The Power of The People – Silent No More!


If anyone has a question about 911 they are labeled a truther. If anyone has a question about the birthright eligibility constitutional requirements for president they are labeled a birther. If anyone questions the government about any dishonesty they are labeled a conspiracy theorist. If anyone proves the establishment media commentators are wrong they are labeled idiots. If anyone questions Islamic terrorism they are Islamaphobe. If anyone questions anything related to minorities they are labeled racist. And the list goes on and on.

So much for free speech, and the right to think and question what is unclear or search for the truth when you know you are being lied to. I am on to the label games and they don’t work anymore. The labels given are meant to chastise and bully, they are in no way meant to be polite and are just as awful as using the “N” word. Yet, people have allowed the establishment to invent and use these names to shut them up and stop them from using their first amendment right of free speech. It is nothing more than a mind control tactic to shame those who value liberty and curiosity into silence.

Political correct police from all walks of life use labels as weapons to attack whoever has an opposing view. It’s nothing new, but it is way out of control. It reminds me of Pink Floyd’s movie “The Wall”. Our society is led by PC police that act like a Prussian school system principal ready to paddle away any independent thought.   They stand with the dreaded “label” paddle, ready to whack away at the publics self esteem to make them shut up, sit down, and do as they are told.

Well whack away with the label paddle all you want, the silent majority don’t give a dang anymore what you call them. They ‘re awake and very smart.   They see what the establishment has done, they’re mad as hell and want their country back! They aren’t going to take it anymore!

That is why the people have chosen Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States of America! He was the first candidate to ever come out and shout – “I am not politically correct!” He is the first to state, “The American dream is dead – but we are going to make it bigger and better than it has ever been before!” He is the first to address the real ugly issues no one wants to talk about, in a blunt bold manner. He is the first candidate to shout I love you and have thousands shout back I love you too! Now the crowd just shouts out they love him first! And now Donald shouts back I love you too!

Trump is standing up against the entire establishment firm, strong and hard and holding up the constitution with a mighty grip.   He has shown the people the power they have in numbers and given them a voice – a big loud voice with a big loud tone! We the people will be silent no more!

There is no rolling this back – it’s a new movement and it has been born! It’s called the power of the people- silent no more!

Dianne Marshall




4 thoughts on “The Power of The People – Silent No More!

  1. They must be American born, take the oath with their hand on the Holy Bible along with their spouse. Who in the world didn’t notice that obamas did not use the Holy Bible? And, michele standing behind him not honor the oath to the American flag? So from the very beginning, he was not the president. He never toke the oath of office required by America. He is just sitting in the WH with no authority whatsoever. There is your loophole if you are looking one.

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  2. Cooki Harmon says:

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!!!!! I’ve felt this way for 7 years, not being able to comprehend what is happening to the thinking of my country. No he did not take the oath of office on the Bible, he didn’t have any background checks into why all his records were sealed. We have become sheep, but now we have one hope and it’s real, one chance to make it right again and we better wake up and do the right thing for our children, our grandchildren and our Country…..VOTE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!

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  3. She/la says:

    I love this video! Don’t know what movie it’s from but it speaks perfectly to our current situation.
    So Many things have become “we don’t talk about that” issues. Unless the talking points are to escalate the created issues to blow all out of shape. If we’re escalating we can talk then. The situations have been added to, taken away from till now they mean things that were never intended to mean, simply b/c they are labeled “we don’t talk about that” with any reasonable truth.. Peoples imagination have gone wild, without any correction b/c, the only way we talk about that is if the talking points add on to a already wrong created situation. Truth shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. It should make everybody MAD that stuff that really needs addressing is covered up by getting a select group of loud followers ( not people that think for themselves. Not those that check facts themselves) just loud mouth followers. Things have been blown to huge situations meaning NOTHING of what was intended in most cases. Simply b/c the group that created Has blown it to kingdom come. The people are being used. That should make people MAD! Started with blacks over 80 yrs. ago. It wasn’t the general population of whites. It was a plan to stir up division. The real old timers like my grandpa knew this. Its so blown out now… BLM came from the whole racial issue in the 1960’s a created Issue. That worked so well it’s not just the blacks anymore. It’s Mexican, Muslim, women, hate groups all started, and agitated and blown out at the seams by ones who created them. Why do theses groups not open there eyes. I Would like to give a example a true example best of my knowledge by my grandpa. But last time I did I was accused of hate speech. And here I thought hate speech was saying I hate someone. Not trying to clear up misunderstandings. WOW was I wrong! Now we got women’s movements created. why were these women’s movement created? To get more tax money. Over 1/3 of the women’s population didn’t work. Create equal liberation, women go to work. More tax money. All a plan. Now we got people telling us how to correct our children. Creating a break down of the family. All this you can’t spank your child created. When things are not being aggatated by Media News paied aggatators come into protesting crowds of people. This whole National unrest was created.

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  4. What/la says:

    Everyone has an agenda. What makes me angry is why don’t these groups find out who is behind the stir-up. What is there agenda. My guess it want be to get women liberated, to burn there bra’s, to get equal pay for equal job done. Naw! It’s probably … Mothers working, schools take more of Mothers part rasing their children, brainwashing kids early. Then there’s the taxes being paid in. Find out the real reason. We women allowed ourselves to be used. I’m all for equality but then I do like to be treated like a lady also. Wow guess what my husband has same ideas. Be creative excel to your potential. Maybe we didn’t need women’s lib. After all. I did some research. Some of these black movements were started by a white person. Sounds like someone paid another to create their agenda? How much longer are we the sheep just following the wrong Shepard?
    Just saying…,,

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