It is appearing as though all these naturalized and not natural born candidates have been encouraged to run in order to lead to a brokered convention. It is giving the appearance that it has been pre-planned by design. Trump, among others, has brought the issue to the forefront and now a suit has been filed against Cruz. Will this be cleared up? Or will this be a brokered issue? Trump can always run third party while the GOP sinks itself. That is a special card in the Trump hand.

Complaints have been filed challenging eligibility of Cruz and Rubio in four states- Illinois, Vermont, Maryland, and Florida.  A lawyer in Texas has filed a suit against Rafael  Cruz specifically for a Supreme Court Declarative Judgment on interpretation of the constitutional eligibility requirements. He has expressed he will probably vote for Bernie Sanders, so he is not concerned about the GOP nominee, he is supposedly just concerned about clarifying this issue once and for all.

I brought the idea of GOP foul play out a few days ago because it didn’t make sense that the GOP was not vetting candidate eligibility and wanted to stay out of the middle of this issue. It seemed a bit premature to accuse any foul play at the time, yet, with the GOP so concerned with loyalty pledges, even in Virginia to new republicans, and vetting everything on the Donald, it was odd that a blind eye was turned to this very important issue.  Well, now the news buzz is that this issue could lead to a BROKERED CONVENTION now that there is a real law suit and the possibility of not getting resolved before the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and the March 1st Super Tuesday votes being cast.

If this is not cleared up before the voting process begins, the best effort American voters can make to insure this does not happen is to vote for a candidate that has none of these issues looming over their heads.

My vote is for Trump, be it through the  GOP or third party.  As far as I am concerned, those who have naturalized citizenship are not on the ballot.  If you don’t want Trump to make America great again, I suggest looking at the other candidates and vett the one you believe can lead.

The only way to end this deception, if the courts will not act speedily,  is to independently take a stand to do it on your own.  Otherwise, to all naysayers at the obvious, prepare for a brokered convention.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Sha/la says:

    I read the article by the Texas Lawyer. He had heard the discussion on Cruz, Rubio may not be eligible to run for president. He also saw nobody was doing anything about finding out. Just grumbling. He states he’s probably not gonna vote for either of the men with a ? Looming over there eligibility but filed the case simply b/c it needed clearing up. ( I agree) now ‘you’d think’ we’re finally gonna get to the bottom of this, put it behind us and get on with the election. Right? Well, ‘you’d think’. No, No, No according to a article I read by Allen West there’s likely nothing will come of the suite because, drum roll….the Texas Lawyer has not ever been hurt by the action. WHAT? I didn’t think this was about where anyone had been injured. I thought this was simply is it legal for Cruz & others to legally run for president. And BTW I feel the whole U.S.A our foreign relations just to mention a few of the injured parties. …..
    And while I’m on my rant…. I also read where the impeachment case on Obama finally got its day. I think it was filed by American Law Association. Not sure I was so disgusted my ears started roaring. What happened? Absolutely NOTHING! That’s what. All this impeach, impeach, impeach was just a bunch of hot blow air. Crooked, crooked politicians. They could not find one, not ONE mind you to stand up and get things started. People what the devil we got Senators, Congressman, Governor for? Why are they making so much noise then act like whipped puppies when it comes there tern? I throw my hands up and leave the room. Would somebody tell me just (1) more time what is going on in this world. Never in my life seen such a bunch of can’t doers. O.k Senators, Congressmen talk real slow so I understand why every other article I read including Allen West says impeach, impeach yet nobody will stand and do it????……
    This reminds me of that show in the 1960’s of Barney Fife running behind Goobers car on the Andy Griffin Show SCREEMING, CITIZENS ARREST, CITIZENS ARREST, CITIZENS ARREST. …….
    Why don’t people just come out and tell the truth. Which is. They really don’t want the issue resolved. Somebody is having fun. Media playing this coy little silent game, law makers & citizens pretending outrage. Frankly I’ve heard enough. As my Granny would say, “either use the pot or get off it!”

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    1. Ann Woodward says:

      No one in the halls of congress is going to sneeze with out making certain that it will not offend anyone BECAUSE they are all in somebody’s pocket or under the threat of blackmail. Because of that no one trusts anyone. They must all have ulcers. At this point I believe that they all just biding their time, making the most $$$ deals that they can, laying low, and keeping their bags packed. The pecking order is so solidly in place, it is hard to imagine what will happen when Trump is president. It’s going to be tricky for Trump as well. They all know that he is a straight arrow so they can’t play the same games. Trump will have to start from the ground up. I have said this before, this is absolutely the BEST time to be alive, politically speaking, The whole country seems to be coming alive. It may sound “hokey” but I believe Trump is here at this time for a mission. I believe that he is the only one with the energy, experience, and expertise needed. He even has his kids trained to run his company in his absence. I don’t know if our country will come out of this, the cancer is evil and has metastisized, but it will be a “new” USA if it does. It is never going to be the “good ol’ days” again.And we are right in the middle of it all!!!


  2. Sha/la says:

    O.k I understand now! It boils down to this….
    The globalist elite (which Cruz & Rubio are not one) will stop at nothing, I mean nothing to get one of there own elected. By hook or crook! Don’t matter which party for there is only one. You know the rabbit hole of Cruz & Rubio goes very deep. More than has been said here. Do some searching. If you vote Cruz, Rubio, Bush you still get Hillary. They have gotten away with fraud too long to give it up now. Trump is not making empty statements. Every sentence he utters is planned. The media is just trying to make people think he’s a joke who knows nothing about the political arena. He putting out messages guiding the players along his path. He understands the rules. Just my thoughts….

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  3. the issue needs to be resolved are people who plan on voting for these particular candidates need to change their vote for the sake of America We need a president who is not embroiled in this deceit Trump is the only candidate who can and will bring us back our America which is slowly dying a slow death and we Americans are loosing our rights and voice we need to stand together and take back our America and make her a Great and powerful nation again who is respected world wide. If you love America Vote Donald J Trump for president 2016


  4. phil fan says:

    Be safe, don’t waste your vote as Sha/la says. A vote for Cruz, Rubio or any other can’t win GOP elitist candidate is a vote for a globalist like Clinton. Be safe vote for a Natural Born Citizen, a leader, a winner who loves our country. Mr Donald Trump from New York City

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  5. Ann Woodward says:

    I don’t know what happenend to my comment, but I forgot to make this comment about the brokered convention. If Trump gets 1,723 (or whatever the electoral vote requirement is) on the first ballot, there is nothing left to broker, I think, not real sure!


  6. Cruz, Rubio, and Obama are 100% ineligible. You could argue that ALL OF US have been injured, affected negatively by this because of the past 8 years of Obama. Has not Obamcare affected everyone’s wallet? Yes, it has. So EVERYONE in America has standing! Here is how this works according to Vattel’s Law of Nations and the US Constitution… a natural born citizen is one born within the United States, or at a place under the jurisdiction of the United States, to TWO citizen parents. Not one, but TWO. IF your citizenship is NOT as a natural born citizen then YOUR citizenship is found codified and defined through the Laws of Immigration and Naturalization and you are a NATURALIZED citizen. Cruz, Rubio, and Obama are all NATURALIZED, not NATURAL BORN CITIZENS and yes, there is a difference. All three are ineligible to hold POTUS or VP. Obama is acting as an illegal usurper committing the crime of FRAUD and should be arrested immediately and removed from office by force.


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