Trump rally illinois 4

CNN will be running Trump’s event as it competes for ratings with Fox News Debate debacle!   Let’s get the ratings out there while supporting our vets and wounded warriors!

I am among the millions who just can’t wait and are anxious to see this?  It will be the most talked about event in the entire election process this year!

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Dianne Marshall


  1. Folks , Fox will get the message if you can boycott the debate. Don’t click on the channel, you can read it later. Tomorrow night I am going to CNN , partickpate in Drudge poll , vote Trump, and let the political punditry twist in the wind. Michael Savage is starting defense fund , contacting his attorneys to find out what happened , and demanding law enforcement incident video, regarding Burns Rancher Standoff/murder.

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  2. Netty says:

    ” TRUMPNADO” WRECKED FOXNEWS FAIR AND BALANCE TO THE MAX !!!!! Bravo …Bravo …. Bravo Mr. Trump , for fearing NO EVIL , hearing NO EVIL ! THANK YOU CNN for quick decision in harboring the TSUNAMI EFFECT of TRUMP’S viewers vacating FOXNEWS ‘ unbalance & unfair reporting on the debate night !!!


  3. I’m watching Trump not only because I like him, He drives the Good Old Boys Establishment crazy because he doesn’t play by their rules and they don’t know how to deal with him! The Trumpster is an outsider and caught the Establishment with their pants around their ankles when they found out that 75% of Americans are fed up with the status quo and want a true representative of the people!


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