cruz boulder

It will be interesting to see how Cruz will crawl out from under the boulder his new endorsements just won him.  Talk about political suicide.  He just ruined any chance of any future run.

That’s what happens when greed and jealousy take over.  Patience is a virtue…and those with evil intentions acting out a charade go crazy when their deceptive plans are foiled.  They lash out and show their true colors.  Right now Cruz is looking very murky and dark.



Dianne Marshall



  1. doubledenvy says:

    Please do not mis-constue my comment regarding Mrs. Cruz , because I completely empathize with anyone that has mental depression , for I have struggled with my own depression with respect to the state of our Exceptional Nation , and how the establishment continues to undermine anyone who wants to “Make America Great Again” Trump 2016

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  2. s.c. says:


    Or maybe you are onto something more than you realize.
    Not everyone has the temperament of a Hillary Clinton or Obama, to spend almost your entire adult life as part of someone else’s plan, just a cog in a huge power machine.
    Trump talks about it all the time, how these people are completely controlled.
    Well that includes their families, as well. I bet it sucks for many of them.

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  3. National Review and its pontificating pundits like Bill Kristol has been irelevant for a very long time. To be opposed by the likes of Disinformation Minister Glenn Beck and Amnesty-loving Bill Kristol (who Glenn Beck has railed against in the past because he was a Progressive) is a great honor indeed. Trump and Trump’s supporters will be given a great boost by their hypocritical and insane rantings of not sticking to “conservative principles.”

    As if their “conservative principles” is to be desired by any of us!

    Is it their “conservative principles” that keep their heads buried in the sand regarding Ted Cruz’s ineligibility to run for President when he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1970 when Dual Citizenship wasn’t recognized by the Canadian government? Is it their “conservative principles” that made them accept amnesty for millions who have disobeyed our laws? Is it their “conservative principles” that made it acceptable to permit the invasion of hundreds of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees, who can never be vetted, in the dark of the night? Is it their “conservative principles” when they are perfectly okay with leaving our borders wide open? Was it their “conservative principles” that made them not do anything about Obamacare by not defunding it when they had the chance? Is it their “conservative principles” that made Common Core a staple in the schools robbing our children of the ability to do any critical thinking? Is it their “conservative principles” that made the likes of Beck and Cruz go down to the border to give toys and clothing to those who had broken the law by crossing our borders illegally thereby encouraging more of it? Is it their “conservative principles” that caused the imprisonment of our border control agents for doing their jobs? Is it their “conservative principles” that caused them to ignore the outright targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS? Is it their “conservative principles” that allowed them to question the eligibility of John McCain and not question the eligibility of Barack Obama? Is it their “conservative principles” that’s causing them to target the frontrunner, Donald J. Trump, in their own Party for standing up for law and order when they have failed to do so? Is it their “conservative principles” that permitted them to fail to do anything about defunding Planned Parenthood when they were selling baby parts, and letting it slide by the wayside as if it didn’t happen? Is it their “conservative principles” that made them fail to do anything about curbing the spending in Congress and doing nothing about the $21 trillion debt? Is it their “conservative principles” that has allowed them to bully the whole world and continue fighting these proxy war by arming the vile Islamofascist Mercenary enemy? Is it their “conservative values” that allowed them to stage the coup in Kiev which led to them installing the Nazi-backed government in Kiev who are now killing the Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Donbas, Lugansk and Donetsk? Is it their “conservative values” that made them attempt a coup in Macedonia using the KLA Muslim Albanian terrorist mercenaries which killed a dozen or more Macedonian policemen? Is it their “conservative principles” that caused them to arm the Muslim mercenaries in Libya and Syria to oust Gaddhafi and Assad?

    If this is their “conservative principles” I do not want any of it. Let them keep their hypocritical “conservative principles.” I hold their “conservative principles” in utter contempt!

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    1. phil fan says:

      Exactly. The neocon NRO crowd of globalist warmongers, cheap labor express, America last “cuckservatives” have abandoned true conservative principles. Closing borders to illegal immigrants, defunding endless wars of aggression, deporting aliens here illegally, reclaiming local and state control of education, public lands and all social issues like marriage, reproductive rights ETC, THESE are the actual, traditional conservative issues. They have been perverted and the label ‘conservative’ used by those who would destroy our freedoms.

      Trump and his numerous supporters are traditional conservatives NOT these NWO, globalist deceivers. Reject them! Embrace your inner conservative, vote for freedom, liberty and Donald Trump.

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