If It Doesn’t Quack, Walk or Look Like A Duck It’s Not A Duck.


As long as Cruz relies on the fifth amendment to skirt aroung the 14th amendment he leaves the people little choice but to believe he is guilty of being naturalized and not natural born by means of virtually not wanting to incriminate himself.

Why else will he not allow his consulate papers, if they exist, to be seen.  He’s shown his mother’s birth certificate but not his consulate papers, why?

If he shows those, perhaps it would incriminate him that he was naturalized and not natural born. If he cannot show the papers it shows that his mother did not fill out the proper paper work to even allow him naturalized citizenship therefore he is not even a US citizen.  He can’t point to his mother and say she is a citizen therefore so am I when he was born in Canada to a Cuban father who had a Canadian citizenship.

He should read the story of the “Ugly Duckling”.  The swan egg that was hatched with the ducks and thought he was a duck when all along he was a swan.  Nothing would ever make the swan a duck. He needs to go back to Canada where the other swans like him are gathering at the parliamentary pond.

Dianne Marshall




4 thoughts on “If It Doesn’t Quack, Walk or Look Like A Duck It’s Not A Duck.

  1. Frank O'Pinion says:

    Any duck that relies on any part of the 14th Amendment to secure their bid to the U.S.A. executive branch, needs their feathers plucked.

    In order to understand the requirements for the presidency, one only needs to know two facts.
    1. You can be a statute CITIZEN or a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN to qualify for an Article I voted job (legislative branch).
    2. A statute CITIZEN does not qualify for the executive branch, but a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN does.

    Constitution-authorized Congress ONLY has the power to make statute CITIZENS. They do not have authority to make a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

    A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is derived through the law of nature; a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is an individual born on U.S. soil to citizen parentS. Most citizens in the U.S.A. are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.

    The 14th Amendmend was not designed to be the go/no-go barometer for the U.S. presidency.

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  2. phil fan says:

    Yep agree there Frank, parentS. Language that is in our constitution I believe. The ducks always want to pretend they are swans it seems.

    Have you heard of the Kookoo bird? It lays it’s eggs in other birds nest so they can raise them up not the parents. Maybe the Kookoo birds hope their off spring will grow up to be swans or Presidents?

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