It sure is a crazy campaign strategy or is it just who they are?  I really don’t know how any one running for office could associate themselves with someone who is having a hate filled melt down on the world stage?  If someone wants a vote from a kind hearted, God fearing person….how on earth do they think they will get it by being so mean and underhanded.  While it makes for interesting entertainment (if you can even call it that) it sure doesn’t look good to hear lies that are proven to be lies before they ever hit the ears?

This entire fiasco of Cruz piously standing next to his so called conservative endorser Glenn Beck, while the veins in his neck pop out, his face distorts and turns from red to deep maroon, barely catching his breath as he yells condemnation to Trump, is sometimes a bit scary to watch.  It is a rare display of out of control establishment puppets who have been exposed for the lies they live and spew. What’s scary is no one in the Cruz campaign sees this as damaging.

It is obvious that Beck is unfit, misdirected, and has issues.  To shout “Give America to Communist Bernie” before you ever dare try to make her great again- is just insane to listen too.  And to say it to a morally driven Christian audience is suicide.

There will not be many votes gained by this embarrassing public display, but there will be a huge amount of prayers sent up to help these poor lost souls.  I mean it is really pathetic to watch.  Maybe a bit of therapy would help?

If there was ever any doubt, there is none now that Voting for Trump is the only clear sound, and sane choice to make.  Whoever  wants to drive  off the cliff in Thelma and Louise style….now you can with Beck and Cruz.

My vote is to make America great again, and rid the government of establishment puppets.  That’s why I’m voting for the adult in the room, the real leader – Donald John Trump!

Dianne Marshall



  1. She/la says:

    Beck acts like he needs hormone replacement therapy. Could they all be going in a room patting each other on the backs, high fives n each other without watching to see how there rating, raving, crying , and shame fest went over? Bunch of ole’ has-Beens that are so afraid of their masters, afraid of not being able to pay their mortgages are going insane. Right on T.V in front of God & everybody. Woe unto them. God is not mocked. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a angry God! Their ranting, raving, shaming, crying, begging the people to please vote for the RINO. Or even Hillary or Barney will do. A ole’ yellow dog, but not Trump please! But hey, when their leader Cry’s and try’s to shame, around & around the mall berry bush ……. Pop goes the weasel!

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  2. doubledenvy says:

    Scenario : Cruz in the Cruzin’ Bus (for a losin”) for Cruz wandering aimlessly through the Iowa country side , looking for next Bible College to evangelize his written taiking points from National Review’s Rich Lowrey or any of the other clowns , watching Glenn Beck on GBTV and hears glenn beck say “Ya know , I think Donald Trump having Sarah Palin endorsing him , is Donald Trump’s ,Howard Dean moment”. I would like to know , who was the braniac in the Cruz Campaign that thought of “Hey , we need Glenn Beck , here in Iowa ASAP. To even think who was behind this move , would be priceless. Art imitating life. Abbott and Costello , Laurel and Hardy. If some one would have told me this a month ago , I would say “Naw” too stupid. Trump right again , There are a lot of stupid people in government and running the media.

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  3. She/la says:

    Jldnagg- no this is not what money does to you. You are witnessing what sin does to a man. God is not mocked. What you sow, you will reap. We are watching these greedy, prideful people reapIng. I have been repenting this afternoon b/c I am ashame to admit I am enjoying watching the show. That is a indication of my heart. Sandra is correct we should be interceding for them to repent and for their salvation. . However, they are not done yet. They are still in their huddles scheming. Stay tune it will get uglier. The big guns haven’t been brought out yet. As I watch this saga play out I must above all guard my own heart. I just can’t help at this point how I feel. We are retired military. I have been sick at heart that we spent 25 yrs. proudly serving, and we would as the song go proudly defend H.E.R still today. We were proud to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Proud to go to foreign lands to help the people take down brutal, cruel, inhuman dictators. Only to learn from (Donald Trump) of the proxy wars. Oh what a brainwash job. Our brainwash job (mind control) was different than the civilian population but we have all been brainwashed by slick Willie, tricky Dick, Kissinger, Channy, drive-by media. The list is way too long to write out. Day after day, years after years. Presidents after presidents. Congressman, Senators. propaganda, propaganda. Propaganda every day on the News. Every day as we served. I saw on YouTube Putin speaking to The Russian people. I was floored when the translator said the American people don’t know. They have lived under a dictator for many, many years and they don’t know it. Their Media does not tell them the truth! American people don’t know the truth. Those were Putin’s words. (Not verbatim) but that’s what he said. I am struggling coming to terms with 25 years of total brainwash. I have truly been grieving. So as I said when you think you can’t be deceived, you already are! I went on a quest for truth. Thanks Dianne you have played a huge part. You are also called, anointed, appointed for such a time as this. To bring Gods people out of bondage. To proclaim the Gospel… To tell the people truth……
    I will continue my quest. We have only tipped the iceberg. We were part of the 1960 movement. War, peace, love the proxy Vietnam War. That was called a movement. Let me tell you that wasn’t nothing compared to this Trump Mannia! We are The Army Of God. Elijah has come, Elijah is come. These are the days of Elijah. God is anointing His Army with the Elijah anointing. They been trained in the desert
    (the hard hot dry places) and there marching out. The world has N.E.V.E.R seen a M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T like is beginning to march across this land! Amen!

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    1. You are right these are the days of Elijah. The days the prophets foretold. The days have always been filled with great tribulation, starting with the very first followers of the way. They have grown wicked and more foul all throughout. Wickedness always finds its’ way in with soft whispers of deceit. “You shall not surely die”, said the serpent to Eve. The Lord said it would be as the days of Noah – people would be eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage….and as the people then, we would know not until the flood comes. That is very reflective right now. People think it’s business as usual. They have no idea that this is a last call. I see a big separation of wheat and tares….and sadly a separation of those who know their Lord and those who will be told, depart from me I never knew you. It is sad. But, right now God is raising up an army. An army that will defend this land and the innocent in it. Many will not. Those who know their Lord will. Remember, it was not foreign enemies who killed the prophets….it was their own priesthood and elite who served as the puppet masters to stir up their puppets to do that. The same as the ones who had the Lord crucified. But not by their will….for the Lord said if he willed he would have all the armies of heaven to stop it. But he went as a lamb to the slaughter. When he returns it will be the Day of The Lord the people had expected. To avenge the righteous. Sadly, many of the day of Jesus thought they were righteous and they were not. They condemned the followers of Jesus with ugly words and blasphemies. The same as they did Jesus. But….they feared the crowds he drew and they feared him. For they could not control a population. So they sought to kill him and rid his memory. Put the people back in their place. It is so exactly like what is going on today and all throughout history. No tyrannical governing wants a people to awake. Today, Trump is leading those who are waking up. He is telling us all the truth and showing us how we have been deceived and how they have done it to us. He is leading us out from bondage in the manner that Moses did. Like Isaiah says it will be. Time will tell what it is…but in my heart I see it is Trump leading a nation out of bondage. Trump is awakening the dry bones to stand a great and powerful army for the Lord. I have prayed for it….and I recognize the leader that was sent. A man who was chosen for this time. His name is Trump. That is not a vote push…it is a fact. You see I believe that whatever happens with this election…the people will not sit down if Trump is not elected. A new thing will take place. But, I will stick to scripture and know it is the beginning of Babylon falling and it is written that ….THE ONES WHO WEEP AND WAIL are the GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH!! Now why would they be doing that if they were the ones that were going to win? They would not. So throw those left behind books away and look at what the scripture really says. Put your armor on and rise up! THESE ARE THE DAYS OF ELIJAH AND THOSE PRIESTS OF BAAL ARE GOING DOWN!

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  4. Beck lies ,,, it’s all about they money ~~~~~~~~~~~~http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/01/21/senator-ted-cruz-has-an-unstable-glenn-beck-problem-the-beck-barton-and-mercer-connections/

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  5. Beck is a loony bin candidate. The INELIGIBLE Cruz surrounds himself with a who’s who of CFR/NWO/NeoCon advisors, while he demands 5X increase in H1-b/H2-b’s, doubling immigration quota, supported TPA/TPP until he didn’t, etc.

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  6. Lori says:

    Wow. So many are buying in to the condemnation of anyone who speaks their mind. You all sound like progressives. And, in case you still haven’t heard, Sanders is a self proclaimed Socialist, with a 16 billion dollar tax proposal and Trump promises universal health care in place of Obama care, which he says the government will pay for. By the way, the government doesn’t pay for anything. It’s the People’s money. So if you want to be more in debt as an individual and as a country, by all means, keep your heads in the sand. Emotional decisions will get you there.


    1. Trump has not said universal health care. That is rhetoric from his competitors. He said repeal Obama Care and find something better. He suggested to allow buyers to cross state lines to choose their insurance companies and of course he said we have to take care of the poor. So no emotional decisions being made here. It’s all clear cut common sense.


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