Rafael Edward Cruz has no consular report of birth abroad – if he does have such paper it would prove he is a nationalized citizen  with a Cuban born Canadian father and an American mother (if she did not give up her citizenship).  It would never prove he was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.  He is not eligible to run for president.

He is not producing any such document, therefore, he should be removed from the 2016 presidential race. If he can not show proof of consular report of birth abroad, he is not eligible to hold his senate seat and should be removed from the senate.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Michael Melloy says:

    Rafael Ed “Ted” Cruz’s mother was born in Delaware in 1934. In 1967, she and her Cuban husband Rafael moved to Canada. They were both working professionals and did quite well there. According to the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946, also referred to as the “Act of 1947” because of its effective date, Canada did not allow dual citizenship. It was not until the passage of the “Citizenship Act” effective on February 15, 1977 that the ability to hold dual citizenship was changed. The Cruz’s moved to Texas in 1974.

    We know that Cruz’s father did become a Canadian citizen in 1974, giving up his Cuban citizenship. Both Cruz parents were on the Canadian voter rolls as late as 1974. Voting was ONLY possible for Canadian citizens, not US residents living in Canada. What we don’t know, but Ted Cruz and his parents know, is WHEN his mother gave up her American citizenship to become a Canadian citizen to be able to register to vote in Canada. If his mother gave up her American citizenship between 1967 and 1970, Ted was born as a 100% Canadian citizen. Not as a dual citizen, as Canada did not allow dual Canadian citizenship in 1970.

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    1. Jimmy McDowell says:

      You people are out of your minds. That man in the White House now has been there over 7years and single handly due more damage to this nation than anybody else. I am surprised he is still president. Not only that, I am surprised he has not been jailed for treason.

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      1. Ok Jimmy boy.. put your money where your mouth is. . LIST THE DAMAGE AND PLEASE USE FACTS NOT MYTHS.. IF not then shut the hell up because you might nave the freedom of speech but that does not mean the rest of us have to list to you stupid Rants.

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      2. Katie says:

        What damage has he done? Nearly all the damage to this country is from Congress. Presidents do not pass laws, that is Congress’s job. President’s sign the checks to pay the bills Congress creates. I am serious, I would like to know what damage you perceive he has done?

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      3. So, Jimmy I suppose you believe it is acceptable to question and continue to question the birthright of a BLACK candidate clearly born in the U.S.A., but we can not possibly ask the same questions of someone who was CLEARLY born in another country? Ted Cruz has gone on record questioning President Obama’s citizenship. We should do the same for ALL candidates, not just the Black ones.

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      4. Obama was allowed to slide in by Pelosi and the same establishment that is allowing Cruz to slide in….the people learned their lesson in 08 and will not repeat it twice. We now know how to take matters into our own hands and not rely on the corrupt government to do it. They simply don’t and won’t.

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      5. The only thing he damaged was your self-esteem because he’s a black man and president and you’re a white man and not president. He’s a better man than you. Just face that fact and get over it.

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      6. The color of skin has nothing to do with his loyalty to the establishment puppet masters who placed him in office. He is the same as his predecessors the Bush’s and Clintons have all carried out their lists of handing us over to the same global establishment goals. It has been a long, slow and sometimes fast and in our face process. We certainly don’t need a Canadian born with a Bush administration career history who is backed by big banks and has foreign council on relations and Bilderberg member advisors on his campaign. Cruz’s big donors are establishment like Mercer, Thiels, and especially Robert Zoelick who is the head of Goldman Sachs International in Houston and the former head of the world bank. He is also the head of the North American Union Task Force that just finished their goals for the next president in 2016. They expect the next president and White house administration to make north American union goals a priority and push North American Made, and get their goal accomplished. So…do a bit of homework on Cruz and his establishment friends, donors and advisors. You will then be left with your lower jaw dropped to the floor….and understand the reason behind all the so-called stupid blunders Obama has done. They are by design…..and he is pushing the council on foreign relations establishment goals of one world and north American union.


      7. Instead of making unsubstantiated claims can you give us an example with unequivocal prove. You would be more credible. Also your answer is a non sequitur as it doesn’t have anything to do with the post


    2. Charon says:

      Actually, it has since been reported that they returned in 1975. Cruz’s father became a Canadian citizen in 1968, they were married in 1969, Ted Jr was born December 1970 and his parents went to Canada 1967-1975.


      1. Charon says:

        According to some reports Cruz has stated that he and Eleanor married earlier than the year Ted Cruz gave in his book which is 1969.


    3. canard651 says:

      I have read that Cruz’ mother and father were married to different people while they sojourned in Canada. Moreover, they may never have divorced the people they were married to (and had children with)… Therefore any claim that his parents were married to one another when Cruz was born is specious at best.


      1. You may be right. As his mother did not put her married name on the birth document. She also had been married to Alan Wilson from Texas and lived with him in London. She had been divorced and had a baby that died at birth. She asked Alan’s permission to list him as the father to avoid shame…he said in an interview recently that he was not the father. The child was buried in 1969. So ….that does not match Ted’s story….she may have become pregnant and not wed? Interesting.


      2. Charon says:

        Cruz’s mother divorced her first husband in 1963 (per Alan Wilson). They moved to London, England in 1960 where Eleanor continued to live until sometime after the death of a child she had, Michael Wilson (not Alan Wilson’s son – he says they were definitely divorced).

        London records identify a Michael Wilson was born and died in 1966 and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in Kensington, a London neighborhood. Eleanor then returns to Houston sometime in 1966 after the crib death of her son (London records show that the child was born and died in 1966), where she meets Rafael Cruz.

        Cruz and Eleanor moved and was living in Canada sometime around late 1966-1967 (he states they lived there for 8-years returning in 1975 so that makes it 1967). He himself has stated in public that he became a Canadian Citizen in 1968. He and Eleanor were married in 1969 but where…Canada? Most likely. Someone in Canada needs to find the marriage certificate as no one has found one here in the States. That marriage certificate may state their citizenship. Someone in Canada also needs to find the Hospital Birth Certificate (long form) as that should also state the parents citizenship.

        Also, because she lived in London from 1960 to sometime in 1966 after the death of her first son, and then almost immediately ends up in Canada with Cruz sometime in 1967, she CLEARLY did not meet the required 10-year physical U.S. residency requirement which requires 5 of those years be spent physically within the U.S. BEFORE the birth of the child. Alan Wilson continues to live in London and is still a U.S. citizen. (Supreme Court has already ruled on a case similar to this).

        In 1959, Cruz married Julia Ann Garza (August 22, 1939 – May 18, 2013), but divorced after a few years. His second daughter from that marriage was born in 1962 so if he divorced her after ‘a few years’, he was most likely divorced when he met Eleanor Darragh Wilson in late 1966 or 1967 (year they went to Canada).

        Another point, if Eleanor remained a U.S. Citizen while living in Canada she would have had to have a ‘work visa permit’ and would have been required to pay/report her Canadian earnings to the U.S. IRS. The fact that Cruz became a Canadian citizen in 1968 and that they were married in 1969 clearly indicates neither intended to move back to the States, which only occurred when Cruz sold his business in 1975. Tax records need to be found for both Canada and the U.S. If none were filed in the U.S. then its because Eleanor was no longer an American citizen, or she didn’t realize that she had to file.


      1. Charon says:

        ‘abroad’ is the legal term that is used to define any child born outside the United States. The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, Canada (link below) reads as follows:

        “A Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) is official evidence of United States citizenship, issued to a child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents, who meet the requirements for transmitting citizenship under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).”


    4. Charon says:

      Actually, Rafael Cruz himself stated that he became a Canadian Citizen in 1968 and in doing so had to renounce his Cuban citizenship. The Canadian law at the time he and his wife (Eleanor Darragh Wilson) lived in Canada 1967-1975 (Canadian records show an address for her in 1975) was that if a spouse was married to a Canadian Citizen and lived with that Canadian spouse for 1-year, the non-Canadian spouse received AUTOMATIC Canadian Citizenship, which is why you see both of their names on the 1974 Election Voters List as ‘Canadian Citizenship’.

      Additionally, U.S. Citizenship for ‘Children Born Abroad’ is regulated under the U.S. Naturalization and Immigration Act and Cruz, would have to at age 18 give an oath of allegiance to the United States in order to obtain U.S. Citizenship under his mother IF she reported (which she most likely didn’t) his birth to the U.S. Consulate. At that time, U.S. law (and even today) was clear that the U.S. Consulate makes the determination as to whether the child receives U.S. Citizenship and if approved, the American parent MUST RENOUNCE THE CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP at time of reporting. Obviously she didn’t do that as Ted renounced in 2014.

      Interesting that he received a U.S. passport in High School for a trip at age 18 which would be the same time he would have to take an oath of allegiance to the U.S.

      At any rate, Children Born Abroad fall under Naturalized Citizenship whereas ‘natural born’ falls within the boundaries of the United States and not outside it, therefore, Ted Cruz, if he was given U.S. Citizenship is a ‘naturalized’ citizen and he would not have been able to get naturalized citizenship from his father because at the time his father naturalized, Cruz was well over the age of 21 and you must be under that age to acquire automatic naturalized U.S. citizenship from a naturalized parent.

      Natural Born citizenship is of the land and by descent (within the jurisdiction of the United States meaning to U.S. parents who owe no allegiance to a foreign power) and it is NOT part of the Naturalization/Immigration Act.

      Cruz is at best a ‘naturalized U.S. Citizen’ and at worst a man without a country as he renounced the only sure citizenship he had and that was Canadian.


      1. Charon says:

        Also, in 1970 Canada did NOT recognize Dual Citizenship so his parents would have choose one or the other. Their law was changed in 1977.


      2. Charon says:

        At the time his mother would have declared his birth to the U.S. Consulate and upon approval by the Consulate, she not only would have to renounce his Canadian Citizenship, she would have also been issued a Consular Report of Birth Abroad that establishes U.S. Citizenship or at the least a U.S. Passport.

        Since Cruz did not apply for a U.S. Passport until his trip to England in High School, he obviously did not hold a U.S. Passport at birth either.

        No CRBA, No Passport, Renounces Canadian Citizenship at age 43 is a very clear indication that his mother a) never reported his birth and went through the naturalization citizenship process or b) she did report his birth but the U.S. Consulate denied him U.S. Citizenship due to his being born in Canada to a country that did not recognize dual citizenship and born to parents who they deemed Canadian Citizens (Rafael was definitely a citizen at this point).

        You cannot be a naturalized citizen under the U.S. Naturalization/Immigration Act AND be a natural born citizen at the same time.


    5. Jerry says:

      Senator Cruz was born in Canada, subject to the jurisdiction of Canada. Further, any U.S. Citizen by virtue of the 14th Amendment only, is a “CITIZEN” and not a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”.
      “Dual Citizenship” was prohibited in Canada in December 1970 (Canadian Law)
      From May 22, 1868, until December 31, 1946, all residents of Canada were “British” subjects. There was no such thing as a Canadian Citizen OR Canadian Citizenship until January 1, 1947.
      From January 1, 1947, until February 15, 1977, Canadian law PROHIBITED “Dual Citizenship.” Foreign parents giving birth to a child in Canada in 1970 were FORCED TO CHOOSE between Canadian Citizenship ONLY, or Citizenship in Another Country, AND to Declare that with Canadian Officials at the time of birth. The parents of Ted Cruz CHOSE AND DECLARED “Canadian Citizenship” for Rafael Edward Cruz.
      Now, Senator Ted Cruz has repeatedly stated that he has never been “NATURALIZED” to the United States, which eliminated the possibility that Ted Cruz is a “NATURALIZED” U.S. Citizen.
      Senator Ted Cruz has also documented the fact that he was not a “NATIVE BORN CITIZEN” of the United States, but rather a “NATIVE BORN CITIZEN” of Canada on December 22, 1970, who maintained his legal Canadian Citizenship until May 14, 2014.
      All of this explains why Senator Ted Cruz has NO “LEGAL” U.S. CITIZENSHIP DOCUMENTATION of any kind.
      He is not a “NATURAL BORN”, “NATIVE BORN” OR “NATURALIZED” CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES. Because someone must be one of the three in order to be a “LEGAL” Citizen of the United States, Senator Ted Cruz cannot possibly be a “LEGAL” U.S. Citizen of any form. Meanwhile, a growing number of Constitutional Law Professors agree, “Cruz is NOT eligible.”
      In the end, the only possible way to consider Senator Ted Cruz “eligible” for the Oval Office, is if every “UNDOCUMENTED RESIDENT ALIEN” is also “eligible” for the Oval Office, which I personally believe is the real agenda of BOTH Political Parties, as they work to meld the USA into the Global Commune where there is no legal difference between “NATURAL BORN AMERICANS” and “UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS”.
      The fact that so many Americans “DO NOT KNOW” or “CARE TO KNOW” the TRUTH about the Constitutional “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” requirement for the Oval Office, demonstrates just how far down the road of “hope and Constitutional Republic, the ENEMY within has already achieved. Soon, “NATURAL BORN AMERICANS” will be in the American minority, and they will be ruled by FOREIGNERS who have no “LEGAL” U.S. Citizenship at all.
      Nothing was done concerning his Mother’s Citizenship in the US until 2014 and YOU HAVE TO BE A US CITIZEN FOR “9” YEARS BEFORE YOU CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT.


    6. Beverly says:

      The constitution states that the father has to be born in America not the mother so that leaves cruz out of the race to start with he may be a naturalized citizen if he took the time to take the citizen ship test to become a citizen but if he did he would still be only a naturalized citizen and cannot be president no matter how you look at it


  2. Frank O'Pinion says:

    Sort of redundant from the article, but with source website.

    It’s time to use the nuclear option on this triple Canadian, Cuban, and maybe U.S. citizen.

    Emphatically, make Cruz prove that he is a natural born U.S. citizen. The only way that can be accomplished is by having him produce a valid U.S. birth certificate. Once that is done, then have him prove that his parents were U.S. citizens when he was born on U.S. soil.

    Oh, you say he was born up there in Canada? O.K., then insist that he produce his required Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).

    If Cruz cannot produce this CRBA, then he should have had a passport. If neither are produced, Cruz is an undocumented alien and an illegal U.S. Senator. If he has either form, Cruz is a statute citizen, whose U.S. citizenship falls under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Therefore, Cruz is a NATURALIZED U.S. citizen, not a natural born U.S. citizen and ineligible for the office of the POTUS under Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

    Further reading:

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    1. Gene says:

      Why don’t you first emphatically prove the communist muslim in office is a US citizen! All his records remain sealed, however, a tiny bit are slowly being pealed open and it’s not good.
      His so-called birth certificate that he finally presented after years of legal work was a pdf file that was clearly edited and verified by software experts to be phoney!
      Why won’t the current f**k reveal his “original” birth certificate? All of you amaze me with your extrene anger and lack of real research to the problem we have lived with for 7 years?
      And to the idiot who says only congress can pass laws and the angel in the White House cant pass laws, well you are FN wrong. This radical has twisted our legal system and has been using “executive orders” to circumvent the law.
      Damn, I wish you hate mongers would learn how to think! It’s people like YOU who have helped the muslim in chief destroy our country.

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      1. AJ says:

        Please find a fact and get acquainted with it. Your entire post is suffused with emotion and surmise. Communist? Where is your proof? Muslim? Ditto. So-called birth certificate edited and verified by software experts as phony? Please. As for your accusing others of extreme anger, here are your angry words:f**k, idiot, FN, radical. If you tone it down, you might be able to present a cogent argument that could do more than resonate with other like-minded individuals as yourself who exist in a right-wing echo chamber getting their amygdalas constantly attacked. Oh, and while you’re at it, please research the use of executive orders by presidents. Here’s a start:

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      2. You’re out of your mind. Obama was born in Hawaii, he took on devastating economy from Bush, 2 wars, one a lie, with obstruction from Republicans who have spewed conspiracies and hate as you’re doing right now. Must have gotten it from Fox and the racists Republicans. NOTHING has been sealed. Start fact checking and get intelligence.

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      3. Charon says:

        The one point, and it is a major point, about Obama is that no one has gone after him based on his ‘father’s citizenship’ at the time of his birth. They have all focused on whether or not he was born in Hawaii.

        His father was a British subject w/British citizenship at the time of you know who’s birth. By British law, citizenship descended to the child through blood and the British father MUST BE MARRIED to the foreign mother in order to confer that citizenship. Interesting that yes his parents were married but they actually never lived together as husband and wife. Obama acquired British citizenship from his father at birth, meaning he held Dual Citizenship (if in fact he was born in Hawaii, which I believe he was not).

        Now, when Britain gave Kenya back their independence (was a British Colony), Obama’s father held Kenyan citizenship again, BUT his son Obama maintained his British citizenship AND he acquired his father’s Kenyan citizenship…so now you have someone with ‘Triple Citizenship’. Requirements in Britain were that Obama would have to choose between British and Kenyan citizenship at age 18 or 21, HOWEVER…

        His mother divorced Obama’s father, married Soetoro (Soebarkah) who adopted Obama and registered him in an Indonesian school that only took Indonesian citizens into the school. If Soetoro did adopt Obama, he became a Indonesian citizen and because Indonesia did not recognize Dual Citizenship, he would have lost his U.S./British and Kenyan Citizenships all at the same time.

        The key here is what passport was Obama using when he went to Pakistan during the time when no Americans were allowed entry into Pakistan.

        The angle on Obama is to go after his British citizenship from his father.

        “Natural born and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” means born within/on U.S. soil to parents who owe no allegiance to any foreign power/country meaning you have only one citizenship that is inherited by 2 U.S. Citizens parents in order to have sole and total allegiance to one country and one country only…the U.S.

        In 1866, Michigan Sen. Jacob Howard, who sponsored Section 1 of the 14th Amendment (the Citizenship Clause), noted that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” was “simply declaratory of what I regard as the law of the land already.” He stated further, “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, [or] who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers…”

        Asked for his understanding of “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” Illinois Sen. Lyman Trumbull, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee who was key to the Amendment’s passage, responded, “That means ‘subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof.’ What do we mean by ‘complete jurisdiction thereof’? Not owing allegiance to anyone else. That is what it means.”

        Obama owed allegiance to 4 different countries and it is very clear that his loyalty does not lie with solely with the United States.


      4. Charon says:

        There should be a law that states when you are running for political office of ANY kind, the candidate CANNOT SEAL his records and ALL records MUST be made PUBLIC to the American people.


    1. Those in position to demand that are ignoring it. Those who are filing complaints and suits are somewhere in establishment land waiting to get overturned. Because this is all corrupt. The people have exposed him…and his sorry arse just smirks at the camera and claims “My mommy was born in the US”. Well his daddy was born in Cuba and became a Canadian citizen….head of his household and boy Cruz holds his name. He is a Canadian with Cuban heritage. He is not a natural born citizen by any stretch of the imagination. Only those wanting another Obama usurper are encouraging this. It will backfire big time in all their smirky faces. Facts sooner or later have to be dealt with. They always do.

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      1. I keep wondering…. WHY doesn’t Cruz produce that CRBA? If he lost his copy, he can obtain another for $50…

        A valid, certified copy of that CRBA would answer many questions….like if his mother was, in fact, a US citizen at the time of Ted’s birth. However, it will NOT answer the question of whether or not someone who held dual citizenship until 2 years ago is eligible to be POTUS.

        Why do we have an acting US senator, and candidate for POTUS that cannot produce sufficient documentation of his citizenship to even be granted a US passport? Thus far, he has produced:
        1.) A Canadian birth certificate
        2.) A copy of his “mother’s” supposed US birth certificate (and the name on her birth certificate is different from the name that appears on Rafael Jr’s Canadian birth certificate)
        3.) A certificate that Ted denounced his Canadian citizenship about 2 years ago (he claims to be an EXPERT on the US Constitution, then says he didn’t “know” he was a Canadian citizen until about 2 years ago?)

        If these 3 documents were used in an attempt to get a US passport, the applicant would be rejected. So how do these documents prove his eligibility to hold the office of POTUS?


  3. Kenley Noltensmeier says:

    Seriously people… There is absolutely nothing he needs to prove. By the simple fact that he wasn’t born in the US he is not a natural-born citizen… End of story.

    Here’s how three dissenting justices addressed the issue in Rogers v. Bellei 401 U.S. 815 (1971), in a case where the birth circumstances were nearly identical to those of Cruz:

    “…Afroyim’s broad interpretation of the scope of the Citizenship Clause finds ample support in the language and history of the Fourteenth Amendment. Bellei was not “born . . . in the United States,” but he was, constitutionally speaking, “naturalized in the United States.” Although those Americans who acquire their citizenship under statutes conferring citizenship on the foreign-born children of citizens are not popularly thought of as naturalized citizens, the use of the word “naturalize” in this way has a considerable constitutional history. Congress is empowered by the Constitution to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” Art. I, § 8. ANYONE ACQUIRING CITIZENSHIP SOLELY UNDER THE EXERCISE OF THIS POWER IS, CONSTITUTIONALLY SPEAKING, A NATURALIZED CITIZEN.”

    (con’t from Bellei) “A person born out of the jurisdiction of the United States can only become a citizen by being naturalized, either by treaty, as in the case of the annexation of foreign territory; or by authority of Congress, exercised either by declaring certain classes of persons to be citizens, as in the enactments conferring citizenship upon foreign-born children of citizens, or by enabling foreigners individually to become citizens by proceedings in the judicial tribunals, as in the ordinary provisions of the naturalization acts.”

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    1. Athena the Warrior says:

      I agree with you but by forcing him to produce his CRBA which he either doesn’t have or is sealed off, he can then be removed from Congress and prosecuted for fraud. He should be made to produce the document before the Iowa caucus.

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  4. captdax says:

    “Ted Cruz”… , A man without a Country..!

    Maybe this is Why.. Ted Cruz has NO! (Consular Report on Birth Abroad (CRBA) )

    State of Delaware Vital Records says,

    1970 – Ted Cruz is born in Canada, to two parents who had lived in Canada for at least four years at that time, and had applied for and received Canadian citizenship under Canadian Immigration and Naturalization Laws, as stated by Rafael Cruz.

    As a result, US statutes would have voided the prior “green card” status which requires among other things, permanent residency within the United States and obviously, not becoming a citizen of another country during the time frame of the US green card.

    there is no record of his parents declaring him an American citizen..
    born abroad with the consulate.

    State of Delaware Vital Records .

    So..Why.. Ted Cruz has NO! (Consular Report on Birth Abroad (CRBA) ).You ask..?

    Well , the two parents at that time, and had applied for and received Canadian citizenship under Canadian Immigration and Naturalization Laws, as stated by Rafael Cruz.

    also: Canada Required : Canadian citizenship to Vote .!
    also: Canada does not allow dual Citizenship.!

    Teds mother resigned all affiliation from the USA when she renounced..USA. , and became a Canadian Citizen, registered to Vote and lived and voted there few years before Cruz was born.

    Voters List/ Calgary, Alberta, Canada, federal elections…

    At This Point:

    US law is irrelevant due to the fact that she became a Canadian citizen.

    She and her husband were both Canadian at the time Cruz was born in Canada.

    He was 100% Canadian citizen at the time of his birth and is not eligible to be President.


    as Ted was a legal citizen of Canada in 2012, without ever disclosing this fact to Texas officials or voters at the time, he ran for a accepted a seat in the US Senate via election fraud.

    It is an act of fraud to seek any political office in the USA while concealing the fact that you are a citizen of a foreign country.

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    1. I was yelling he’s not a citizen while the establishment was yelling shut up and Obama supporters were calling me a birther. Just like they all are today. This time – they will shut up and he will be exposed for the fraud he is committing.

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      1. Charon says:

        None of us are ‘birthers’. We are American Constitutionalists who believe in the foundations that our Founding Fathers fought for, bled for, and died for in order to build this “One Nation Under God”.

        People too soon forget that all of America was going after Obama on his citizenship, but the media was in on it and would not address the issue and neither would the Republicans running for office. For crying out loud, even Hillary Clinton said he wasn’t born here.


    1. The only time natural born is needed or used is in regard to the office of the president and vice president. All other citizenship, in any form of legal naturalization gives each citizen every liberty and right in the constitution. Natural born is specifically required to insure we do not have what we have now…..a Islamist supporter in the White House. But, when you look at the establishment and their new world order goals for the 21st century….it is almost a joke. Trump is the only one going against the establishment to take America out from under all the establishment new world order restraints the past presidencies have hung around our necks. We are being mandated and dictated to by the UN. Common Core is a UN educational system. The IRS is a UN hired and educated debt collector for our foreign debt to them. WHO world health organization mandates what is and is not an epidemic and is governed by the UN. We follow what they say. Our waterways have just been handed over to the UN to govern by Obama……oh the list goes on and on and on. Most Americans do not have one clue how deep and how wide the web is that the establishment has woven. Trump is the only one who can at all stand up against these evil men and their tyrannical designs.


    2. Charon says:

      “Children Born Abroad” is regulated under the U.S. Immigration/Naturalization Act which means he is a naturalized citizen. He was also supposed to take an oath of allegiance at age 18 to the U.S. Doesn’t appear that he did that.

      Natural Born Citizen is defined as follows:
      Ohio Representative John Bingham, known as the Architect and Father of the 14th Amendment and a “Founding Son” clearly defined the term ‘natural-born citizen’ in 1862, 1866 and 1872 (during a debate hearing on the House Floor).

      He also established in his 1862 House speech that Congress has no authority to make everyone born under the 14th Amendment “a natural born citizen.” This is born out by Congressional records regarding the 14th Amendment debates in which Bingham, the chief architect of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment stated as follows:

      In the House of Representatives in 1862:
      “The Constitution leaves no room for doubt upon this subject. The words ‘natural born citizen of the United states’ appear in it, and the other provision appears in it that, “Congress shall have power to pass a uniform system of naturalization.” To naturalize a person is to ADMIT him to citizenship. Who are natural born citizens but those born within the Republic? Those born within the Republic, whether black or white, are citizens by birth—natural born citizens.”

      Again, Congress has the power ONLY to ‘pass a uniform system of naturalization” as in allowing a foreigner to become a ‘naturalized’ citizen. They do NOT and CANNOT change the natural laws regarding being natural born because anyone born within the Republic are natural born citizens.

      In 1866 Bingham stated: “I find no fault with the introductory clause, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen; but, sir, I may be allowed to say further, that I deny that the Congress of the United States ever had the power or color of power to say that any man born within the jurisdiction of the United States, and not owing a foreign allegiance, is not and shall not be a citizen of the United States.” John A. Bingham, (R-Ohio) US Congressman, Architect of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, March 9, 1866 Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866), Sec. 1992 of U.S. Revised Statutes (1866), Cf. U.S. Const. XIVth Amend.

      Additionally in 1872, Bingham again defined ‘natural-born citizen’ during a House Floor hearing regarding the status of U.S. citizenship of Dr. Houard, who had been incarcerated in Spain. Here he clearly states 2 requirements for being natural born…born to parents (mother and father) and within the jurisdiction of the United States:

      “As to the question of citizenship I am willing to resolve all doubts in favor of a citizen of the United States. That Dr. Houard is a natural-born citizen of the United States there is not room for the shadow of a doubt. He was born of naturalized parents within the jurisdiction of the United States, and by the express words of the Constitution, as amended to-day, he is declared to all the world to be a citizen of the United States by birth.” (The term “to-day”, as used by Bingham, means “to date”. Obviously, the Constitution had not been amended on April 25, 1872.)

      In this speech, Bingham cites 2 factors that declares Dr. Houard to be a “natural-born citizen”: born of citizen “parents” (plural not singular therefore requiring you to have 2 U.S. Citizen parents for this status) AND born within the ‘jurisdiction of the United States.


      Ted Cruz NOR Marco Rubio does NOT MEET these requirements for natural born. He is at best a mere citizen of the U.S. able to hold the office of Senator, but not Vice-President and certainly NOT President.


  5. George says:

    All of you liberal idiots can go straight to hell.. if you cannot see obama being the worst, hateful to american citizens and armed forces , you dont even deserve to breathe the air we share.. and you can point out in your typical libidiot ways about my use of language all you want to try and feel substantiated in your retarded “cause” , but it wont change the fact that this president has done WAY more damage than that idiot G.W. or any other potus IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES… with 48 LEGITIMATE criminal counts placed against him in an impeachment act that will sadly never see the light of day.. and congress backs him up because he has all kinds of CRAP to hold over their heads. So why dont YOU liberal idiots try researching and and i dont mean “politico” or “cnn” seeing how fond you all are to throw the fix news channel at us NORMAL THINKING PEOPLE… get a effin grip on life other than your own… open your goddamn eyes and take a look around.. stimulus FAILED.. nat debt FAIL… employment MAJOR FAIL ..veterans FAIL….armed forces BIG FAIL…. but hey were broke but lets just give 150 BILLION to iran… and pay 120 BILLION to syria or wherever the fuck hes just throwing money away at this week…


  6. Roger Ewing says:

    I been saying this for weeks. Mr Cruz, show us your Federal Form FS-240. If it exist, the Feds have a copy. If you do not…Bye Bye Mr Cruz..


  7. What nobody posting here realizes is that America no longer exists. The republic that was once; known as the United States of America, governed for the people and by the people via the US Constitution and bill of Rights was conquered by enemy forces that infiltrated our government and financial institutions. The people that are blogging here and that live and work in the former republic previously known as the USA live in a state of delusion, for they fail to understand that ; ”We the people” no longer have; free speech, right to assemble, the right to elect our governmental officials (The; senators, congress, house of representatives, executive branch of government are no longer ”Elected by and for ”We the People”, but rather they are all appointed by ”The New World Order” that as usurped our government. Soon the NWO will be coming to, by force , disarm ”We the People”, Obama has already stationed UN= Foreign military armies throughout the former Republic of the USA. There are probably hundreds of highly trained and highly weaponized covert Jihad military training personal compounds here in the former USA. The USA has been conquered.


  8. JJT says:

    Anybody can run. Just look at John McCain, born in Panama. The Constitution does not prohibit any fool from running — what it says is that only a natural-born US citizen can take the OATH if elected. But Cruz is not a natural-born citizen, he is a STATUTORY CITIZEN (nobody gains citizenship “automatically” when born in a foreign country, that is a myth). Whether or not his parents filed a Consular Report of Birth Abroad is meaningless, he’s still not natural-born and therefore can never be President of the United States. Period, end of story.


  9. This may help answer some of the question about Obama birth -these records have been gone over by experts and verfied =his grandmother on video speaks ===google==Obamas Kenya Birth Certificate ==thepowerhour== also see letter written to Ron Paul about Obama and how they were afraid to disqualify him after he was elected to the oval of a racial uprising of the time..


  10. I have been telling everyone that Canada did not allow duel citizenship and all the answers are in Canada and plainly shows Ted Cruz is not eligible to run for President. No one listens. I have been referring people to different legal records in Canada and no one cares if he is eligible or not. He is evil and will endorse New World Order and he will be the dictator. People think I am crazy when I say this. I am at a lose end trying to get someone to investigate this or force Cruz to show his proof. It would be great if you could get this done. Cruz is not proving this because he knows he is not eligible. It is up to Congress to rule on this not Supreme Court. he is counting that by the time someone pays attention to this he will have so many voters that if he is declared ineligible it would throw our election into such a mess that Congress will sign a bill making him legal. just think that means that any dictator Muslim can have a child with an American Woman kidnapped or other and she has a son. The dictator’s son can be President of the USA. Same situation as Cruz. Think about this people.


  11. Aranna says:

    Damage is too small a word for the laws Obama has broken, here is a short list. 1. Used Executive Privilege in regards to Fast & Furious gun running scandal. When Government misconduct is the concern Executive privilege is negated.
    2. Issued 23 Executive Orders on gun control – infringement of the 2nd Amendment.
    3. Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration
    Violation Article 1 Section 1
    4. NDAA – Section 1021. Due process Rights negated.
    Violation of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments.
    5. Executive Order 13603 NDRP – Government can seize anything.
    6. Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.
    7. Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cyber security – Bypassing Congress
    Violations: Article 1 Section 1, Art. 4 sect. 4,
    8. Signed into law the establishment of “NO Free Speech Zones” – noncompliance is a felony.
    9. Attempt to tax political contributions
    Violations: 1st Amendment, Art.1 sect. 7
    10. Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Law – Obama directed DOJ ( Dept. of Justice ) to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers and not enforce the law.
    Violations : Art. 2 sect.2 , 5th amendment, 18 USC 241 – Sec. 241
    11. Drone strikes on American Citizens – 5th Amendment Due process Rights negated.
    Violations: Art. 1 Sect. 1
    12. Bypassed Congress and gave EPA power to advance Cap-n-Trade
    13. Attempt for Graphic tobacco warnings (under appeal)
    Violations: 1st Amendment. Art. 1 sect. 8
    14. Four Executive appointments – Senate was NOT in recess (Court has ruled unconstitutional yet the appointees still remain)
    Violations: Art. 1 sect 2 &5 ,
    15. Obama took Chairmanship of UN Security Council –
    Violation : Art 1 Sect. 9.
    16.Obamacare( A.C.A. ) mandate – SCOTUS (U.S. SupremeCourt ) had to make it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority.
    Violations : Art. 2 sect. 1 , Amendments 1, 2, 9, 10, & 14, Art. 1 sect. 7
    18. Healthcare waivers – No president has dispensing powers.
    Violations: 1st, 2, 9,10, & 14th Amendment, Art 1: Sect. 7
    19. Refuses to acknowledge state’s 10th Amendment rights to nullify Obamacare( Affordable Care Act ) .
    Violation: Art. 1 sect. 1 , Art. 2. sect. 1 , 10th Amendment
    20. Congress did not approve Obama’s war in Libya. Article I, Section 8, First illegal war U.S. has engaged in. Impeachable under Article II, Section 4. Obama falsely claims UN can usurp Congressional war powers.
    Violations: Article I, Section 8, Art.2 sect. 1
    21. Obama has acted outside the constitutional power given him – this in itself is unconstitutional.
    Violations: Art. 2 sect 1
    22. With the approval of Obama, the NSA and the FBI are tapping directly into the servers of 9 internet companies to gain access to emails, video/audio, photos, documents, etc. This program is code named PRISM. NSA also collecting data on all phone calls in U.S. Violation of 4th Amendment.
    Violations: 4th Amendment.
    23. Plans to sign U.N. Firearms treaty – 2nd Amendment.
    Violation: 2nd ,4th, 9th, 10th , & 14TH Amendment, Art.1 Sect. 4 , Art. 2 sect. 1
    24. The Senate/Obama immigration bill (approved by both) raises revenue – Section 7. All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;
    Violations: Art. 1 sect 4th, 7 ,& 8th, Art. 2 sect. 1, Art.4 sect. 4,
    25. Obama refuses to uphold the Business Mandate Law (ACA) for a year. President does not have that authority


  12. DICK HUTCHISON says:

    Obama has spent more money (wasted), than all the presidents combined before him to and including George Washington… SEE NATIONAL DEBT FIGURES… and then you will learn, if you have a brain. He is trying to bankrupt America and you will see prices skyrocket then and you will be wondering WHY… try borrowing yourself to make a living… that’s how Obama does it.

    Obama is bent to destroy America and make it a 3rd world country by giving away, bleeding US and it’s citizens, importing Islam, supporting Islam / Muslims, defending Muslims and refusal to recognize WHO are the real TERRIORISTS of the world and WHY they believe in killing people they do not even know and themselves because they believe the Koran. Obama is a closet Muslim. go figure it out before it’s tooooooooo late…

    Europe and the world is gone … they will all be Muslim, ONLY the Americas are left.

    Tell it to your grandchildren who will die or convert.


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