These Cruz EMAIL ads flooding my mail daily are very annoying.  It is obvious that I am not one of his good supporters who he keeps saying in these ads that he can rely on. It is nothing more than his campaign targeting Trump supporters with emails as a subliminal campaign tool and the only way to get his message out. It is not working…total fail.  Report it all as the spam it is.

I am sick of getting bombarded with his lies of always being attacked and never knowing what to do about it except to ask me for money. He is such a loser.  Trump supporters are not stupid….CRUZ CAN NOT COME INTO MY HOUSE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR!


Dianne Marshall


7 thoughts on “REPORT THE CRUZ SPAM!

  1. doubledenvy says:

    I am hoping that Iowa / New Hampshire Primaries will help me filter these Poli-baggers ; my spam started going crazy early on and my spam filters relatively tight. I have had a number of e-mail accounts forever , since the beginning of my being on the Interweb ( I was on it before Gore claimed he invented it) , that being said , a couple were strictly business (consulting connections) and they are even spammed. I read that operators such as Breitbart and The Right Scoop (probably all that have any advertising) mine and sell visitors visits and information , so , spam is a nuisance , what do I do , when you say report it , who do I report to? Just asking , because , yes it Buggs , especially from people hitting me up for money , when I could not vote for them anyway. I like the guy paying his own way , Trump 2016

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  2. G Easley says:

    Got an email today from Gov Rick Perry at asking for money and my vote. I sent Perry a reply with a Monopoly $5 bill and a picture of the Trump logo from The Last Refuge website along with some snippy comments for Perry. WE should spam them back!

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  3. Yep. And the game plays on but one way perhaps is when the ball hits Cruz and campaign in the face and back with big wins in Iowa. I have for months been getting hit with spam not only from Cruz but from Heidi as well.


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