Conservative Radio Died, In It’s Place Has Arisen – TRUMP AMERICAN NETWORK!

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Let Beck, Levin and Limbaugh rant and rave all they want.  Let them jump up and down real high and real fast and wave their microphones in the air as they scream.   It reminds me of what I watched them all do for seven years in the Obama administration.  They didn’t make a difference then, so I’ll be damned if they think they are going to help save America now.  They had their decades of ranting and raving….it never did any dang good. They never held any real power, only high ratings that frustrated Americans gave them by listening. They accomplished zero….they merely sat behind their microphones and judged and ranted, then once a month got their giant sized sponsor checks for doing a good job of pacifying the so-called and thus labeled “republican party conservatives”.

Well, that ship has sailed.  It’s gone.  There are no labels that work any more.  As they scratch their heads and watch their ratings tank….I hope they realize the American people are mad….and they don’t care how mad the dumb puppet radio talk show hosts are…they’ve had enough of all their crap and Obama’s too!

The new trend in radio programming is on the way.  It’s called American news  with  American radio talk show hosts and believe me……no liar conservative label bearers will be allowed! Make way for the all new American Network!

Trump American Network sounds mighty darn good to me.  How about you?  Imagine an All American  – 24/7 type radio/ cable  broadcasting company. Full of true news, real facts, and family value entertainment.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Without DONALD  JOHN  TRUMP as COMMANDER  IN  CHIEF  OF  THE  UNITED  STATES  OF  AMERICA, the idea of a propaganda free network looks pretty grim.  I can only imagine what the establishment will try to do to censor anything propaganda free? So we all need to get out and vote!

2016 is not just another election year….the outcome of this one will determine our very lives and America itself!  That is why there is no other option but to elect  DONALD  J.  TRUMP!!

Dianne Marshall


9 thoughts on “Conservative Radio Died, In It’s Place Has Arisen – TRUMP AMERICAN NETWORK!

  1. doubledenvy says:

    It is very telling the how inflexible the aforementioned radio hosts have been. I search all over for like minded thought , I thank Dianne , David , true patriots versus sell outs. It is so easy to tell who is phony and who is real. At night , I will listen to Rense and I listen to Joe Walsh the ex congressman (and I know he likes Rand Paul – who Donald Trump has donated to , and it bothers me that Rand Paul can say anything negative about Trump , when Paul has received money) , but I am 62 , and raised by a father who was a USN Seal (very patriotic) and I have never seen such a phenomenon as Donald J. Trump. I mean , the guy has nothing to accomplish other than “Make America Great Again” A American Radio Station is what we need , more than ever.

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  2. ericka Sulo says:

    Michael Savage cannot be put into “conservative radio” category……he does not consider himself to be democrat or republican….. He has supported Trump since day one…. I would love to see him gain an appointment under Trump…. He is an ethical philosopher with great knowledge about the human condition…Knows much about natural medicines and environmental science…..Dr. Savage is a scholar, author and so much more


  3. Tamara Alban says:

    Here we go. More political Hypocrisies. National Review and it’s Conservative think tanker GURUS think they know what is best for the average Republican Peon Voter. Us ignorant Hill Billy, Oakified, Country folk, Regular Joe City Dweller Republican Voter. These Conservative think tankers with their PUREST burn the Witch over tones. Don’t think we, the Average Republican voter, know what we are doing as most are setting out to vote, And to vote, not for who they, The Conservative GURU Purest want. Reeks of Democrat/ Liberal Hypocrisy over tones dose it not. Now they, after years of calling out the Liberals on their Hypocrisy. They are doing the same thing. All these so called CONSERVATIVE GURUs are in the tank for either Cruz, Rubio or Bush. Look what they have printed. IT WOULD BE A REPUBLICAN APOCOLYPES, YEE! GAD!. CONSERVATIVES WILL BE CURSED BY THE WITCH ( Trump) FOR ALL TIME. BURN THE WITCH! Republican world coming to and end. Run for the hills! Maybe Christians/ purest Conservatives want to bring back Water Flogging to make sure WE THE PEOPLE are Conservative enough. To make sure that we Like the Democrat/ Liberals are lock stepping Conservatives and do what the Republican Elitists want us to do. This is Hypocrisy at its best. ( or should we say AT IT’S WORST). I think these so called Conservative Purest have just PO a major block of Conservative Voters. And they are so Self absorbed that they can not even see that. Disgusting! But Who am I to say. I am a Average Conservative, Ignorant Hill Bill, Oakified, Country Folk, Regular Joe City Dweller.


  4. We’ve been listening to our conservative radio guys FOR YEARS! They’ve been eloquent on our issues, and put words to our frustrations. NOTHING CHANGED. But now our house is engulfed in flames, and they’re criticizing the fire truck that’s finally arrived to put out the fire? The man driving the firetruck knows, like we do, that if we keep talking the house will burn to the ground and everything of value inside it will be gone. Forever. Mr. Trump is determined to save our house, and by God’s mercy and grace, I believe he’ll get it done. These hosts should be helping all of us man the hoses and turn on the water. If they can’t–or won’t–then get the hell out of the way.

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  5. These So Called News Media, Rush, Mark And Beck and Who ever Else Are Nothing But COMMIES, They Still Want Our Country To Be Under The Hands Of Conservavities, That Want To Tell Us How They Want This Country Should Be Run, We Need An American Network, And Put These ASSHOLES Out Of BUSINESS. They Are All Corrupt.

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