Finally it dawned on me ….just who was it that Kelly was reminding me of…I kept trying to put my finger on it and then, it came to me…”Yes…Claire, the infamous wife of Frank Underwood on the House of Cards!  The deceitfully arrogant witch of a woman who goes out in public spewing the lies for Frank, but in this reality show she does it for Roger Ailes!


And to think….America was all set to watch her dastardly plans unfold live on the final GOP debate stage.  I can just hear her seething under her breath, “damn it Roger!”  I envision them both on the balcony puffing away at their shared cigarette (a habit no one knows but themselves) and sipping at their brandy….all the while questioning where they went wrong and how to rethink their strategy.  Don’t think this is over….they own the network and don’t plan to not have season 7.  (As in the 7th debate)


Dianne Marshall



  1. What/la says:

    The evil she spewed in her tweet was correct. The 2016 Presidential Race does indeed look better today Friday after Fox redicules debate Thursday night. … Donald Trumps Veterans and Wounded Warriors Event was a huge success. Headlines in News Outlets are reporting Donald Trump Won The Debate Without Even Showing Up! They are saying it was his smartest move yet to not show up! … So yes Megyn Kelly everything looks different on Friday…, ya’ll at Fox New have to eat crow. Better go ahead and eat it while it’s still warm. Crow is greasy, very greasy. Cold greasy crow is much harder to eat that warm greasy crow. Enjoy your lunch Roger, Megyn, Ted Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush. The entire group of you! .. I have watch some of Tex Cruz’s , Mario Rubio’s, Jed Bush’s finest moments by Video clips. It’s was Epic to watch them squirm & wiggle as they tried to act like Trump to the questioning panel. Tex Cruz actually tried to call Chris Wallace down. BOOM Backfire Big Time! They were pitiful! …
    That’s what the 2016 Presidential Campaign would look like without Donald Trump 2016 🇺🇸

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  2. What/la says:

    Has anyone heard a true report on Fox Ratings during debate? Allen West is reporting Fox had more viewers than the Veterans & Wounded Warriors Rally. They are also reporting that because of some reason they did not lose ANY viewers. In fact they say they had more than one other time before due to some kind a way. Didn’t understand what he was talking about. It is probably not true or twisted till like me you don’t know what their saying. Except Fox had more viewers than Trump. Unless they can count the streaming viewers they really don’t know. I tuned in to CNN but the talking heads kept interrupting talking over the people at the Rally, talking negetive about Trump, telling us viewers how we were supposed to think till I got sick of them went on Internet and streamed it with no interruption or commercials. Best part no Talking empty heads! We know they are lie! Trump told us!
    Donald Trump 2016 🇺🇸


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