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Will someone tell Rafael Cruz what the 9th Commandment says?  It clearly states – “Thou shalt not bear false witness!”

I am tired of the Cruz to lose minions telling lies and calling the Trump supporters who tell the truth about what is really taking place liars.

“The truth shall set you free” is not a motto….it is scripture.  We now all know who is the wheat and who are the tares.  Trump is wheat! The Beck and Cruz testimonials are tares, tearing apart America.

This crazy public display reminds me of the Biblical scripture of Solomon and the two women who had a child that was smothered in the night and died. Their was one surviving child they both argued they were the true mother of and went before Solomon for him to settle the matter.  After hearing them, Solomon was ready to slice the child in half and give a half to each and the true mother threw herself over the babe and said to let the other woman have it rather than kill it. The other woman shouted -“No divide it in half!”  Solomon knew instantly the real mother was the one who threw herself over the child and gave the child back to its’ real mother.  Therein lies the real truth and this is what we are all watching.

Cruz has yet to prove he is a true citizen of the United States of America.  It’s time he do something more than claim he is because he said so, and ready to rip her apart with Beck on his way down!!


Dianne Marshall



  1. John A Dummett Jr says:

    What Trump says is truth but even the snake in the garden spoke truth to get Adam and Evening to bite the forbidden fruit. Trump is an admitted liberal. He lies with the best of them. What’s incredulous is people know the root of our nation’s problems is the Turing our federal government into a huge unanswerable corporation. What do the people do? The hurry out there to elect the epitome of corporate elitism. Is anyone out there blind to the fact that the Federal reserve controls all our money , hence, economic control of United States policy. Will Trump’s end the federal reserve and the IRS. Any intelligent person won’t answer the question because Trump won’t risk a dime of his billions so look for a furthereason tightening of the vipers coils on our monetary system. Our nation will never recover until we do as our founding fathers admonished us to do. Elect common ordinary citizens with nothing to lose but national pride.


    1. I really didn’t have the time to answer these ridiculous accusations, but I could not just allow it to go unanswered as the lies and accusations are floating around everywhere. First, Trump is not an admitted liberal. He is for all Americans. Sad that many are still into political correctness and labels that divide.

      The serpent did not tell the truth in the garden, I only know this because the Bible tells us he was a deceiver from the start, a liar and the father of it.

      The root of our nations problems is two fold. First we have turned our backs on the commands of God to receive his blessings as a nation and became a nation living as in the days of Noah. Second, the establishment elite United Nations forces for sustainable development for the 21st century and a new world order is the root of our nations woes. They have made great strides to come this far and will not relent on tearing the USA down to usher in their north American union and globalist order.
      As far as hurrying out there to elect the epidemy of corporate elitism….that would be those in line to vote for Cruz. He is owned by Robert Zoelick – head of Goldman Sachs International and former head of the World Bank. He and his fellow Council on Foreign Relations friends, the ones on Cruz’s campaign advisory team, own Rafael E. Cruz along with a few Bilderberg Member advisors and donors. His money comes from corporate America. Trump is an all American entrepreneur. He is not a part of any conglomerate, nor is he corporate owned by donors and new world order elitists. If you haven’t paid attention, it is the establishment who desire Cruz and have contempt for Trump.

      On ending the Federal Reserve and IRS, you said no intelligent person will answer that question, might I point out that Rafael E. Cruz is shouting on the campaign trail that he will END THE IRS and stop the Federal Reserve from doing their evil. Enough said on that. Trump, I am sure, will look at creating a National Bank, and pulling the US out of the United Nations…thus ending the need for the IRS all together. In the mean – time Trump’s tax plan is the most beneficial to 99 percent of Americans and will simplify the IRS paperwork. Cruz’s plan is identical to his homeland Canada…he calls it a flat tax, but it is the same as their Vat tax which has created financial hardships for Canada and will cause very low income families hardships, and stop any property owner from deducting interest on their mortgage harming the middle class who are already over taxed. For the fat cats, it may eliminate loop holes but it will not pull the revenue in that they should be paying. Trump’s wage earning tier will ease the strain on the average worker and put the burden on the wall street fat cats and corporate elite who have gotten away with paying less than a two income family earning 100 thousand jointly with 3 children. You really should look into both and compare them.

      Finally, our founding fathers set in place a constitution that all in office were to follow. The person elected must respect and follow this document beginning with the requirements to hold the highest office of Commander in Chief by being natural born. Cruz and Rubio both are not natural born. America has a unique problem and that is that our past and present presidents have been giving away America unconstitutionally bit by bit to a global ideal of the UN. Our nation will never recover until we elect a man that will end the hold the UN new world order establishment elite have on us and its’ globalistic goals. That man who is already bucking their systems and exposing the very evil they have bestowed upon America and the world is Donald J. Trump.

      As far as your final sentence, I find that troublesome. Our founding fathers in no manner desired us to elect any who thought if all goes to hell in a hand basket all they have to lose is “their national pride”. I am not for electing an ordinary citizen with nothing to lose but national pride. That is why I am not voting for anyone but Trump. Trump has done as our founding fathers have done when they signed the Declaration of Independence. In this election to lead the nation, Trump has pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor.


  2. The thing that concerns me most about Cruz is his wife’s position at Goldman-Sachs were Heidi Cruz is employed as an executive Vice President. Goldman-Sachs has been running our National economic policy either directly or indirectly for the past 35 years. Maybe it’s just me but I’m able to see a huge conflict of interest potential brewing.

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  3. doubledenvy says:

    Maybe This my Tin Foil Hat on again , but some of these Cruz , Bush , heck all of the politicians , probably have computer key jockeys pounding out this nonsense in comment areas. I mean Jeb Bush has spent close to 80 million dollars , it can’t be all t.v. ads , could they pay people just to go to sites just to refute Trump. I am serious , I have never seen so many Cruz trolls at the Conservative Treehouse since this weekend , Beck’s ” Hellbound Train” (think : theme song / Savoy Brown) to Cruz’s Waterloo baptism. The Treehouse will tell the trolls not to hang on its branches , I have seen it done many times , but lately the troll proliferation became very apparent after Levin melted down last week.

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  4. CindyL says:

    Dianne: please read this as it shows Cruz admitting that he was not a Natural Born Citizen in so many words:

    The two words “Natural Born” that are in front of the word “citizen” were a specific qualifier. Even Cruz has, in so many words, admitted he was not a natural born citizen. How? In the forward to the book, “U.S. Constitution For Dummies” Cruz wrote a forward for the entire book stating, “This book explains the Constitution simply and thoroughly, including all the juicy controversy it evokes.” Hum… “all the juicy controversy it evokes”? But now he doesn’t want that evoked now does he?

    In this same book on page 116 it says,

    “In other words, to be eligible for the office of President, you have to be:

    *”[A] natural born” U.S. Citizen — but see the discussion below that follows.
    * At least 35 years old.
    * A U.S. resident for at least 14 years.

    Do you really need to have been born a citizen of the United States in order to become President? A close reading of the quoted section shows that you don’t — provided you became a U.S. citizen by June 21, 1788.”

    READ that last sentence very carefully and pay close attention to the year: 1788.

    FYI: his mothers time in the U.S. is largely irrelevant as the original intent was made during a time where “coverture” was given through the father not the mother. And since there is no amendment to make the term secure we have to go with original intent of the Founders and not statutory or case law. This is the best link to what I mean by coverture through the father’s citizenship:

    The unique wording in front of the type of citizenship it was is wholly unique to only the office of the President. I would think that after seeing Obama’s disloyalty to the U.S. would make American’s much more cautious as to whom they allow to run for President.


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