Cruz Debate Showdown…


Silly things Cruz wants everyone to forget about:

*Whether he was naturalized or natural born or a citizen at all.

*Campaign funds that were never reported. Goldman Sachs loans.

*His wife Heidi a member of the CFR and author of the manual to Merge America Into The North American Union.

*His insult about Trump’s New York Values…that he turned into an insult to all New Yorkers.

*Why he missed the important vote to audit the feds.

*Why he missed the TTP vote.

*How he flip flopped on immigration and legalization of illegal immigrants.

*Why he voted to fund Obamacare after he held his filibuster to defund it.

There are more….this is just a start…

Dianne Marshall


7 thoughts on “Cruz Debate Showdown…

  1. Sha/la says:

    Was it just me are did anyone else feel the moderators treated Donald Trump With more respect at tonight’s debate ? Maybe it was the announcement at the beginning that the candidates had decided whoever got the nomination the Republican Party would get behind and support. Then there was the Governor of SC. talking before hand with Trump. Seems she had misspoken and wanted to clear it up with Trump. The moderators, Trump & we the people all know what she said. & what she meant. Trump being a gentleman let her off the hook. However what was not appropriate tonight was appropriate earlier today. …..
    Just speculation here, but could it be that it is doubtful Cruz will be able to clear up his citizenship & they are now in agreement Trump will be a serious candidate for 2016 president?
    Amazing the moderators even felt Trump won the debate. Wow! A mega change from the last debate.
    Wooo whooo Magyn Kelly was pulled from being moderator. She just isn’t all that to me!
    Did anyone else get those vibes?

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  2. TRUMP is the winner hands down and all the way by a land slide. The only thing screwy is a caucus because people can be influenced and intimidated to vote in a way they might not otherwise vote. But, that will be the only cliff hanger. Smooth the rest of the way. Cruz is facing lawsuits in four states. We will see what happens with that.

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  3. Athena the Warrior says:

    Trump was the gentleman to Cruz by telling him to fix his eligibility issues. Instead of being gracious, he went ballistic and attacking Donald.

    Lying was bad enough but impugning Trump’s beloved Mother- cold anger just went up a notch.

    Now the media is gleefully punching back at Cruz posting articles about him taking New York money. Dumb move Cruz, bye-bye.

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  4. Intentional Healing says:

    Cruz did this to himself! He knew about his dual citizenship before he ran for the Senate in 2012, but he didn’t do anything about it until it was discovered in 2014. In considering his decision to run for the presidency, he must have known that he would have citizenship issues. Instead of clearing up the issues or deciding to stay in his Senate seat, he decided to expose himself to the scrutiny of campaigning for the presidency. I assume that he thought that he would not be found out or that he could bluster his way through like Obama did, by vilifying people as ‘birthers’ for asking the question of his eligibility. I don’t believe that this is going to bode too well for him and I am looking for his polls to drop as he heads for court to address the issue.
    Along with this issue, there is the Goldman Sacs campaign contribution and his failure to accurately report his campaign funds accurately. And, there are other issues as well, with his flip flopping on his positions on issues, and etc.
    His campaign looks like it will crumble like a cookie… any day now!

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