German mayor blames victims for sex attacks by 1,000 Muslims …

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German mayor blames victims for sex attacks by 1,ooo Muslims!  A dozen Muslims brutally gang raped a 29 year old mother of two and it is supposedly her fault?  What have we come to? Barbarism condoned by a blind and now obviously barbaric western world!

Islamist refugees are raping their way across Europe and innocent women are not safe to go out. It doesn’t matter how they are dressed, nor whether it is the light of day or evening, these barbaric ravenous heathen are raping and brutally beating as well as murdering young, innocent women and girls.

This barbaric act is as ancient as the Islamist radicals hatred toward all who follow God’s laws. The Bible tells us about rape as an evil act.

In Gen. 34; 46:15, we learn of the story of Dinah, her rape and how Judah took the matter into his own hands to avenge his sister.   Dinah, the daughter of Jacob,  was still a young girl when Jacob’s family returned to Canaan  (likely thirteen or fourteen years old). When the family stopped for a time near the city of Shechem, Dinah decided to visit the city to meet the people.

Tragically, as she approached the city a young man saw her and raped her. As we hear more of the rapes of innocent women in European countries by Islamist refugees, what we are not hearing is that their barbaric ways are ancient and rape is not new at all.  God’s Law specifically teaches that women like Dinah are to be held guiltless if they are attacked. Deuteronomy 22 states that if a young woman is forced in the countryside, “you shall do nothing to the young woman,” for even if she cried out “there was no one to save her” (Deut. 22:25, 27).  Whereas in contrast to God’s law,  fundamentalist Islamic law, states (according to interpretations by  the “imams”)  a woman is judged guilty of “provoking” the rape unless she can present 4 male witnesses in her defense who saw what happened.  This rule is an evil act in and of itself and blasphemous against God.

In the case of Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, it was Judah that avenged her.  For the rapist decided he wanted his victim as his wife and went to Jacob to ask permission to marry since he had taken her as a harlot in his act of rape.  Judah had a plan to avenge and told them they must be circumcised and when the men had agreed to do so believing that all the wealth of Jacob would be theirs by marriage Judah avenged his sister Dinah by killing all the men of Shechem when they were weak recovering from their circumcision.

Genesis 34:31   And they said, Should he deal with our sister as with an harlot?

The answer was and still is NO.

Thousands of women are being raped daily in all the European nations that have taken in Islamist refugees.  I say a major circumcision is in order. One that does not stop at the foreskin.  But, that is my opinion on the matter.

For the sake of his sister,  Judah wiped out all the men of one city whose customs were an abomination. The sons of Esau chose the wrong girl that time.  The  point is this.  Even one is too many to harm.  Let alone the thousands that are being raped and brutally beaten across Europe.  This is also happening here in America.  Sadly, rape has to hit an epic number in order for anyone to stand up as  Judah and say – not on my watch.

Those who rape and kill are not ever to be tolerated nor ignored, and never to be cast off as a clash of customs and values.  It is an evil act.

Angela Merkel and all those of the United Nations who are ignoring the evil that is being done to innocent people are guilty of condoning the very same evil act.   Evil is evil and not to be accepted as normal by any of God’s people, nor any civilized society.

Dianne Marshall







  1. What/la says:

    Even one female treated in this manner should be deported never to enter the U.S again. They should be held w/o bail till handed over to deport agents. ..
    We do not in America let our males living here do such a thing. They can not be allowed to either.
    What were they thinking bringing them here? Are they after a male nation only? If so without repopulation there gonna die out. Any woman living under such as they lay out if she doesn’t get killed by them would surely kill her self.

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  2. Women are supporting Donald Trump +10% in a large field of candidates for GOP nomination. Who will keep women safe in America? Hillary? Right. Who will close the border, build the wall, expel criminals? Our phony leaders may be stupid but women are not. They know who will rally the nation to provide safety and security and who will not. Only Trump in plain common sense words pledges to do so. Voters are furious at failed “leaders” who talk and do nothing to protect Americans. Obama heads the list and the horror show in Germany, Sweden, etc is Merkels and other so called leaders fault over there. Obama and Clinton destroying Libya unleashed the flood of “refugees” / “rapefugees” there and being imported by Obama right here.

    So called leaders have failed to lead, serve and protect. They open the gates to destroyers which a compliant media ignore or worse, support. Women here do not want to wind up victims like German and other European women. They along with a majority of men know who the real leader is. We the People know too and will bring this man to the White House in a landslide.

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      1. Trump was the first one to speak up about rapist and the others have either kept silent or condemned him for speaking up. They have boldly stated that Trump’s remarks are exaggerated and acted as though a few murders and a few rapes are okay which hold them lawless in my book. Especially when they deny that the real numbers are huge. One is to many. Another annoying factor is when they use the argument that citizens commit rape too. All of it is evil. We need to clean up our crime here too. Starting with those like Bill Clinton who think it is (whatever is is) is okay.

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  3. jim says:

    “What have we come too?” We haven’t come too this. Obama came to this. Sad but there are a lot of liberals who believe America, in the name of political correctness, should still allow these barbaric lunatics into our country.

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  4. Sha/la says:

    I keep losing my post and losing it…Here I go again….
    If we read Dianne’s other post it could be Hillary is somewhat in the dark. I do not believe “UNLESS TRUMP” a man following God does not follow exactly as God says, we will even have a election. Hillary is not the issue. Obama and Sadia Arabia Eroguen are the one that’s gonna try to sit upon the mount in Jerusalem. Probably Eroguen will try to eliminate Obama. I know very little & just speculating. BUT…
    There are some who do know….. They are…..
    All presidential Canadates, ALL Senate, ALL Congress, ALL Superme Court Judges. If they know what Obama is doing and hasn’t spoke? Well there afraid. …. Think…… Nixion , Clinton both went down easy with less on him that Obama. Our Senate, Congress, Supreme Court Judges. if not really, really afraid would impeach. They didn’t get this far being wimps. Dianne was giving us a hint… Could it be brain washed? Could it be brib? Could it be something very Valuble being threaten? Think! Why would the Senate, Congress, Supreme Court Judges let a president destroy and hijack a nation without throwing him out on his ears???
    Our lives, children’s lives, grandchildren Lives, great grand children’s lives are at stake. If the Lord is not fixing to Split The Eastern Sky’s its up to us to fight the good fight!! Come on people did you watch the video Dianne posted? Open your windows and screen ,
    ARE. YOU SCREEMING. OUT. THE. WINDOW. YEY??? Tell everyone!!! We gotta help TRUMP!!

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  5. Sha/la says:

    Dianne, is there a way I can get a story to you un Seen by the public till it can get checked out? It might be a story that needs told? Might break open some lies, or may be stories daddy and grandpaw told us girls that were 1/2 truth. I can say my part is truth. The others part even though they were my daddy and pa paw they might have been just telling couple kids a tale b/c in the South little girls were protected by fathers and grand parents. … Especially if the story would scare them. I tried to share not long ago in hopes of opening Up if it was true. I was told I was spewing hate speech and 1/2 truths. Since then I have wondered if my story is truth and if it is hate speech. Was the story Daddy and pa paw told me & friend true or just a nice way to tell two little girls a story they both got caught in, spinning it in a nice way. I don’t know how to begin to research to find out. ..
    It might fall in with racial unrest being staged 80 or more yrs. ago. Are it might be all a hoax made up by daddy and pa paw. Or it might have been the welfare system 80 yrs. ago till last my friend saw it happen was 57 yrs. ago. Let me know….


  6. Sheila says:

    This is the elites NEW WORLD ORDER! The plan of the Builderbergs, The club of Roam, United Nations freaks and the Illuminati. Rockefeller, Soros, Rothchilds and others such as Bill Gates. These people believe in total control of all things. They claim the world is way over populated and want mass depopulation programs to be put to good use. If you don’t understand you need to do a lot of research and as Hillary and the rest would say, “Never let a good tragedy go to wast”. They are breaking down every country and will watch as it collapses into chaos.


  7. Obama never took the American oath when he was suppose to take office. Therefore, he legally is NOT president. He did not take the oath while his hand was on the Holy Bible which this country stands, he did not swear on the Constitution on which our country stands or the American for which we stands. Legally, he has never been president of USA. So therefore, this Marshall law doesn’t apply to him. He should be arrested for impersonating a public servant on the grounds he has never been president. So America should a warrant for his arrest & walk him out of the WH naked, stripped of their clothes or anything that refers to America. He knows that can happen. This is the same for all he appointed to an office, then we can start building America again. There is no need for an impeachment since he was never a president anyway. We Americans were so caught up in their own selfish things & didn’t do diligence that we gave him America. Now it’s time to undo what we have done. Just go put him & his family out now to show what Americans are about. Strip them down & make them walk out of the WH in front of everyone to see. To take back the power America has.


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