Cruz Insults Iowa Voters! Unthinkable!

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It’s official….Cruz has a suicide campaign. So much for all of his high tech spy data that seems to make his staffers believe you can shame a voter like a preacher can shame a congregation….I mean that had to be what the data said? Or was it just a bitter remorse because he and his staff know the writing is on the wall and Cruz has been weighed in the balance and found wanting? The old – up yours to Iowa voters in a polite way? If there is a polite way to say screw you Iowa….Cruz has found it….or was it Beck’s grand idea? Either way it goes like this…..”I’m Ted Cruz and I endorse this message.”

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Political suicide and good riddance is the translation of this new campaign attack of sending out Flunking Voter Report Cards to all the people who failed to Caucus last year and all years past. Can you even imagine what a Ted Cruz administration would look like….can you feel the lashes on your back every time you turn around America? Well, can you?

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Dianne Marshall



7 thoughts on “Cruz Insults Iowa Voters! Unthinkable!

  1. In reference to your article, Cruz Poison Pen Amendments…. What is truly deceptive is this article and the way that the you frame issues in a disingenuous fashion. …you state, “Another example of the Cruz pen in action was in July of 2014. Cruz attached an amendment to a bill that went against the bill intended to benefit sportsmen that would have expanded hunting, fishing and shooting opportunities on public lands. His attached amendment would have allowed America’s public lands to be seized by the states and/or be sold off for drilling, mining, or logging”. By public lands, she means BLM land controlled by the Federal Government, land that the Fed’s stole from the indians, much of it restricted in use. So to imply that it would be seized by the States, would be no different than what the Fed’s did originally, except that I would much prefer to have States rather than the Fed’s control it. Something about the 10th Amendment and restricted powers… know, basic Conservatism! I would prefer most of the land in the west be sold off to private entities, rather than be controlled by government at any level. An issue that is unique to the western US, that those in the east have little understanding of and never have to deal with. At the root of what has been going on in Oregon.
    Furthermore, the author does not speak for hunters and fishermen, as she presumes!
    You go on to state “So much for Cruz’s empty shell jargon of, “I’m your guy for the constitution and conservatism”. His amendment was in strong support of extremely costly and unconstitutional proposals to seize and sell off America’s public lands, which are also far from mainstream views of Americans in the West. But very much in line with establishment elite back door deals to sell off oil, mineral and mining rights of public lands. Something the establishment elite are hungry for.” simply stating something does not make it fact…..”extremely costly and unconstitutional” really? Jusy how would it be extremely costly? To transfer land run buy the Fed’s to states and private ownership? Precisely how is that unconstitutional? Assuredly she is not knowledgeable of what are “mainstream views” in the west, real Conservatives don’t embrace Federal control of anything, at best, it is viewed as a necessary evil! And to say that his views are in alignment with the “establishment elite” is just bizarre, the establishment elite are for centralized power and the status quo!
    I have been a Conservative for over half a century, I don’t need you or anyone else, defining Conservatism for me……and the Conservative position has never been supporting the Federal Government’s control of anything over States and private ownership! I would love for the Fed’s to seize land from private property owners in the Eastern part of the Country….for “public use” I can imagine the outcry now! Revolution would follow, as well it should, why should the west be any different?


    1. Do you really want China or Russia to be closing state parks because they are mining areas? Do you really want hunting areas off limits because land rights are now sold to China or Saudi Arabia to do whatever digging and or fracking they desire to do? I am all for giving land back to states, but not to sell to foreign markets. Private sector includes the same type of problem the Bundy’s encountered in Nevada with the China deal for a Solar energy project that Reid’s son was negotiating. They needed the land Bundy’s had grazing rights for. The deal being proposed is not one with the best interest of the people in mind. A state that is broke would find Saudi or China money very tempting. BLM does need dismantled. It is part of the strong arm hold of the back door deals. Our national parks belong to us….not private corporate mining and oil interests.

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    2. doubledenvy says:

      When you say west , where are speaking of West Hollywood , because in your defense of Rafael Cruz , the senator from Texas told those ranchers’ from the west to stand down. I live down the road from this area , no mans land , fly over country. This place is nothing but ranching , mining and support services , and the State and Federal Bureaucrats are as corrupt as D.C. and in rural area’s like this , they depend on the Sheriff to stand up and represent the local populace (our county has a excellent Sheriff BTW. That does not happen when power and money come into play. Your conservative view point is admirable , but does not happen in politics today “They All Lie and Prostitute” themselves , to get elected. I am at least voting for the guy that despises , having to call himself a “politician”. Besides , he is funding , pretty much his own campaign , so that is a positive IMHO. But I challenge anyone , to tell me , Where I Live, that what is going on out west , in the high desert , that there is a simple or modern day solution to western rural private or public lands. Because public land is being sold from families that have had contracts , whether grazing , mining et al. torn up when big money comes into play , whether owned by the State or Federal Government.I don’t agree with armed stand off , as I don’t agree with college safe zones. But the murdered a senior citizen , old cowboy (and he helped out troubled delinquents , didn’t steal any swisher sweets , or push anybody around) and Senator Cruz said to stand down , he did and they shot him down.I call on Senator cruz to start an investigation ala “the gentle giant – Michael Brown , Trayvonne Martin R.I.P. to all. Yeah , you are right , Mr. Conservative , it should all go back to The First Nations People and see if they can get a little more than a bag of beads for the island of Manhatten. Nice try. SMH

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  2. doubledenvy says:

    Desperate. In their weaker moments the so called “Conservative ” and main stream media will state , what Trump is doing is “Out Of The Box” , completely “Un-Orthodox” , that “Books Will Be Written” on how Donald J. Trump , changed the political narrative(simply put political correctness led by pragmatic deduction) Well , books should be written “How To Sabotage A Presidential Campaign , In 30 Days Or Less” written by Rafael Cruz (a Canuck Desperado) ; Theme song sung by the Paul Shankland Singers – Lyrics by Limbaugh/Levin/Beck/Hannity – Melody by the Eagles

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