Cruz Campaign Officially Off The Rails – Brings Glenn Beck Back To Iowa For Final Days…


4 thoughts on “Cruz Campaign Officially Off The Rails – Brings Glenn Beck Back To Iowa For Final Days…

  1. phil fan says:

    Cruz is getting desperate and bringing in Beck has not helped him one bit. But I’m thankful Cruz has been exposed before he could gain more power and influence- God is Good!


  2. She/la says:

    I just read this comment from a poster on Consecutive Tree House I just had to share here b/c I’m still laughing….. 😱 😃 Laughing till I’m crying it’s so funny…😂 😂 Here goes…
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ted Cruz just just jumped the sharp” 🐋🐋 hey folks, the weatherman on the conservative treehouse is laughing again!!! Oh this is good! Lord Everything the crooked Establishment does boom! backfires right up side their heads! Can’t you just see them slapping their own selves! Beating their own dead horse trying to revive is gonna be even funnier. Hey Megyn Kelly was this what ya’ll had in mind When yaw tweeted everything will look different on Friday? Maybe Meygn Kelly you better hop a plane and get on down to Iowa and help Glenn Beck pull ole’ Teddy Cruz pop goes the weasel out of this mess! Don’t ole’ Teddy boy look like a slimy greasy ole’ weasel? 🐀 Hey Kelly girl, what elephant was that in what room? 🐘 The weatherman ‘s laughing!!!!! I’m sorry but I’m enjoying this. After all the undeserved insulting, & slamming Donald Trumps been hit with I just can’t help but enjoy. ” Jump, go ahead and jump, jump go ahead and jump that shark Ted!” Go ahead and jump. A TRUE AMERICAN who puts there own money up to campaign, his only desire is to Make America Great Again and ole’ weasel Tex Cruz lies about… That is evil!


  3. What/la says:

    Tell me folks, was that not the “Greatest” move The Donald could have made on the Election Chessboard? He sat out the debate! Oh what a move! It exposed teddy dog! As Dianne says, “CHECKMATE”
    Oh what a awesome move! God is surely leading Donald John Trump! He is God’s Man leading a Nation out of bondage! Oh it is awesome to watch God in action!


  4. Sha/la says:

    A poster commented that the canned joke that was not funny made by Tex Cruz ( that was not funny) said poster. Needs to be played over and over to embarrass Cruz. I don’t remember the joke???? Can anyone refresh my memory?


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