Iowa Corn and Cruz Oil…

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Cruz has a history of supporting the oil industry. He grew up with his parents involvement in oil and gas exploration. Ted proudly speaks of his father’s oil back ground and oil and gas exploration company in his recent book, “A Time for Truth Reigniting the Promise of America”. Sen. Cruz writes that both his mother and his father met through working at the same company before moving to Canada together.

“After meeting each other at Geocom in New Orleans, my parents had moved to Canada to continue working in the oil and gas industry. They formed their own seismic data processing company to help oil companies search for new reserves. They were both mathematicians and computer programmers, and together they wrote the proprietary software for their business. The name of the company was R.B. Cruz and Associates.” (p. 30)

I found that Geocom, was a company formed by Geophysics and Computer Services in 1966 which explains his parents natural abilities to write software programs for seismic data processing at a time when no one had computers to tinker with.

Ted has a lifetime history of being loyal to big oil. So it is no wonder in the senate he is pushing to phase out ethanol production as an alternative energy source that will oust Iowa Corn Growers Association out of the fuel alternative race and create huge job losses in Iowa.

After being unsuccessful to convince Iowa voters that the phasing out of ethanol won’t immediately affect them, and promised a bill to extend the phase out to 2022 while smiling for their evangelical vote….the people put their livelihoods before their Christian candidate and began talking that maybe he’s not their guy. This caused Ted to abruptly change his rhetoric and now, all of a sudden, Cruz supports the wonderful bio fuel called ethanol. In my book, Iowa folk are pretty smart and they know all about political promises in exchange for votes that will be long forgotten when the time comes to deliver.

The bottom line is Ted is for big oil and his donors are for big oil and the B-1 Visa’s to create cheaper STEM jobs for engineers to work in software to frack, and conduct seismic oil and gas exploration. It is what it is. It appears that to the  big oil supporters corn is something for eating, popping, cooking oil and corn syrup.

Dianne Marshall


6 thoughts on “Iowa Corn and Cruz Oil…

  1. Frank O'Pinion says:

    Let’s finish this fraud’s presidential aspirations by dropping his campaign in hot corn oil. Eat more popcorn.

    Cruz’s nativity is covered under immigratin laws.

    A statute U.S. Citizen (Cruz) can never be a natural born U.S. citizen.


  2. Richard says:

    The Truth is Cruze and his Wife are Globalist 100%
    They do not want an AMERICA. They want The North Atlantic Union. Canada, Mexico and America to be one Union. Our Past President’s Sold us out. This is real.
    So what ever it takes to stop Cruze well then Do It!


  3. Ryan says:

    What a nonsense article. So, Cruz is pro-oil and anti-ethanol/Iowa because he’s against ethanol subsidies? Tell me, when has he been for oil subsidies? Anti-ethanol subsidies does not equate to pro-oil industry. It simply means pro market competition.


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