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There is no such thing as a conservative.  It has only been a label like other things that did not truly exist, like Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.  These funny names have but one goal.  To alter the reality of the truth.

I am taking a long hard look at the so-called conservatives.  It’s like reading a Grimm’s Fairy Tale.  “Grandma what big eyes you have?  What big teeth you have?”  “Take a bite of the apple my dear,  it’s delicious.” So you bite and go into a slumber until you are awakened , not by your prince, but by the evil witch of the west who wants your ruby red slippers!BECK  CRUZ LLLuntitled copy

That is the colorful version of what is taking place right now.  The reality is – none of the nice conservative talk show hosts ever really existed, except the one they said was mean – Michael Savage (he’s actually nice).  The rest were dressed up like grandma.  And now the disguise is off.  Their eyes are bulging, their teeth are sharp, and they are screaming like the wicked witch of the west.  The evil queen is looking in the mirror to see if she is still the fairest of them all and the answer she is getting is driving her crazy.  “No my Queen, you are no longer the fairest.  The prince (TRUMP) has come and awakened Snow White (SARAH), and together they are showing all the Cinderella’s (WE THE PEOPLE) in the land how to build a coach out of steal and not a pumpkin.

MARK untitled copySo that is as nice as I can say it about the ugly display of angry conservative radio hosts. I mean have you heard their screams, name calling, and smears?  Their bully tactics are so harsh. If you were standing next to them and whispered the name Trump or Sarah they would smash you with something.  Or so it seems.  So let’s not whisper….let’s open the window and yell at the top of our lungs – “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!”  Then take another breath and yell -“I’M VOTING FOR TRUMP!”


Dianne Marshall



  1. Dirt Knuckle says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Dianne. I think you are on to something here. I’ve noticed over the last week or so that Mark Levin is intolerable. I’ve tried, but I can’t listen to him anymore. Rush has been fine so far. Hannity is Hannity (You know what I mean). Savage was on our local station’s 3pm slot a few years a go and then poof. He was gone. Just like the economy. They dropped him because they couldn’t afford it (huge drop in ad revenue). Oh… I forgot that I’m stuck with Laura Ingram from 6 to 9am and she just doesn’t cut it. Anyway. Thank you for posting this. It’s helped give me some clarity. I’m not a label. I have American values. Technically and historically those are rather conservative. Enough for now. See you on the blog tomorrow.


  2. For the longest time, America has been led by the nose and kicked in the ass. (sorry for the language, but I’M MAD AS HELL AND i’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE and i’M VOTING FOR TRUMP!) The con artists and spammers and scammers have had us asleep for longer than we, the people want to admit. But now, we’re AWAKE. I mean really AWAKE. And we’re out in droves, getting people registered, and we’re going to make sure that they get to the polls so that they can vote. It’s all over the nation, too, and not just here in Ohio. It’s in Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Florida, and even New York State. About mid November, the Los Angeles Times ran an article saying that if the election were held then, Trump would win all of those states in a landslide. Think about that for a moment. Trump? Winning in states like California, and New York? Yes, to me that’s very surprising. Those two states are just about as liberal as you can get. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that Trump is the political definition of either Liberal or Conservative. I think he relies more on common sense than anything else, which would be a big and positive change in America. A change for the better that we haven’t seen since 1965, over 50 years. Is it any wonder that people are so excited about this upcoming election? They’re angry, they’re informed, and most of all, this time, they’re engaged, and of course, they’re AWAKE. I was born when Eisenhower was President and I have never seen such wonderful excitement in the United States of America in my life as I’m seeing right now. For the very first time in my life, I’m finally seeing real hope for America.


  3. Susana Rogers says:

    I learned that all this radio talk host are about the $$$$. Levin apparently has been sponsored for Cruz’s big donors????,,,,, sounds familiar, that’s why he is for Cruz and I bet that Beck will be more or less the same. About Rush Limbaugh could be in the same pattern. Shame for them, I thought they were great ppl and honest but they are as dishonest as the whole politicians. I’M VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!


    1. I’ve been a devoted dittohead since 1992 — that’s six presidential elections — and Rush does NOT endorse anyone in a primary. HOWEVER, this time seems different. There are people who swear he’s supporting Trump while others are convinced he’s supporting Cruz. Yes, he’s given umpteen number of hours of airtime discussing/praising/and chuckling over Trump’s campaign, his rope-a-doping the media. But he’s also talked at length about Cruz, too. The difference being that when he talks about Trump, it’s Trump’s style he concentrates on. But when he talks about Cruz, it’s about Cruz being ‘a true conservative.’ In other words, it’s style vs substance. Rush disagrees with this, but I’ve been hearing him conducting a wink/wink, nudge/nudge endorsement of Cruz. And as to Cruz’s eligibility: Rush says ‘of course Cruz is eligible’…case closed.

      Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump was YUGE. Even the GOPe and their media cohorts are beginning to agree. This morning, George Neumayr (The American Spectator) said although he’s voting for Cruz, Trump will win the nomination.


  4. Its such as you read my thoughts! You seem to understand a lot approximately this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you could do with some p.c. to pressure the message house a bit, however other than that, that is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.


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