Beck’s Cruz Missile Lands In Political Quagmire!

BECK’S choice TED CRUZ wins the award for the most ESTABLISHMENT ELITE DONOR PAC MONEY!  He must have promised everything from the American Flag to a borderless north America to get their dough, along with the ferocious endorsements of the ghost writers of the establishment elite called the “NATIONAL REVIEW”!

But fear not….all the political blunders that could have ever been made to fuel the fire in the belly of the fed up AMERICAN SUPPORTERS OF DONALD  JOHN  TRUMP have just been made.  Keep it coming all of you phony new world order sustainable development guardians, just keep it coming!  Your nakedness for America is showing and you are not even ashamed.


May your evil drape you and your days be few.  The world is watching and the establishment elite are  being seen for the anti-American banner it has forever been waving.

TRUMP IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!  THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS DONALD  J. TRUMP!  The true American people are proudly carrying this great leader on their shoulders!


Dianne Marshall


3 thoughts on “Beck’s Cruz Missile Lands In Political Quagmire!

  1. Sha/la says:

    Hey! I got a good idea….
    Ted Cruz, Jed Bush, Marco Rubio, can all car pool with Dr. Carson, and Fabin, or Falsom, “that rude woman” with her mouth squirreled up like she smells horse crap. I bet it’s her own party that “stinkith ” they could all save some of them fat cats money that they are so wasting. Heck, waste away ole’ supper pac. This election might be the only election you Haven’t bought since … Who knows …..
    Can’t you just hear them now fighting over who is most important and deserves front seat with Windows honors. I bet ole’ Teddy can figure out a carpool promise to get to drive, in somebody else’s car, with all the others paying for the gas, with squirrelly mouth woman buying dinner! Go to
    Video and watch the black weatherman laugh. Ha ha that’s what I’m hearing in my head when I think of all these clowns, their handlers, and them big ole’ fat cats that own them. They are red in the face cussing up a storm. Talk about some spit-firing-mad goats & goat herders! The weather mans laughing again!

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  2. phil fan says:

    Cruz and his Wall Street minions who are on the take for billions have the nerve to call the self-funding natural born American Trump “establishment”. Filthy liars as usual it’s the opposite of what these scum say that is the truth. THEY are the establishment who want to crush your choice and your freedom. Down with Cruz. Down with the globalist NWO scum.

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  3. Just so we have clarity about this. Glenn Beck a devote Mormon, who by faith, believes not only in the Book of Mormon, The Holy Bible, and baptism of the dead as his temple work. All of which, except for The Holy Bible, is in direct conflict with the Christian Faith which is what Cruz believes in. And should Trump win the nomination od the GOP. They would rather vote for Bernie? A Socialist, who does not believe in God Almighty? Someone’s moral compass is not working properly, cause that sounds hypocritical. But then again Glenn Beck isn’t know Sara Palin now is he?

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