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What ever happened to vetting a candidate to meet the constitutional requirements for running for the highest office in the land?

What is behind this requirement that used to be as American as George Washington himself?  Why now are we skewing and unable to identify what the founding fathers meant about the requirements to run for president when in the case of John McCain, everyone knew clearly and exactly what those requirements were? (see first video below). Could it be one more step to dismantle the constitution and open one more door to a north American union and lead the way to the establishment elite’s sustainable development agenda for the 21st century United Nations goals to achieve a one world government?

All I am telling you is that if we allow this part of the constitution to slide into new world order oblivion…..look for the rest of the constitution to follow along.

This is not an issue about a candidate.  This is clearly and exactly an issue of following the law of the United States Constitution and an issue to insure that America remains a nation guided by its’ constitution to insure the rights of a free people!

The constitution and bill of rights were established and written by the founders of our nation to prevent the crazy interpretations we are now witnessing the establishment invent, distort and declare, in their effort to usurp its’ respected authority for their own deceitful gain.

Dianne Marshall




    1. Katherine,
      I totally agree with you. What’s more, in his PFD (personal financial disclosure) for candidacy, it lists Mr. Trump’s charitable contributions at over $100,000,000. Compare that to the $242.00 from uncle joe biden!
      BTW, “Crippled America” is yet the latest in a continuous series AWESOME books by Mr. Trump (from which I gleaned his PFD).

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  1. What/la says:

    I did a search for Stephen Pidgeon YouTube. There are several. So after listening to this video and a couple of them from my search it seems the issue isn’t will Trump win. The issue appears to be, will there even be a 2016 election. According to Mr. Pidgeon our Senate and Congress plus S. Court Judges already know what he is revealing. He states on one of the videos they have been bribed, blackmailed or both. One of the YouTube I found he is speaking before a group urging impeachment and telling them what needs done to accomplish it. Maybe the time has passed. If in fact Senate & Congress along with the Judges know this & there not trying to do something? I don’t know how old the videos are? There is a posting date don’t know if that is the recording date? Mr. Pidgeon is probably in danger. Maybe you are also Dianne?

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    1. Frank O'Pinion says:

      I am in danger, too.

      The following from an excellent poster on a hated-by-afterbirthers website summarizes a grand conspiracy of our Federal government. This is no theory.

      To wit:
      The reason the meaning of natural born citizen has been tortured into meaning virtually anyone is because this discussion is taking place after the commission of a crime, “too big to prosecute”, by a lot of rich, powerful, and influential people.

      Once Congress allowed and assisted the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Hussein Obama to usurp the presidency there was no one complicit in Obama’s successful takeover of America’s highest office, and her military, who was not going to fight, with everything in them to insure Barry remains officially a legitimate president. Anything else subjects the complicit to charges of treason, many at the highest possible level, for literally giving America’s government and her military to the enemy. No amount of history, common sense or anything else will ever get an admission from the media, Congress or the others involved that they were complicit in, as a minimum, misprision of felony/treason for their part in the biggest hoax in history.

      Obama must be protected from the truth about him being fully revealed and acted on. When the regime owns the courts, Congress, and the media, that job becomes doable, no matter how compelling or plentiful evidence to the contrary may be. 

      Supporting and defending as many ineligible presidential candidates (such as Jindal, Rubio, and Cruz) as possible is a way of protecting Obama’s false eligibility, as ineligible candidates are molded into natural born citizens by those who want the Obama fraud to just fade away, and their paid assistants. Every ineligible candidate accepted as, “eligible”, no matter what it takes for that to happen, helps them reach their goal.

      Those complicit believe their personal freedom could depend on continuing the charade of legitimacy they have surrounded Obama with, both by their actions and inaction.

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    2. What/la,
      MANY of us are in danger. What finally set off the alarm bells with me : LAST NIGHT on “on the record with greta” she had a “former”(?) jihadi on, regarding the shooting of that Philadelphia cop. In the “conversation” greta asked “Was he (the jihadi) “seeing or hearing things” (totally leading question), to which jihadi boy replied “YES.YES he had been reported “seeing things” And in the next sentence, lumped jihadis, mental patients and SOVEREIGN CITIZENS together in an “anti-U.S. government” description!!! THE NARRATIVE IS SHIFTING FOLKS !! They are more and more quickly turning up the temperature of the “frog water”! The narrative will quickly “progress” from jihadis to mental patients, to SOVEREIGN CITIZENS (the Bundys), to Oath Keepers, to TEA Partiers. If you haven’t started yet, invest in METALS (namely LEAD), primers, and powder. They can’t possibly let this continue to 2016. Their move will be soon. Maybe Philadelphia? If not, then Baltimore.

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    1. Thank you. I saw that earlier and it answered a few questions – like his mother was born in Delaware. But, it raised a few questions too. Specifically the fact that the article states the year Canadian rule and Cruz’s mother wasn’t living there long enough before Cruz was born to be a Canadian citizen, and it states that Teds mother and father went to Canada together in 1967. In the follow up article from that same page it states, “Cruz’s father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, has confirmed taking Canadian citizenship.” As I have heard him say in videos that he became a Canadian citizen. The question is, what year did they really go to Canada?. If Rafael was there long enough to be a citizen, then she was too? The other unusual thing they mentioned and from Ted’s own book was this:

      “After meeting each other at Geocom in New Orleans, my parents had moved to Canada to continue working in the oil and gas industry. They formed their own seismic data processing company to help oil companies search for new reserves. They were both mathematicians and computer programmers, and together they wrote the proprietary software for their business. The name of the company was R.B. Cruz and Associates.” (p. 30) Ted’s mom and dad both were involved in the oil industry. Now this was in the mid 60’s. During this time computers were not available on the market to the public. Government and innovative corporations funded by research were the major users of this developing technology. It was not the type of thing, someone just decided to do on their own because they were good at math. The point I am making is that Ted’s parents worked for some high level people at Geocom in New Orleans. To be skilled in computer programming, and were innovators to have built their own software programs to detect seismic activity or as Ted wrote “proprietary software” for their business. See link: To me, this raises a huge question. Who did they really work for and who funded their operations. Just curious. I’m not saying anything was illegal…not saying this is a conspiracy. This is definitely a very unusual position for a Cuban who came to America under a political refugee /student visa, and then receiving a green card to work before going to Canada. (as Rafael has said). I pulled a list of the history of computers as well. Ted’s parents had worked for some high level operation before or during starting their own business. Interesting. Just wondering what these connections led to and if they are still connected?

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    2. G. Easley says:

      Dianne – it had to be a specialized programming language that they used and they would have needed access to a mainframe computer from the likes of IBM’s 360 series available in the mid 60’s. I used to be a computer operator from 1968-thru the mid 70’s and the general languages used were Assembler, Autocoder, RPG, FORTRAN and COBOL neither of which were very suitable for seismic study. The APL language is a good possibility. So it is possible that the Cruz’s did create programs to do that kind of work – but they would not have had the money to buy a mainframe and the air conditioning systems to keep it cool. They had to be working for a sizable entity with millions to invest in a computing data center or they had to pay to access one. As you indicate Cruz’s story is murky at best and I for one do not believe he ever obtained US citizenship. He’s on record publicly stating he was NOT Natural Born as well. I think he is trying to use the precedent of Obama’s usurpation to claim that his situation is “settled law”. How can it be settled law when no one has been allowed to challenge Obama’s nativity or any Federal or State law. And exactly what law is he referring to?

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      1. I agree. They had to have corporate or government projects backing them. Other wise they would be declaring their breakthrough in seismic software for oil and gas exploration. When a company pays you to develop, it’s your job and the company gets the credit. I know it was his business but independent contractors are contracted to do jobs. I would just out of curiosity like to hear the details to all this. I read an article where a person from the revolution Rafael fought in had an entirely different story. The person interviewed was supposed to have been killed according to Raphael. He is alive and they interviewed him from Florida. The stories were very different. Rafael was a protester not a militant. The story is floating out there on the internet.


  2. I agree with you. The discussion that will made is to legalize immangrants & providing jobs for them. This may America over the edge & they will take things in their own hands. I am afraid they arm themselves, go to Washington after obama & loretta lynch. With the gun law, it can be changed. But legalizing immigrants & taking their jobs, he is talking about their livilyhood for their families. We have to pray.

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  3. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.


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