Political Deception And The Little Guy…


There comes a point that no matter how much you admire someone in politics, repeated lies and deception sooner or later ruin a relationship. Imagine having problems with the decisions of your city council person?  Let’s say for example:  You are given a notice that the city wants to make you pay for decorative light posts in your subdivision and you are opposed to it because the existing street lights are adequate and the new decorative lights are going to cost 5 million dollars.  The city will pay 2.5 million and the residents of the subdivision will be accessed the other half of  2.5 million. This is being proposed during a downward economy.  Your neighbor, who is your city council person and good friend, tells you he will fight the city council to stop this.  As time goes by you touch base to see how the situation is coming.  He tells you we are voting tonight and I have your back.  You are confident all is well.

That night you watch the news and learn the council has voted in favor of the street light project. Your city council neighbor and friend is being interviewed and now you discover he not only  voted in favor of the street lights, he is the one that brought the proposal for decorative street lights forward for the subdivision and pushed for it all along.  It is now too late to take any action other than suck it up and pay the city assessment when the bill comes.

Your friend, neighbor and council person sees you and tells you it’s not what it looked like and the press always gets the facts wrong.  He tells you that since he was outnumbered by other neighbors with big names and money,  it would have passed anyway because the mayor was for it. He gives you a sincere look and explains he had to go along with the rest to stay in good standing in order to get other important things passed later.

Are you going to believe him in the future?  How do you feel about being misled and lied to?  Do you still trust him?  It’s your call.

This is what is taking place with Ted Cruz.  I, for one, do not need false representation and connivers who only want my vote when it is time to get elected, and never see representation when it is time to fight for me.  That is why my vote is going to Donald J. Trump! Trump is for the little guy.  The person who needs someone to fight for their best interest and is not beholding to other people’s money.

Dianne Marshall



5 thoughts on “Political Deception And The Little Guy…

  1. I would never believe anything they said or are going to do again. I would forgive them, however, the Bible tells us to kick the dust off your feet & would not hang around that person again. Couldn’t trust them what lies they would tell on me.

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  2. Sha/la says:

    Beware: when you think you can’t be deceived, you already are! I got another story about this little Southern town I live in… Just call me one of , “The Golden Girls ” you know the one that drove the other ole’ gals crazy with her stories about St. Ola or how ever the town name is spelled…
    True Story…. I had been attending a church I loved for many, many years. Then our pastor retired we got a wonderful new pastor, a wonderful new very young pastor. His first church. I stayed for about a year but I needed to find a church that fit me.. Before you judge me just remember I was at that time 58 yrs. old. Plus that’s why we got lots of churches one does not fit all. The young pastor brought in young music (from out side in parking lot it sounded like a club) loud seemed to be better. Today 4 yrs. later there doing wonderful. The pastor has bought another church on the other side of town. 2 churches 6 services. Both churches have 2 Sunday morning services, one has Wed. Night one has Thursday night service. Yeah, they start early.on Sunday morning But have no Sunday night service. The churches are packed each service. Now I’m looking for a church. I had been watching a church on our local T.V station several yrs. it is in the town next to the one I live in. I had attended a revival there several years earlier. At the time I really liked the Pastor. So I decided to visit. I told some friends and they wanted to go with me b/c they also had watched Pastor on T.V and loved him. I told my retired pastors wife. She wanted to go so bad but was not able to. She & retired pastor watched him also. So now I feel I have old pastor and wife’s approval. So away we old gals go. We’re so excited. It was everything we were searching for. This pastor had the gift of love. I never joined. For some reason I couldn’t understand I just couldn’t. Anyway as time marched on the other gals joined. And Yelp you guessed it. Just like this article pastor knew most of the flock of sheep voted one way on things he would go the way a small group wanted… This continued. One Sunday morning I watched pastor as he was shaking hands with people as they were leaving. On the love ouzing. From this man. As I watched a thought went through my head, “it is a learned behavior ” it was not a gifting of L.O.V.E that everyone claimed he had. He trained himself to fool the flock of sheep. As I watch theses Republican and Democratics on T.V I see the same thing. One party, one goal for America. Destabilize America, topple the Constution & the Bill of Rights Proclaim M. Law put a King on the throne. Beware! Do Not Be Deceived!


  3. Sha/la says:

    Donald Trump 2016 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    The only hope for America‼️
    Post themarshallreport.wordpress.com out on your text to your friends. It is still posting on text. Sometimes I can’t get it to post on Facebook my friends tell me it’s not coming through. People I resent being called Sheepels! Yes, I’m finally offended! This my friends sheepels is fighting words. We fight by getting the word out “vote Donald Trump & we pray, pray, pray!” That’s how we Christians war! Spiritual warfare!


  4. Sha/la says:

    Oh, oh, oh,
    I forgot to say in my “Little Southern Town” story……. Who this small group of people were.
    T.H.E. M.O.N.E.Y P.E.O.P.LE……$$$$$$$
    It’s really any Place in the world. It’s America’s Washington, it’s Germany’s Ms. Angela’s. It’s any place where money, power and pride can rule.
    New phone telemarketing today on my land line.
    Wanted to know how often I used social media. My answer was click!


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