Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX ) is joined on stage by conservative commentator Glenn Beck at Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, Iowa
REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Cruz losing the debate to Trump and he wasn’t even there is common knowledge, but having 7 campaign staffers leave the Cruz camp in the last 10 days is not. What’s up with this and who is John Galt, or in this case Don Fairly.  Is he real?  Does he exist?  Has he been wiped from the Cruz server….like with a cloth or something?  He has posed some interesting conversation through his tweet chatter concerning the campaign staff that has quit over the last ten days, apparently he was one of them.  (If indeed he does exist?). Which come to think about it, wasn’t that around the time when Glenn Beck came out to openly endorse Ted Cruz?

Apparently this rascal has tweeted the following remarks:

Don Fairly: “In private Cruz never prays but when the media is around he would huddle a few people together” 

Fairly: “7 folks resigned in last 10 days from Cruz campaign. Cruz slapped them with legal notices to shut up. These folks are good people”

Fairly: “Cruz is one of 2 candidates who sealed all records and has full time team taking everything bad off internet through legal action 

Don Fairly: “you have not seen the real Ted Cruz. What you see on cable news is far from reality”

And then there is this juicy tweet alleged to have been tweeted to Fairly from Cruz himself: 

Cruz to Don Fairly: “to win the election you have to tell Iowa voters what they want to hear. It’s not a lie, it’s using words wisely”

But, fear not, Glenn Beck is off to help the Cruz missile launch off into the Iowa skies or something like that.  Maybe they are headed to see the man in the moon for more advice? Either way Beck will be talking with his good friend, the one who devoured Cruz at the debate, Megyn Kelly. Read the words in his tweet….

Glenn BeckVerified account

‏@glennbeck  – Great to be back in Iowa! Headed to see my friend @megynkelly in a little bit.

That has to get to Cruz, I mean….come on… the mean woman Cruz threatened to leave the debate stage over? Especially when he was just getting into the groovy feeling of standing in the spot of the awesome frontrunner Trump.  Not to mention he just got his new arm poses rehearsed, along with some good one liners and even changed his underwear for the occasion just so he could use Bernie Sanders line about the other pair being on the radiator.

Well,  I said the other day in a comment post that I was beginning to wonder if Beck was endorsing Cruz to bring him down or because he really supported him? I think people thought I was being sarcastic, but, I was really wondering.

Today….I think my gut instinct was correct. So I’ll just go out on a limb and say what I’ve been feeling. It looks to me like Beck is actually working for the establishment to down Cruz so they can lift up another candidate from the ashes. It only makes sense. I mean, why would Beck tweet he’s on his way to see his friend Megyn Kelly after she ate his own branded and endorsed neocon candidate last night? Cruz is not as bright in terms of social skills and reading people as he is in self absorption and deceit…oh and stealing other peoples lines and ideas.

It will be interesting to see what Beck coming to the rescue looks like.  Especially after he talks with his good friend Kelly Viper, that is.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Dman1105 says:

    Since the day Cruz announced I started researching him because I thought I liked him. I quickly learned he was a pony wanting to become the 1st president of the North American Union. He and his wife are too closely tied to so some very anti-American citizen organizations for him to be for real. Do the research yourself and see what you learn. Please do your homework before you vote. I do not want a North American Union, open borders, myself. Why do you think Congress and the President has never secured our borders? All of them are in on it with the exception of Donald J. Trump, who like me and you, believes in the USA. Just do your homework folks, I did and now I am 1000% Trump!!

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  2. Un verified report that “Mr. Call Screener” got a call from D.C. police that Mark Levin was seen wandering on side of the D.C. Beltway Turnpike muttering over and over ( with hands on his fore head) “liberty and tyranny , they just don’t get it”. Arghh. “Yelllow”.

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  3. I did some research on his wife….she was involved with the CFR up until recently, an arm of the UN and its many affiliates. The reason they do not want any borders is because “they” are wanting to make the US, Mexico, And Canada one country! Hillary is up in all this to her eyeballs. They are deceiving the people, they know exactly what they have planned. Do some research on “Agenda 21”.
    Everytime i hear a politician use the term “sustainibilty”, you can bet they are in partners with Agenda 21.


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