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So far among all the candidates running for office (except for Hillary Clinton) Rafael Cruz holds the record for remembering things differently than his colleagues, other candidates, past friends and professors.   He holds the record for not knowing how to fill out paper work correctly and wins the cake walk prize for not knowing he was a citizen of Canada until August of 2013 when he heard it from the Dallas Morning News.  Is this the mental capacity we need or want in a president?  What is worse is that he really  expects the American public to believe his excuses.  Does any one really want another liar in the White House?

These are all the more reasons to make sure Trump wins the election.  We need an honest man who loves America and is a natural born citizen.  Trump knows where he was born and he is proud of it!  He doesn’t have to read about it in the morning news!

Is any body else sick of Cruz’s finger pointing at who is good and who is bad? Is his constant refusal to answer questions concerning his flip flopping voter record getting old? Are you tired of him always saying it is someone else’s fault when he gets caught doing something wrong?  I sure have had enough of it!

It’s time to stop the games and hold Cruz accountable.  Make him show proof of birth citizenship or have him bow out of the race!  The office of president of the United States is not being respected when anyone can pop up from another country and say, “I believe I am natural born, therefore I am running for president.”  Add to that a smirk on the face that let’s you know he is boring your rear a new one….that “what are you going to do about it” look he learned from Obama.

America needs Donald J. Trump to be the next Commander In Chief!  We do not need nor do we want a right wing version of Obama in 2016.  GET OUT THE VOTE FOR TRUMP LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT….FOR IT DOES!

Dianne Marshall



4 thoughts on “TRUMP BORN IN THE USA!

  1. Bumper sticker idea , red circle , diagonal line NO M0RE LOSERS – Make America Great Again – Trump 2016. During colonial days , less than 20% of colonists were brave enough to take on The British Empire Army , but taxation w/o representation ( which essentially is where we are at , having elected so called principled republicans controlling both houses , how’s that working, no we the people need to stop the nonsense , these idiots have created. We need a leader that is going to say no , that is stupid. Anyone that has been in business knows what I am talking about. New boss comes in , assess’ the situation confabs with the best and brightest for solutions to companies (USA inc.) Problems and solve to our Advantage and move on to next problem to solve. I am tired of all the theorists from sanders to Cruz , different sides of same uni-party coin. IMHO

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  2. She/la says:

    Any parent that has or had in the past a child in sporting events, including cheer leaders for Pop Warner kiddie football, high school players of sports, cheer leaders, basketball, wrestling, it was a “M.U.S.T. H.A.V.E” a birth certificate with a raised seal to play or cheer. How in Sam Hill did a man become president of the United States without a birth certificate in his employees file? He is not a king. He is employed by citizens of the United States. He lives in our house. Owned by the citizens. He sent our gift from England back. It was not his to send back. If it did not suit their taste in decorations I’m sure there is a attic, basement, storage room. Who ever is in charge of getting the job folders in order before Election Day needs retrained or fired. They do get all the applications filled out correctly? Somebody collected his papers for his pay since I haven’t heard a word about this being a unpaid job. He still lives in our house. Crazy! We The People employ, We The People pay, yet they go over our heads to do stuff we don’t want done, and we are still paying them, and there still going over our heads! Amazing I never heard of that kind of job before.


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