Trump owned the press and shocked reporters at a Marshall Town, Iowa Rally when he stated at a press conference that he is not doing the Fox debate. Stunned reporters asked why? Trump was very presidential as he firmly articulated that Fox is playing games. “Fox is going to make a fortune,” Trump said, “I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, I think she’s a “third rate” reporter. I don’t think she’s good at what she does. They could do a lot better than Megyn Kelly, so I’m  going to be making a decision with Fox, but I probably won’t be doing the debate.  I see they picked me as number one, not only number one, number one by far. But probably I won’t be doing the debate.

“I’m going to have something else in Iowa where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. We’ll do something simultaneously with the debate.  But most likely I’m not going to do the debate.  I didn’t like the fact that they sent out press releases toying, talking about Putin and playing games. I don’t know what games Roger Ailes is playing or what’s wrong over there, somethings wrong, but, when they sent out that press release talking about…I said…what are these people playing games?  So most likely I won’t be doing the debate.”

A reporter asked if there was a chance that he would change his mind. Trump gave his board room look and stated,  “You see the point is, with me they’re dealing with somebody that is a little bit different. They can’t toy with me like they toy with everybody else. So let them have their debate and let’s see how they do with the ratings. And I told them, I said give money to the wounded warriors, give money for the veterans- they’re gonna make a fortune with the debate – NOW LET’S SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WATCH.

“We’ll have our own event, we’ll raise some money for the wounded warriors, we’ll raise money for the veterans, but when they sent out those WISE GUY press releases a little while ago?  I was all set to do the debate.  I came here to do the debate. When they sent out the wise guy press releases a little while ago, done by some PR person, along with Roger Ailes…” Holding his arms up and out, Trump emphasized, “I said by- by.”  Ending with a  strong Jerk nod Trump added, “okay!”

Another reporter asked, “Are you afraid to debate?”  Trump quickly said, “Na-na- na- na, just so you understand, I’ve done six debates. I’ve done six. According to every single poll, I’ve won every single debate. And probably the last one more than any of them. So every single poll has me winning every single debate. I’ve done six of them and now you say, when does it stop?  How many debates do you have to do?  The democrats are finished with their debates. ”

Trump asked the reporters if that was correct, they agreed. Then Trump zinged them with one of the best critiques possible, “We have people on the stand that have zero, that have one, that have nothing, so it’s time that somebody plays grown up. And then when I see a press release written by a child like I just saw…I said why do I have to do it?  Why do I have to make Fox rich.  Let me make the wounded warriors rich.  Let me make the veterans rich.”

So it sounds like he is going to get some of that advertising money for his own event and donate it to a great cause. If Trump follows through with this, meaning if Roger Ailes doesn’t come begging him back,  it will definitely be another historic first.

When questioned on Cruz, Trump was firm that he was not legal to run for president and pointed out that the first thing that was going to happen, if he ever got the nomination, which he didn’t think that was going to happen but if it did, the very first thing they would do is sue him because he is not eligible to run.  He’s not natural born and several have told him it is a settled matter -“He’s not able to run.”

Watch here to see entire press conference and rally:

Dianne Marshall



    I Hope he knows what he is going to do by not appearing on this forthcoming debate. It may not be a good idea to boycott this debate – BUT I guess he know what he’s doing. I assume his advisers are guiding him accordingly.

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    1. I believe it’s a brilliant idea…..He knows exactly what he’s doing…..who do you want for your leader…an ass that goes along with the “establishment” or someone with a mind of their own to lead us…..AND…I believe our veterans are worth it don’t you……:)

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  2. Ruth says:

    #TRUMP was totally justified in NOT doing the debate based on the insulting post Fox put out. It was ignorant even for Fox news, which I will NEVER give ratings to again.

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  3. Brilliant Move – It will let people see what they can look forward to with these other candidates. Reminds me of the picture of prehistoric times , with a dinosaur , with the title “Adapt or Die” Mind is made up , Trump2016

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  4. Missy says:

    He is absolutely right in not attending the debate. I understand that Kelly devoted approximately 15 minutes on her show tonight going after Trump. Bashing and calling him names. Now, after that, I believe he is 100% right in not doing to debate. It will just be the same as the first……

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  5. Dennis says:

    Thought Megyn was completely unfair and biased in that first debate, and comments posted immediately afterward were almost unanimous against her tactics and Fox news’ obvious agenda. Fox lost many loyal viewers that night, and sorry to say, they will continue to lose market share. You cannot advertise “Fair and Balanced,” and then do just the opposite and expect continued viewership.

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  6. crossfitjaguar says:

    If Murdoch does not have Ailes on his knees begging I will watch Trump’s event. I have no desire to watch a debate on any channel without Trump. #Trump2016 #BoycottFoxDebate

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  7. Marie Aschenbach says:

    I admire Donald for his decision….voters know what Donald is all about and that is to make America great again. And to start with taking care of our wounded veterans and patriots. None of the others running have done nothing for those who put their life on the line so they can freely run for the highest office in our nation. Wise and prudent move Donald.

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  8. As a true follower of Mr. Trump but not to appear foolish or uninformed can some one tell me if this fund raising event in the name of our Veterans is going to be broadcast on the tube or do you have to attend in person where he will be debating all alone..(hahaha)…Smart man that he is….Thanks everyone……

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  9. Nothing has been officially released yet as to where the event will be held or how it will be aired. There was a suggestion from someone in the campaign that it could be aired by a major competitor of Fox, like CNN. Not sure on any information yet though.


  10. Christel Fulk says:

    My father was a Vietnam Veteran. He was for Trump. Sadly my father passed away on Oct.30th of 2015 from Multiple Myeloma from the Effects of Agent Orange.. Please Trump help our veterans. They need America behind them once again.. Not to thrown out like yesterdays news. Like they are no longer useful to society. Trump 2016…….


  11. Dee Carlson says:

    With you ALL the way Trumpster. MZZZ Kelly is a SMART ASS and Gotcha questions don’t happen to be what we listen to a debate for. So More power to you for boycotting it and raising money for our beloved Veterans. What channel do we get the honor of seeing this? TRUMP 2016


  12. Very smart move Trump…. Ever since the 1st debate, Kelly every night thereafter, has trashed Trump… Unbiased Fox? Fair and balanced? Bull-picky!!!!! On the 1st debate, the other 2commentators giggled and snickered like schoolgirls and would do the same tomorrow as Kelly played her game of “let’s get Donald”… Funny thing last time, Trumps ratings soared after that because most people watching were sickened and embarrassed at her and thus became staunch supporters of Trump because of it… Pie in your face Ms spoiled, self-centered, immature Kelly.. Your games are backfiring…..


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