THEY ARE LYING TO YOU AGAIN! Getting Rid of Corn Subsidies Is Part of Building A North American Union….


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Cruz is all things to all people.  Pictured here in a corn field to win the Iowa Corn Growers vote.  It didn’t take long to let the cat out of the bag and now he must convince Iowans that subsidies are destroying the entire nation and causing all the high gas prices.  He lies.


Cutting out corn subsidies and allowing private sector to develop the corn industry to cut bureaucratic spending is a lie. The real reason behind the ax to Iowa corn growers is that it fits into the  UN’s Wildlands Project  (Agenda 21), and harms the economy of Iowa.

What Cruz and the global conservative liars are not telling you is that ten years ago Bush gave the corn growers incentives to grow corn for renewable fuels. They encouraged Iowa to invest all they could into the renewable fuels project. Today Iowa is growing corn everywhere. To not allow a subsidy to continue renewable fuels would drastically harm the Iowa economy. The abundance of corn growers would be reduced to nothing and land that the state turned over to grow corn would be pushed back to the state….which if the state could not afford to take care of could fall back into the hands of the BLM.  But fear not, to remedy this dire possible situation, Ted Cruz just signed a bill that would allow BLM land to go back to the states, then if the states could not take care of the land…the state could sell the land to those in the private sector. Where as the private sector sounds innocent enough, what Cruz is not telling you the private sector includes trade partners like Saudi Arabia, China, big Oil conglomerates,….or whoever. Imagine the possibilities once they get their TTIP agreement in place?

Now all of this is part of the UN new world order, Wild lands project for sustainable development for the 21st century. (Agenda 21). The goal is to destroy America’s infrastructure from within and herd people into specific geographical areas. As well as build a north American union. The out line for siphoning off private industry like corn growers, was outlined in the task force manual that Ted’s wife Heidi Cruz developed for the council on foreign relations. It is all there for those that take the time to read it. Complete with relinquishing said land (including our state parks and wild life reserves) to the private sector, specifically the great merchants of the earth who designed this new order. (The super PAC donors)  One of the ideas suggested in the task force to be the fastest way to make this happen is to cut off government subsidies. So there you have it. New world order goals all spoken from a liars mouth named Cruz.  Can you see the bill Ted is pushing is identical to the desires of the Merging Of A North American Union Task Force? The same task force Heidi Cruz helped to write?

Big oil will be doing lots of off shore deals and buying up state properties, they will be well taken care of. The statements of gas prices going up high because of ethanol are false. We all know gas and oil prices are controlled by supply and demand. Right now oil prices are low because the UN western elite are trying to break the Russian economy. Their largest money making export are gas and oil. So while the low gas prices are nice now…they are only low for NWO reasons to cripple Russia’s economy and a step to move America into a north American alliance.

The areas that are really killing us in subsidies are government NWO giveaways like bad contracts giving 150 billion to IRAN and now billions to CUBA. That money should be subsidizing our own people and industries and supporting American interests and military. But that is not the north American union globalist way…it’s not who we are remember?.

We all know what causes gas prices to go up are the big oil companies…supply and demand games. Not Iowa corn growers. This is all smoke and mirrors to push their evil agenda and cripple Iowa….and other corn growing states.

In summary, what Ted Cruz wants to do to Iowa and the corn  industry is exactly what Obama has done to Virginia and the coal industry. Only you can stop this by your vote for Trump. Trump has vowed to bring back Virginia’s economy through clean coal.  He will preserve the ethanol renewable fuels industry as well.

If America ever needed a true leader to KEEP AMERICA IN TACK, and TO MAKE HER GREAT AGAIN, it needs one now.  There is only one who can do this, that one is DONALD J. TRUMP!

Dianne Marshall


This article was written in response to – “How Pandering To Iowa’s Ethanol Lobby Hurts America”, by Erik Telford on October 21,2015

“While a small group of corn farmers may benefit from the Renewable Fuel Standard, higher gas prices and less fuel-efficient gasoline hurt everyone.”

Read full article:


20 thoughts on “THEY ARE LYING TO YOU AGAIN! Getting Rid of Corn Subsidies Is Part of Building A North American Union….

    1. It is SO REAL! ANYTHING for their cause (which always includes more money for them, more control for them) And the health people say that corn is by FAR worse when it has MSO’s than other foods we eat! I do not know why…but they cause cancer in rats in 2 years!

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      1. When I first read this article and connected it with an article I previously read about Saudi’s buying up drought stricken land the atrocity committed against our ranchers in Oregon with the BLM harassing them off their land and reading about how it’s been done to many more ranchers who just gave up and didn’t fight the Feds. Then reading about how Hillary was trying to acquire land to extract the uranium & sell it to the Russians to fund her campaign I was able to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.


      2. nena says:

        We shouldnt be making gas for cars out of our food with people starving to death all over the world, farm subsidies just make the price go up on food corn and no one can eat the GMO corn cause it will kill you and it causes damage to engines and reduces millage by 5.8 %


  1. Brian says:

    We should end ethanol subsidies and farm subsidies in general. Land being used to grow poison-soaked GMO corn to burn for fuel and feed livestock in filthy CAFOs should be returned to pasture where livestock can graze and fertilize the land. Instead we have a national campaign by federal and state agencies to drive ranchers out of business and seize their land. Why such a campaign against the most self-sufficient producers of high-quality food? Because TPTB want us sick, stupid and dependent on them. Buckets of industrial food-like products in your basement are a poor substitute for food stored on the hoof.

    Corn is a stupidly inefficient way to make ethanol besides. Sugar cane is 8x better but doesn’t work in America’s climate. Makes sense for Brazil, not America. We could easily replace half of our transportation fuel needs with natural gas and never need to import a drop of Mideast oil again.

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    1. Ethanol is still on the council of foreign relations list of renewable fuels needed for the 21st century. It looks like a land grab issue to defer the renewable energy into corporate hands or to send that industry to Canada or Mexico. 40 percent of renewable fuels are from North America….not sure what percentage of that comes from Iowa. They are basically redistributing and further weakening America from within. A lot of the ethanol is exported to other nations. 826 million gallons were exported in 2014. Not sure what the stats are for 2015. It is big money. That money will go somewhere.

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    2. kodster says:

      Unfortunately, that land has been destroyed by the GMO and Round-Up/Monsanto poisons… they sterilized the land so that it will not grow anything but the GMO grains.


  2. doubledenvy says:

    We need Megan Smelly to have a expert panel on her show , say Levin , Beck , Limbaugh and Hannity on this agrarian conspiracy and maybe it will work out like the National Review Extravaganza , mass National Review canceled subscriptions today. Frank Luntz could do a town hall. Come on Fox , do it …. I dare you. “Make America Great Again” , get rid of these old dinosaurs. Trump 2016

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  3. horspadi says:

    Now a Trump supporter is saying Cruz is a liar because he wants cronyism of any kind stopped. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing BIG CORP. Farmers period i don’t care what kind of crop it is. Always a conspiracy when it is convenient for your agenda. There is such a thing as having principles……meaning no taxpayer “bailouts” for any industry. Big Corp. Farmers shove out all the small farmers, and put them out of bz. Yes it can be as simple as that w/o trying to sway others with inuendos and lies. Cruz has fought in the supreme court against the U.N. he isn’t a one world guy. Find another conspiracy


  4. horspadi says:

    Oh must i add Gov. Branstads son is big LOBBYIST for the ethanol industry. So there is more cronyism with son, Gov. and all the other players. Trump just endorsed all that crap. Thought all of you were against that. When did that change? When Trump said he was good with it?


    1. The CFR and the UN North American Union Task Force for the 21st century sustainable development are for INCREASING THE PRODUCTION OF renewable fuels like ethanol. 40 percent of the renewal fuels projects of alternative energy in north America are ethanol. They have no plans to stop making ethanol. Most of the renewable fuels are exported to other nations. In 2014 ethanol exports increased to around 826 million gallons of ethanol. Ted knows this. The CFR goals are to aggregate that segment of the energy program into other peoples hands. All the garbage about bad for the cars, causes gas prices to increase, etc….is hype to support the conservative argument to not subsidize corn growers and renewable fuels. Why? To move the market and production elsewhere-Canada or Mexico? It is another redistribute the wealth, and harm the state economy. Just like Virginia and coal. There is a lot more to this especially the land and investments Iowa has made in providing renewable fuels. It will harm all of us. Trickle down. Many farmers were planting tobacco because they yielded more profit per acre. Corn growers top profits per acre for corn is $200 an acre, where as tobacco profits between $3,700 too $7,000 per acre. Government subsidies help for farmers to grow what the government needs. That is why they are important. Without the subsidies, Iowa farmers can not live off their corn crops. Smart farmers will grow something else. This will damage the economy of Iowa and have a strong effect on all the industries relying on corn. You will feel this effect at the grocery store. Not just in your canned, frozen or fresh corn, or your pop corn….it will be almost everything…corn oil is used in a lot of foods from cooking oil, ketchup, juice, cereals, etc. Bureaucracies have destroyed so much of our farm land (like the fertile delta in California) and controlled our food sources…this is one big take away that is outwardly shown as necessary evil, when in reality it is government control and redistribution. There is a lot on this subject…but this is just a part of it. The article explains BLM land grabs and sell offs. The Governor of Iowa has been elected for 38 terms. He has his state in his heart and he will protect it. His son is a lobbyist to insure that Iowa is protected. Our senators and congressmen all lobby for their states interests. Some good interests and some bad interests. Corn growers interests effect the entire nation. It isn’t as simple as Cruz makes it sound. It is very important with dire ramifications for farmers in Iowa who feed the nation and the world as well as help with fuel alternatives.

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  5. Linden says:

    So please tell me why I, as a taxpayer in FL, have to subsidize corn crowing in Iowa? I have to do this to keep Iowa out of globalists’ hands? Surely there must be a better way! I am not here to contribute to Iowa’s financial well being. I have a small interest in a TX oil property, inherited from my father. Nobody is subsidizing me, so that I am not going in the hole every month just to pay thenoperating expenses on the field. Oh, I see, subsidies for thee, but not for me. CUT THE WEALTH TRANSFER. LET IOWA STAND ON ITS OWN. SUBSUDIES ARE JUST ADDICTIONS BY ANOTHER NAME, AND MAKES ME THE HEROIN SUPPLIER, AT MY EXPENSE!


  6. doubledenvy says:

    Just as I living in California (I grow oranges) , don’t like subsidizing Orange Growers Assoc. in Florida, Let Florida Orange growers stand on there own. Thank G.W.Bush for putting subsidies on steroids We need to start being energy independent (“W” said), that starts with renewable fuels(his words , not mine)circa 2001. By the way congress controls power of purse , we can thank them for this mess.

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  7. doubledenvy says:

    And I am going to say one more thing (actually a couple). First from the frauds spewing “Conservative Principle Theories” , whatever that means in 2016. You know education is a beautiful thing , whether indoctrination comes from institutes of higher education , or from the street , it is what one does , and how one accepts/interprets life’s experiences what matters. I am old , grew up in Southern California , where my family has grown oranges and avocados, I know all about agriculture subsidies. I know none of my family could stay in the Ag business , so we maintain a small operation out respect , more so from heritage , than living high off of government subsidies. None of our family friends are in farming anymore , because of a corporate (more so foreign investors) companies buying everyone out , or the California government making the little guy not being to farm , due to a myriad things (e.g. taxes,permits, logistics – you get the picture) , That being said , and my point is , everyone in my family accepted reality and all found ways of surviving outside of orange and avocado farming, and I am in the car repair business (having managed 5 car dealership service departments for a sum total of 36 years. I received technical bulletins from manufacturers since the 1980’s regarding ethanol and damage it would do to engines , injectors et-al. The only damage I ever saw from ethanol (according to manufactures explanation) that ethanol might cause the anodized tips of some inceptors to be affected. But , a little story to bring this together , When I managed the Cadillac Dealership in Santa Barbara Ca. in 1986 , General Motors had their Research and Development in Goleta California , and all their employees could purchase a new G.M. car at cost every 6 month’s and then resell to the public cheaper than the owner (Dealer Principle) of the Car Dealer I worked for (owner was pissed about this , but he had no choice , as the say went then “Its G.M’s way or the Highway” One day , when old Mrs. Schnable was reading me the riot act because her plastic window switch on driver’s door had broken for the third time and now her Cadillac Eldorado was just beyond the 36,000 mile warranty , I just so happened to have the top G.M Engineer in my office (Goleta Delco R&D) , I pivoted to Mr. Melvin and asked him , “Mr. Melvin , would you explain to Mrs. Schnable why her window switch continues to break?”. Well, he said (I remember it like yesterday) ” Mrs. Schnable , we could make a window switch that would never break , but there is no profit in that proposition”. I looked at Mrs. Schnable for her reaction , and she was just blank….zoom right over her head. Like I said a lot smart people but do they know their history. Henry Ford’s first model T ran on cellulose crop based ethyl alcohol. First Diesel , the same. Drag racers have used alcohol. G.M. could have designed injectors in a way that would deal with early corrosion (but no money in that) , but most injectors at the time were contracted out of Japan. In 1990 , I received technical bulletins that by 1995 Freon R-12 would no longer be available , because the harm it was doing to atmosphere , all systems were being converted to A.C. 134 , the dealership i worked for bought pallets of the soon to be obsolete freon R-12 , it is 2016 and you can still purchase R-12 , if you are restoring older cars , whatever. So no lets not put the farmers in Iowa , who have been on The US government teet ,like forever on welfare. A lot of farms have left California. Come together , lets “Make America Great Again” and vote Donald J. Trump 2016 , Lets leave this country in better shape , if anything for the kids. They should be able to be successful and move out of the parents basement. Politicians will always lie , None of those phonies at National Review could carry Phyllis Schafley’s bra-strap or Buckley’s jockstrap. IMHO

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