Trump Won The Debate, Even The Cruz Birther Issue…

Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses a legislative luncheon held as part of the "Road to Majority" conference in Washington

Trump won the debate hands down.  Last night and today the Fox News pundits keep saying Cruz won the birther issue.  I watched that debate section several times and did not see where Cruz won anything.  He actually drew more attention for supporting arguments against his own stance.  To Trump it was like catching a small fish to little to keep. The Donald shook his head and let Ted off the hook.  Trump warned him that he would be sued, guess that’s all Trump can do.  Here is the reason why Cruz is in big trouble with his birther issue and the biggest loser in that argument:

First – when has Trump been wrong yet on his judgment calls in forecasting what is taking place or about to take place?

Answer: So far – never.  All things Trump has stated have turned out to be correct, he always does his homework and gets professional expert advice. Trump has been watching this for a long time and wants it officially settled so there are no surprise law suits that interfere with a fair race for all the candidates running, including himself.

Second – There are already  electorate eligibility suits against Cruz  seeking Declarative Judgment and Injunction in five different states. Illinois, Vermont, Florida, Maryland, and as of today -Texas.  Democrat Grayson has been announcing for a long time that he will sue Cruz if he wins the nomination.   So, was Trump just blowing smoke to cause problems for Cruz?

Answer: No.   Cruz was the foolish one and biggest loser for not listening and thinking all he has to do is ignore it and it will go away like it did for Obama. (He failed to recall that Obama paid over 2 million in attorney fees to keep this silly issue at bay).

This may start a movement of electorates coming out and  filing their own complaints. People have had enough of this from watching Obama all these years. They aren’t going to let this go.  They have learned a hard lesson.

Yet, today, many pundits are saying Cruz stood up against Trump and won.  I differ in opinion on that.  To me, not listening and brushing off an unsettled serious issue as silly  is not winning. It is child like folly.  For you see, when an adult enters a room and sees marker scribbles on the wall,  a child can scream he didn’t do it all he wants.  But, when ink from the marker is all over the child’s face and fingers, and no one else was in the room, he is the one who wrote on the wall.

The question is, why isn’t the GOP doing anything about this issue?  Could it be they don’t care?  Could they just be wanting to have a mess so they can go to convention and choose their new candidate?  Or something else? I wouldn’t rule anything out except Cruz’s birth eligibility to run for office.

Dianne Marshall


6 thoughts on “Trump Won The Debate, Even The Cruz Birther Issue…

  1. Katherine ONeill says:

    Cruz lives in total denial! I like the way he responded to Rubio after he went off on Cruz, Cruz said only 1/2 are true! What kind of answer is that? Well its the old schrug your shoulders and ignore anything spoke in truth about u because he thinks he is a King like Obama and can get away with anything he wants! Just like he told TRUMP that children born overseas by military moms are citizens and children born to missionary’s are citizens , Well Cruz your mother wasn’t military or missionary, how u twist everything to make people think you are something u r not! YOU ARE NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN ACCORDING TO THE constitution! And you claim to be an authority on it! What a Joke , you make me want to throw up! TRUTH IS GOING TO EXPOSE YOU AND YOUR FRAUD BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF LIARS AND DOUBLE TALK! I WILL CELEBRATE TO SEE YOU, HILLARY AND OBAMA GONE FROM DESTROYING AMERICA AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR!

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  2. phil fan says:

    Yes agree Cruz did himself no favors with this supposed ‘win’ last night. As you point out there are many legal flaws in his examples about what constitutes a natural born citizen. His examples about missionaries, service families and Trumps mother were all INCORRECT. In other words Cruz is a stupid moron (Not likely) or an insufferable liar, (True).

    Lord deliver us and our nation from another alien in the WH. And Thank You God for raising up Donald Trump to lead us!

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  3. And to add one more tidbit to this report which I agree is true for Trump and not with Cruz. However, TRUMP is not getting cases files against him but CRUZ as of today has 5 cases already filed in reference to birther issue. It will be something to watch Cruz getting out of this?? We will Make America Great again only with Donald Trump.

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  4. Sha/la says:

    Your question, why isn’t the GOP doing something about this issue??????
    I feel like someone watching a tennis match for sure. Back and forth the verbal ball goes. Once again I find myself scratching my head thinking, what the heck is really going on here? Everyone talking about what needs doing, what somebody should do, yet nobody can or will get nothing done. How long would it take to decide if Trump was eligible to run if the situation were reversed? How many dozens of people would break there neck getting to the place to find out & file the paperwork? 24 hours? After I think of all the possible scenarios, once again I throw my hands up and leave the room. Is all this some type ratings buildup?
    O.k this is a News message that was in my e-mail box. Steve King R-Iowa is at the State Of The Union on hidden camera stating he is leaving, going to the Chapel to pray for the unborn that Obama to his knowledge has never shed a tear for b/c he can’t sit in there an listen to another lecture.
    I agree with him totally. Prayer is a wonderful thing to do. But why I ask are you not standing up out in the open (not talking on a hidden secret camera) I’m talking about out in the open getting support asking your R co-workers to stand with you. Not acting like your slipping around in secret then putting it in everyone’s e-mail box. Are they really that whimsy? Is this a game there playing? These are grown men. Right? This gets weirder by the day. A cheap movie.


  5. Sha/la says:

    That’s another thing I love about Donald Trump. He doesn’t say what he wants said by being sneaky on a hidden camera. I loved the way he lead Cruz during the debate by saying your eligibility needs clearing up b/c say I wanted you to be my V.P. Cruz fell right in saying it might be him asking Trump to be his V.P. Now Trump has the opening to tell the people what he wants them to know. “If this doesn’t work out for me I’m going back to construction.” I loved it! What I heard him say right out in the open for all to hear. Hey people no V.P for me. I’m in this to make America Great Again! Not to be a politician! We’re either doing this together or we are not! Make up your minds.


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