One More Silly Thing Cruz Wants You To Overlook…

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Cruz’ campaign spokeswoman (Catherine Frazier) denies any wrongdoing, claiming the failure to disclose was “inadvertent.” The problem is, Ted made a big deal over and over again about using 1.2 million dollars of their life savings to run for office. His famous story on how Heidi said absolutely in less than 60 seconds and agreed to invest their life savings  has been a talking point in many of Ted’s stump speeches.

He knew….he withheld. Every Cruz fan has heard the story of his life savings….yet few ever questioned it. Yet, now it is common knowledge that they never had liquid assets of 1.2 million, and loans from Goldman Sachs and Citi Bank gave them their liquid assets that were never properly reported.

Then in an interview in March 2015 with USA Today-

Ted Cruz has praised his wife for being willing to put all the couple’s savings — $1.2 million — into his 2012 Senate campaign. Heidi Cruz said in an interview in 2013 with The New York Times that she first made him agree to raise money to show that others supported him — and that their money would be put in only if he had a real shot.

“I’m not dumb,” she said. “I need to see that other people support you. … If at the last minute, if it’s the difference of win or lose, I’m all in.”

So they both knew where the liquid assets came from….why didn’t they report it?  Why did it take until now for them to stop their life savings story and say they’ll fix the reports?

Dianne Marshall


3 thoughts on “One More Silly Thing Cruz Wants You To Overlook…

  1. This may be a bit off topic here, but this video does involve his wife. The question was asked (back in 2012) if Cruz’s connection to the CFR, via his wife, would affect his campaign for the senate. I’d watch it from the beginning because it’s very interesting. The question comes about 3:20 into the video. Cruz babbles on for about 3 uninterrupted minutes and never really answers the question. All he talked about was how others keep “attacking” his wife.

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  2. s.c. says:

    The weird thing to me is, how did the loan get written off/paid off so quickly, in just a few months?

    The “Conservative Media” (Salem, Beck, Rush, Levin, etc). carries this guy’s water in the same way the “Mainstream/Liberal Media” back Obama and the progs at every turn. The latest trend, after months of Trump-bashing, now that the Donald is hitting Cruz, is, “Oh no, Republicans are attacking each other and doing the Dems work, making the party look bad”
    They had no problem with the attacks as long as Ted Cruz was being spared and Mr. Trump was taking the brunt!
    May they drown in their own vomit!

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