane or what? WOW!

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  5. Well- Dianne I really love your OP-ed today and the comments well written from the Heart that I really appreciate ever so much. I was up until 4 am today. I was trying to review comments, facts, and read as much in the comment form which included documentation on observations and the experiences those who did attend the Caucus and those who did not. They are the Witnesses in addition to after the announcement of the sinners and the only win our Donald Trump. I did get to share around the announcement of the App that was the suppose to be ballot and likely if I understand that the App was derived from a company who is paying Puppet Marco Rubio zillions of dollars to stand in place as a candidate for the office of the President of the US. With all this behind him he should of been number one instead of number 3 in line. Cruz did obtain a win, if in all sincerety it is a win and number one to boot however Cruz has been reported and shown that he and Rubio are not at all Creditable for reasons known to one and all and for one example just check Dr.Carson recent complaint of stealing his supporters. Additionally other alleged fraud episodes by Cruz is now coming to light and soon we will know what the Sec. of State of Iowa will determine with yet Abuse and Financial Exploitation of Voters with out consent to enter into classified information. So,
    I am only addressing a few of the issues that we can expect to grow as evidence and complaints become easy for folks to bring to the for front.
    How does this help Rubio and Cruz get elected to the President, none really. Why? Thinking that if this was a fair and balanced election and the numbers counted fairly and the problems did not happen during the Caucus, perhaps none of the above would of developed. That is only a “Perhaps” All in due time an old saying goes. Cruz and Rubio would of not likely won. They did not have the true numbers of supporters and that is the reason for the FRAUD to happen. In a true election neither would of gained a win and that is to be understood. Trump did win second place on true numbers of those who supported him without signs of FRAUD. Trump will do fine. He has supporters that Cruz and Rubio are melting to have. The Governor I believe in Iowa has endorsed Donald Trump. I hear an investigation is going on with the Cruz and Rubio issues and believe me they will really have open many cans of worms.
    We don’t as yet know what Dr. Carson has planned with his issue and my o my to get involved in voting fraud in this day is not really good as there is no mercy to have.

    Donald Trump is not one that I personally would want to get on the bad side of. He has stated many times on network don’t do me dirty and don’t start anything _______. He does keep his word as demostrated in the past. So supporters of Trump just calm down, time is on our side, we learn from the past and put the tools to learning the future. Nothing in life happens for no reason, we will sooner or later find out why. Please visit my group on face book to find out updated information if you like and please share with me. Thanks so much. POLLGATE. This is a closed group and people are required to ask to join.

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  6. LaBonBon says:

    Here is my question: what can be done? Do the p^ssed off citizens of Iowa have any recourse? And what about the remaining caucuses? How do we ensure fair and accurate vote casting and counting? It’s cold comfort to read how we should should just all settle down and plan ahead. How can any Trump supporter be optimistic in light of all these shenanigans?

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  7. I’m in Iowa and I was the Trump representative for my precinct last night. we didn’t have a large turnout, but out of 52 votes, 28 were for Trump, 10 for Cruz, and 8 for Rubio. Now, there is no way to tell if that was an average for all of Iowa, but each of the Trump people and each of the others that had representation at the precincts were to call in their state headquarters with the results from their voting. Upon investigating the figures, the headquarters of each could compare the various numbers with what were sent in by the heads at each precinct. Of course there may not have been a rep for each at each precinct, so it still may be hard to check. Myself and the Cruz rep watched as the votes were counted, but I didn’t see the numbers as they posted to the state, so who knows? The official who presided at ours was a Rubio supporter and if most of the officials were against Trump, there may have been some fixing of the numbers.

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  8. She/la says:

    I subscribe to 2 anti-Trump sites just to keep up with what is being spun and lies told. I usually can’t get passed the headlines. I unsubscribe then subscribe back so I can keep up, only to get sick and unsubscribe all over again. I saw Fox News still going on about Trump afraid of Megyn Kelly. You just want to say. Hey fix give it up. Donald ain’t scared of her and frankly my dear he don’t give a well you get the point. It’s fox rating that have got y’all bring on the likes of skin crawling Michael Moore. Didn’t watch but it’s advertised all over. All so me. Silly butt will have somebody to trash trump with get over it will y’all. Your trying to bate trump everyone on to you. Now they are saying the winner is now the loser. People what did he lose? A caucus that means nothing that we know was rigged! Even is American are fooled can we all say AGAIN The Donald will go back to his billionaire life. WHO will really lose. YOU! He’s trying to save your tails! I never post on the comments. It’s people wanting to pick fights and use the vulger words. So jerry springer.

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  9. s.c. says:

    And yet Trump, Rubio and Cruz are basically tied in number of delegates. The real concern is how the actual vote skewed from NEARLY EVERY POLL…and also most of our expectations, I’ll be honest I was expecting a Trump landslide.
    So the concern is, yes, Trump has a big lead in New Hampshire, but if the same deviation from the current polling happens and Rubio gets close to Trump, Trump will win new Hampshire but end up with not many more delegates overall than Cruz and Rubio. He really needs to kick ass in New Hampshire or it will be a hollow victory.

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  10. doubledenvy says:

    I have to say that , I listened this morning to Alex Jones interview Larry Klayman (founder of Judicial Watch and currently at FreedomWatch.Org) and encourage anyone with doubt or remorse after last night’s debacle to listen to podcast. Klayman is a Patriot , and has a pragmatic evaluation of last night. First and foremost discussion of fraud on both sides and parties. He does not believe Clinton will be Indicted , but shown the door by Democrats , due to forthcoming evidence that will be leaked is so damning , she will have step aside , or rish having this e-mail scandal go nuclear. In his opinion the bigger scandal , not being covered at all (as he has brought suit against NSA) , by media is the Meta Data surveillance on congressmen , Countries (Israel, Britain , Germany) and media , but will eventually have to be exposed through Court Discovery Process. NSA has got the goods on everybody in D.C. , hence Republicans (and Democrats) play along or they are exposed. He does not endorse anyone , but did describe Cruz as untruthful (especially , why he held on to his Canaidian Citizenship so long) and he said Rubio was two faced (whatever that means) In finality , Klayman said he felt Donald Trump will be elected President , and our only chance of correcting corruption in D.C. He said the forces are going to attack Donald J. Trump with everything they can. Worth a listen to , it made me feel better , as I was checking myself , thinking how could I have mis-judged Iowa and be so far off the mark.

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  11. Michael Wassil says:

    I don’t think we need fraud to get the results. Trump rallies attracted many supporters new to the the ‘caucus’ system, who would not have known how it works. Thus, Trump, and the other the candidates, advised their supporters to arrive early to make sure they got in. The caucuses were public meetings in public buildings governed by local fire/safety codes. New participants would likely think ‘early’ meant 1/2 an hour to an hour. They were wrong, in the Iowa caucuses ‘early’ means standing in line for 3-4 hours before the doors open!

    Say 5000 or 10,000 new Trump supporters were turned away because they arrived after the doors were shut. That’s 5000 to 10,000 votes Trump did not get that would have put his total well over 50,000. They would also have been 5000-10,000 fewer votes for both Cruz and Rubio. Thus, the final tally would have much more closely matched the poll results.

    This does not preclude the possibility of fraud or attempted fraud. MS counting votes and being a big backer of Rubio certainly warrants close scrutiny, as does ‘running out of ballots’ in some caucuses.

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  12. Michael Wassil says:

    I should also mention that those of us who had the circumstances of two citizen parents of the country of birth at the time of birth are described as natural born citizens of that country. I find it peculiar that so many find this concept apparently so confusing. These specific circumstances do not describe either Cruz or Rubio and I suspect very strongly that Democrats will remember this fact should Cruz or Rubio become the GOP nominee. They will, of course, use pretzel logic to avoid admitting that the fact does not describe Obama either. But we lost that battle only because too many people on too many levels would have been implicated in dereliction of duty.

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  13. Shirley says:

    I for one will never vote for Cruz or Rubio. Rubio is a anchor baby born to non USA citizens, but living in USA. HIS parents did not get citizenship until Rubio was 4 years old. Shame on Cruz for what he did to Carson and yes I do wonder how many votes Cruz received by lying to the people of Iowa. I live in Texas and Cruz has never been an option to me, he is all Wall Street topped with a mouth that spills out what sounds good for the moment.

    Hillary over Sanders, I sway towards Sanders. Thus far Trump is leading in my 3 voter household. We are tired of the DC BULL and can see Trump taking them on.

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  14. She/la says:

    I’m so glad we all have had each other today. Dianne’s articles, everyone’s comments have really been encouraging. I went to bed last night wondering if I had deceived myself by reading only Donald Trump campaign sites. I was sure he would win by a landslide. Now I realize everyone feels that way about their candidate. This has been eye opening. I really can’t understand how anyone dissatisfied with our current president could possibly vote for anyone else but Donald Trump. You would think the voter deception would stop now that it’s been exposed. Well it’s like this, will the devil every quit. No! And the deceivers won’t either. They will just try to get crafter. Anyway thanks y’all for being here today.

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