Cruz and Rubio Side With BLM Over Land Grab In Oregon.

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Any Senator or Congress person, and any candidate who is saying that the Oregon defenders of the constitution are being lawless need to do a bit of homework and look at why they are standing up and what they are really fighting. They are tired of the land grab of the BLM, tired of the bully tactics, the harsh and cruel punishment for those defending their land and land rights to water and grasslands.

Both Cruz and Rubio spoke out for the ranchers to obey the BLM and follow the law.  The law that has usurped the law?  The truth is the lawlessness is coming from the BLM and Obama’s move to move along the sustainable development programs.  You see,  the Government takeover of national reserves, parks and property is all part of the Wildlands  Project of sustainable development for a 21st century new world order of the United Nations, of which past and present presidents have little by little handed the United States over to without their permission.

Lou Dobbs said it well when he shamed the media for not reporting the true facts on the events taking place in Oregon. They would rather debate on whether Obama’s tears were real or from an onion as he tries to take our guns away.  Well, where are his tears for the children that were at the refuge that he ordered the FBI to go in and blast away?  Where are the tears for those children Obama? While the debate of tears continues, a real trail of tears is taking place in Oregon.  People getting pushed off their land just like the Cherokee were pushed when the government decided they wanted it.

Call Obama’s gun grab for what it is, a distraction perfectly timed with the events taking place in Oregon, to distract from the truth  and place a false public narrative against those in Oregon so when he gives the final order for the FBI and military false flag shoot out, he can cry a few more fake tears to tell you this is what he warned about.  Crazy people who possess fire arms.  He will also use this as an opportunity to announce all patriots and Christians as terrorists against the regime.  Then he will push another illegal gun grab to please the  United Nations Agenda for a 21st century.

The fact is, this is all a direct attack on Americans and the entire bill of rights.  To oppose the constitution is a treasonous act against the oath Obama and those in office swore to uphold. Most have no clue of what is really happening in Oregon.

Those tucked away in the cities have no idea what it is like for a rancher to have an official document called a permit for water rights and grass grazing for their cattle only to have it stripped null and void by the Bureau of Land Management.  Although it is an act of government over reach and illegal, it was done.  They have no idea what it’s like to see a brush fire coming their way and have to start a back fire to stop it from burning down their ranch.  City people just dial 911 and ask for a fire truck.  On top of all of that, they have no idea what it’s like to be called a terrorist and put in prison for protecting your rights and property.

Most Americans do not know about the many times these same ranchers had to put out BLM out of control fires to save their ranch and cattle.  Funny the BLM were never charged with terrorism or sentenced to prison when they were responsible for wild fires getting out of control?

City dwellers don’t understand that for land to be healthy and grow fresh foliage it must be burned off periodically.  The news fails to report this fact. They report only “arson”.  They also fail to report that the nature reserves managed by the BLM is not taken care of properly and most of the wildlife have gravitated toward rancher property where the land has been burned off and cultivates fresh foliage and a more natural habitat. So much for BLM doing their part in preserving national wild life preserves.

So, when the push comes to shove for city folks and the BLM turns their eyes toward suburban areas and decide it’s now your turn to go into the controlled housing area….remember the day you turned your backs on the ranchers who stood up for your rights! The BLM already own your back yard mud puddle.  Or did you not know that?

Those who condemn those in Oregon will duly  deserve to have their final  taste of bondage when it comes.

Run far away from any candidate that tells you government overreach is permissible and you must obey unconstitutional laws even though they usurp your constitutional rights.  That is what Cruz and Rubio, among others,  have so boldly stated.  What happened to the guys that were going to fight for you, the ones committed to standing by the constitution?  One has these rights to prevent government over reach.  Never listen to someone who tells you to surrender your rights and then at a later time try and win them back.  That is exactly what Cruz and Rubio have told you to do.

Stand up now or forever stand down.

UPDATED JANUARY 7,2016:  Links regarding comments from Cruz and Rubio – please view:

Well, it’s easy for Cruz and Rubio to say stand down and follow the law. Especially when the law has been usurped and ranchers are sentenced to five years in prison, labeled terrorists which will deny them their right to carry a fire arm in the west, and their land is being confiscated by BLM land grabbers, along with their permits for water and grazing rights being shredded.  They either have no clue what is going on in Oregon or they are on the side of the laws they helped to create, knew were created unfairly and did nothing about while in congress because they were too busy in their junior seats figuring out how to run for president.

Meanwhile a Trump campaign official Jerry DeLemus, the husband of New Hampshire state Rep. Susan DeLemus has arrived in Oregon to get the real facts and stop the psyop reporting.

“I have no doubts a President Trump would seek a rational resolution to the situation, while carefully finding and dealing with the root cause,” Dan Tamburello, a Veterans for Trump co-chair and also a New Hampshire state representative. “Donald Trump is the world’s greatest negotiator; he would be fully capable of bringing things to a just conclusion considering all parties and the law.”

DeLemus arrived with a videographer Wednesday night in Oregon, where he plans to meet with militants and help them sort out rumors circulating about various participants.

Read more here:

Dianne Marshall

83 thoughts on “Cruz and Rubio Side With BLM Over Land Grab In Oregon.

    1. Uh, no. Cruz and Rubio are advocating non-violent resistance like Ghandi and MLK, not an armed takeover. A far better way to get the BLM’s and the Mainstream Media’s attention would be to “occupy” the BLM offices in Washington DC. That would force both the BLM to focus on the issues, and not the so-called “terrorism” of the Bundy armed takeover of an abandoned outpost in Oregon.

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      1. And applaud the boys for allowing all the black lives matter and other ilk and not saying a word on those issues. For not saying Ferguson and Baltimore was an outrage and not doing something in the senate to stop those who advocate these groups. Tell them all to stand down at the next racial uproar at the next LaRaza protest. Tell the illegal immigrants protesting sitting in the streets to go home and stand down. Tell the illegal immigrants coming across the borders to go home and obey the law! Let them start there first. Tell the citizens standing up for the ranchers to stand down, even though none of them have been sentenced as a terrorist and sentenced to jail, nor fined 200,000 dollars and added another 200,000 fine on top of that. Even though the ranchers are bullied by the BLM and not allowed to access water and grass that they have permits to do. Just because their fellow ranchers will lose their family ranch, because the law is corrupt? Stand down and let them throw them out all the while the ranchers know they will be next. Tell them all to go home and wait their turn to have the BLM come after them next? I don’t think so. It’s time to stop the BLM takeover. Hopefully someone with sense will. It is about law and order. And about stopping government over reach and abuse. That land does not belong to the Government it belongs to the people of the state of Oregon.

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      2. Even there representative does NOT endorse the standoff. He needs to be more of a fighter. I believe if Cruz were in office he would stand with him to uphold the Constitution. The agencies need to be gutted. Cruz and Paul BOTH have that as their main mission. These agents are arrogant, KGB’s. In my own town they are holding classes by the police department to train neighbors to be snitches. it’s getting seriously wrong. Trump is NOT knowledgeable of the Constitution. Cruz is a champion. Even THIS representative says they’ve gone too far. He is speaking against the agencies and the administration. Get Trump in and you will regret it. Get Cruz or Paul in and you will win by the Constitution. He WILL act. Why do you think they don’t like him in the establishment?


    2. Andrew Michaels says:

      I see nothing by Cruz OR Rubio. So, all we have is one person making a statement that has no evidence to prove it. Gee…….sounds like liberal media reporting to me.


      1. I updated it and sited my sources. All my work is done with sources on another platform before I ever post it. Just for reasons like this. Sometimes I site them and sometimes if it is news everyone is supposedly following, I don’t. I updated.

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    3. Cruz might very well fight this in court for them. He is about the law and constitution. Not lawlessness no matter if it from the government or from the people. He’s won a lot of cases for people taking them all the way to the supreme court. They should have gone to him before they went this route.


    4. guy says:

      He Once said that bundy and friends handled it incorrectly and there wasn’t anything in the constitution to support them taking over a gov facility. Not supporting the bundy clan doesn’t mean he supports the BML. His views are not fully disclosed.


  1. The senators are putting case law above the constitutional law. In a conflict, the superior law should be chosen, that being the constitution. They took and oath to uphold the constitution, not case law.

    Neither senator has stated what they would do about unconstitutional laws.

    Both senators would pick up a lot more votes if they stood for the constitution and spoke publicly about the federal government’s overstepping the constitution.

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    1. Ron I agree. They blew it for that one big reason!! They are in the senate and went through the BLM over reach with the Bundys. Nothing was ever changed. They both had a chance to push for changes with the BLM over reach and they did NOTHING. They should be asked why?

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  2. Seems like Cruz is right in step with Rubio on following the party line The government is our master and you must obey your master! And people really think Cruz is the answer to the problem of out of control government! I never liked the man and the more he speaks the more he shows me I’m right not to trust him! Another Republican fraud masquerading as a champion of liberty!

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  3. Partisan, dishonest, GOP propaganda. You claim nobody is reporting the truth as you parrot every lie, deception, and falsehood about this current issue. Good for you, support the GOP and it’s policies that have done nothing but destroy this country, create a bunch of elected officials who spend 99% of their time in office begging for money to fight welfare to the poor just to hand 10x the amount to billionaires and corporations…Supporting hypocrite, white welfare queens who got rich off the Federal teet and are now mad that they cant suck the tax payer dry, clear cut or forests and drill for oil. Have you ever seen a mountaintop cut clear by these greedy jokers? Have you ever seen the aftermath of big oil after they suck the ground dry and pollute the drinking water? The love the federal govt. when it comes to grazing fees 95% below commercial costs, or the free business loans and cattle/farm subsidies? Did you do ANY research before you make some stupid, hypocritical claim that nobody’s writing about the truth as you lie in every sentence? Dianne Marshall, you have ZERO ethics and integrity…


    1. Mark, please site all your sources or I will have no other choice but to count you as either having not read the article, or just being a troll. There was nothing in the article about supporting GOP. Personally, I don’t like the GOP. I have no idea what your rhetoric was about. It had nothing to do with the article. Or were you referring to another poster?

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    2. Do you even understand why the Establishment you so vehement oppose doesn’t LIKE Cruz, and Looooovvveee the Trumpet? He will surely make them deals. What he wants, he will get or he will get you. Haven’t we just seen that these past years? Do NOT let your passion blind you it could cause us all harm.


    * W may not be perfect but he was a patriot!
    * I TrusTed! A 100% NATURAL BORN PATRIOT!
    * I’m going to save this post and share it to all my Trumpets!
    * Imagine if 100 of my friends shared ti 50 times each!
    * That’s how this here Facebook thingy works best!
    * BTW, Trump is bringing up a lot I agree with.
    * I just have trouble supporting his flip flops!
    * If he wins the nomination, I will vote GOPee!

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    1. Remember that video was in 2007. A lot has happened since then to change the way we look at all the players. Like the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Obama care, the list goes on. Sure, everything has changed and so have opinions.

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    2. Aaron says:

      Yes yes, John.
      Ted Cruz is a “100% natural born patriot” that is, of course, if you don’t count the nearly 26 years he’s been willfully and knowingly living as a Canadian/U.S. dual citizen. But yea he’s totally “Patriotic”. (That was Sarcasm)
      Troll elsewhere, Troll.


    1. sallytaylor says:

      You should not use THIS BIASED article to make a final decision… PLEASE be smart enough to know, that these articles are planted to stir up controversy… And what is being said of Cruz & Rubio is not the truth… Before ANY DECISION is made, listen to what all sides are saying….NOT what someone else is SAYING THEY ARE SAYING 😊


  5. João Miguel says:

    Obama é uma aberração
    Um bando de criminosos
    Eles Roubam tudo riquezas dos outros países e mata seú pôvo
    Não entreguem as Armas
    Boa Sorte Corage.
    Sou Português


  6. Cruz and Rubio both are not supporters of America and the citizens, Cruz and his wife supports and are involved in the North American Union which is part of the NWO plan, neither one should even be allowed to run for the highest office in the land.

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  7. What/la says:

    I must of read on freedom outpost the same article as Steven Resnick. Don’t know if they are about truth or not? Article says company associated with Hillary was getting uranium from land around ranches selling to Russia. Sound far-fetched? There are so many fires going on around the globe you have to wonder if some are not distractions to keep news focused away from certain events. I found my mind thinking the other day this & that fire is burning low in the News. Time for a false flag. Silly mind. A true way to keep me thinking it might be true is to keep FOX, CNN. CBS silent on a subject. Have I fallen in there trap again? Is silent media a trap?

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  8. As far as the OR standoff is concerned,,,
    The BLM and Obama’s cronies had moles and saboteurs withing the ranks to help escalate and exacerbate the situation..
    Its all just one more step in Obama’s plan to install Martial law and Agenda 21 in the United States.

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  9. Tucci78 says:

    This is a tremendous opportunity for Cruz to show that he’s not “big hat, no cattle.”

    Ranchers who are already surviving only by “go along to get along” with the federal Bureau of Land Management won’t come out publicly to put the issue before the public, as the bureaucrats’ capacity for malevolent retaliation has been well-demonstrated over the decades. Look at how the Hammonds have submitted to what is unarguably unconstitutional punishment. These people are simply desperate to keep their land and their livelihoods in the face of what is nothing less than a federal Mafia employing the tactics of the Cosa Nostra under the masquerade of lawful legitimacy.

    What Cruz needs to do is get face-to-face PRIVATELY with cattlemen in Texas and across the rest of the American west, shield these witnesses from Executive Branch blow-back, and put this insight into his public position on this matter.

    I expect that he won’t do this. Rubio? Not a hope in hell.

    But Trump’s got the opportunity to really take scalps here. All he needs to do is get people on the ground in Harney County, find out WHY #OccupyMalheur has taken place, and promise the Harneys not only instant presidential clemancy once Obozo is scoured out of the White House a year from now but also massive reform coming down like an avalanche on the BLM, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Park Service and all the rest of those tax-feeding predators pretending to “protect and serve” the American people.

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    1. Sadly the Feds won’t wait until Trump is in office. They will hype the Patriots as terrorists until they are satisfied. Best that can happen is Trump dresses as George Washington and goes to Oregon and shows support for photo ops !!!


      1. Tucci78 says:

        Before The Donald puts himself on the ground in Harney Conty, Oregon, he’d better get the absolute best possible knowledge of the situation as it is, without regard for legacy media gibbering and squealing. Those root-weevils aren’t known as the “Democrat Party Audiovisual Club” for nothing.

        Then, if his people find the situation and circumstances as my best estimates are currently leading me to conclude, you’re right. George Washington get-up or not, Mr. Trump would work wonders now for the people involved and for his presidential prospects to get himself stuck into the matters focusing national attention on Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District.

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      2. Thank you for your prompt and sensible reply! IF Trump was to take up THIS cause with THIS information he would take Every vote legal and illegal. But he would have a BIG target painted on him . I originally checked the USGS website because of the Feds determination on taking that land. I used it before in the 90s when a power company wanted to buy our land in Texas. They were minning Lignite. I felt simething was up in Oregon and couldn’t put my finger on it. Then the flashbulb went off. It was ONLY after I read the USGS reports that I found three websites. They all concured with official records. I have relayed all my info to every MAJOR media source but everyone refuses to touch it. I contacted some sites in the area of the Patriots hopeing they get it so they can tell about the truth to ALL the media before the Feds move in. I am sure the powers that be at your place will refuse to carry this information as well.
        I am 62. I have seen this all my life. I would like to know that true Patriots don’t always have to carry guns as the pen is always mightier than the sword !
        I will continue to scour the web but SADLY the truth is on sites that makes it look like crackpots own them. As I tell everyone. DON’T take MY word for it. Go to the USGS website and look for yourself. The actual survey number is listed on one of my included website addys.
        Once again. Thank you

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      3. Tucci78 says:

        The idea of politicians and federal bureaucrats colluding with monied interests to “de-Kulakize” the American west so that exploitable mineral resources can be effectively stolen out from under the legitimate smallholding property owners is not alien to anyone who’s even moderately literate in history. What’s given a wonderful twist to events over the past several decades is that the guise under which these organs of the central government have been accomplishing these “takings” has been that of environmentalism, an ever-thinning pretense of “preservation” which gulls the largely urban voting constituencies of the political left with all the Watermelon buzzwords needed to gain approval.

        I confess that until this #OccupyMalheur business came to the fore, I had not thought to consider the possibility that the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) had been engaging in such “takings” out west for pretty much the same reason that the NSDAP government of New London, CT, had exercised eminent domain to benefit pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer (see Kelo v. New London, 545 U.S. 469 [2005]). Now I’m wondering precisely *which* resources extraction megacorporations are waiting in vulturine expectations of how the Malheur “nature preserve” land grab will be working out.

        Knowing Hitlery, they’re probably headquartered in Smolensk and Beijing.

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      4. In the early 1800s the USGS sent teams of “surveyors” across the country and took core samples about 5-10 miles apart. These reports were filed in the USGS offices and are still there today.
        The Goverment wanted to know what “resources” it had across the country.
        Ever since then “our” National Parks began “being saved” for “our” posterity. For your own curiosity check the surveys for Yellowstone.
        Or the Northslope area in Alaska or Denali that is declared wildlife refuge for Elk herd protection. You will find almost EVERY National park holds enormous amounts of oil and mineral wealth from silver, gold Uranium and much more. We KNOW what the North slope area holds. Currently the BLM is also operating here in Texas taking away a deeded Boy Scout camp of over 400 acres for no apparent reason. Everyone cannot understand it. It appears “our” Govt. Is quite happy to Feloniously force people off their lands with no recourse. Such as in the case of the Hammonds having to sign an agreement that WHEN they sell their ranch it MUST be sold to BLM.

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    1. Mike McFall says:

      I was finished with the “Whole Thing” when George McGovern lost his bid back in the early 70s .
      He was the last politico who had any kind of plan that was expressed to the public. After his loss I really don’t think very many candidates actually explained in detail how they would accomplish correcting a problem. This is what worries me most about Trump. His wrote answer is “We’ll get people to look at that”.Other than that all he does is feed off of and generates fear held by the people. At least our Governor Greg Abbott is a person who is truely making sense out of all this hog swill. His 5th amendment push is gaining a lot of ground. Obummer may be ticked off but Abbott and all of us voters in Texas don’t really give a rats donkey and continue about our business of buying more guns and ammunition every time our anti-Christ in Chief opens maggot hole.


  10. Jodi Presnell says:

    Since when does law have to do with anything? If the law were to be followed, all of it would be moot because according to the last legal treaty signed by the U.S., the land would still be owned by the Paiute Nation.


  11. Lynnette says:

    Cruz does not side with the blm! He just said he didn’t agree with the way they are handling it taking over the sanctuary. You are taking it out if context just like the main stream media. He said there’s a better way to fight it. Stop reporting things that aren’t true.


    1. You say EVERYONE knows the truth and are supposedly spouting it. I have discovered the truth is much deeper than ANYONE wants to report. I have contacted all media sources including yours but all your powers that be refuse to mention even a clue about this! I guess Oslimy has really gotten everyone scared to draw an unsactioned breath without an Executive Order ! This “truth” being tossed around by media and politicals is nothing but a pimple on a blue whale. Everyone I have contacted is just playing safe. Maybe they listen and MAYBE a very few actually research this BUT I have NO way of getting this information to the Patriots in Oregon. When the Feds showed up I predicted on the first day they would pull covert operations on Facebook . That has come to pass and that town is now missing a Patriotic Fire Chief .
      That is WHY this information is so necessary to get out. It fully explains why BLM deliberately FLOODED homes , burnned houses, forced Hammonds Back to prison on a DOUBLE JEAPORDY charge which goes back to the Magna Carta for Christs sake. AND forced the Hammond family to illegally sign papers that they HAVE to sell their property to ONLY the BLM! I am sure you will be fired prosecuted and ridiculed by telling the real dark secret behind ALL of this tragedy . I am hoping you can find a pipeline to the Hammond ranch or the Patriots compound so they can continually keep telling the media who is so starving for a bloodbath story. This information is EASILY verified by going to the U.S.G.S. website and looking up survey # 1740-B . For all I know it may be removed from all my activity . Either way it WILL leave a smoking gun. Thank you for your time . You are sitting on a HUGE story. Do you act like a Patriot or do you put in the circular file? Before you do that please at least think on it. I won’t ask what Jesus would do. He stood for honesty.


  12. Self righteous people, world bankers, billionaires, have always wanted to control others by force. These people… with the help of Lucifer, (to enjoin the powers together forming secrete societies) decided on a way to get around the constitutional restrictions placed upon governments. They knew that they could most likely control the people who were elected with money,… and those who resisted would be blackmailed by human faults discovered, documented and then would be proposed advertised, unless they did what was expected of them…
    However , this was not enough control. They needed a way to get everyone in the USA to sign a contract that would remove their rights by their own signatures under the Uniform Commercial Code. This is a set of laws, rules, codes, regulations, statutes, etc… that includes licensing’s, registrations, fees, titles, income taxes, property taxes, etc… for those signing commercial agreements…But the problem was, that most people, would not surrender their rights away if they knew what they were signing would do so…
    The governments tried, but knew they could not lawfully regulate away the rights of the people under constitutional laws.. clearly substantiated, when they tried prohibition and outlawed liquor; that was ruled unconstitutional, as the constitution could ONLY regulate those people within the 3 branches of governments ,and they needed to gain control over the entire nation of people…
    Thus, the very evil IRS and TAX COMMISSIONS, being secrete combinations, formed by Lucifer, to regulate all the people who were NOT under contract agreements at UCC law. Al Capone was arrested by the IRS due to his commercial agreements as a corporation. Thus being a WARD of the STATE COMMERCIAL CODE or UCC law (under control by signature) .
    The social security number over the years, was issued to everyone… but disclosed not as a contract, but simply as a way that governments would “help” the people when they retired… it had no explained documentation of rights being removed or regulated, it was voluntary…
    Today, enforced signatures on commercial agreements, are declared mandatory under color of law and no one can work, buy, sell, bank, etc.. without the STATES permission. EMPIRE building for the global government has taken over our nation.
    The STATE issues fraudulent contracts, marriage & drivers licenses, TITLES on our property, REGISTRATIONS on our vehicles, Licenses to work, tax forms, etc.. and NONE of these contracts are fully disclosed, having hidden agendas, to entrap millions of unsuspecting Americans into being BOND servants to the Global Community governments.
    We the people have a right to Own property, Drive, Travel, Bear Arms, etc… without permission from the STATE according to the laws of the land, and NOT to be entrapped by fraudulent contracts!


    Bundy and Militias aren’t only about the ranchers who were illegally arrested and given prison terms… Then they served those terms, but to have them extended by some judge using unlawful mandatory sentencing guide lines due to the PATRIOT ACT anti terrorism and unconstitutional laws…
    These ranchers were FORCED to disavow allegiance to the Bundy groups due to pressure from DOJ using blackmail to get the ranchers to down play the Bundy group… Probably went something like this…DOJ states ” if you are tied in with those Bundy boys, you can be indicted as a terrorist and spend 30 years in prison… and we will take your land and property from you… so you better state that you do not agree with them and what they are doing .. or go to prison for a very long time….”
    That is how the DOJ operates every day, all day long, all year long… they make up crimes, or act as infiltrators and provocateurs and talk people into doing crimes… even paying for the materials to commit the crimes… etc…. and then force people to plea guilty to those crimes, or if they go to a trial by jury, they will face 10 times the prison time…. this happens all the time, at both STATE INC and FEDERAL Inc companies…
    I would be surprised if the governments did not already have their own people in the mix of the militias to help talk the peaceful militia people into committing crimes of damage or terrorism acts, just to help the Feds make a crime stick… But of course the government agents acting as militia would never be punished for setting up the crimes… or even funding the crimes…
    The governments of both STATES and FEDS are ignoring constitutional laws… They use entrapment at UCC contracts to Force people to become bond servants to the Global bankers for the alleged Debt of the US INC. by telling people that they cannot work, open bank accounts, buy or sell without using their social security number and signing a contract with the STATE inc. and FEDS inc… called a w-2 or w-4. etc… and then file 1040 tax forms, or others… that then, bind us as signers, to the IRS and TAX COMMISSIONS; as Bond servants to their debts… surrendering your rights was never mentioned in the contract, but that is what you did when you were forced to sign and fill out the forms or NOT get a job, bank account or go to jail…

    Too much fraud by contract non disclosure.
    Too much fraud by forcing people to sign contracts by threats.
    Too much fraud by making up fictitious fines, then claiming those fines are back taxes owed.
    Too much fraud by enforcing or implementing regulations upon people whom are not under their jurisdiction to regulate.
    Too much fraud by enforcing income and property taxation upon non commercial, private citizens or people…
    Too much fraud by using peoples birth names, such as David J D’Addabbo and turning it into a commercial property of the STATE by spelling it DAVID J DADDABBO.
    Too much fraud by the enforcing statutes, codes, rules and so called laws (regulations upon traffic infractions) changing a non punishable infraction by law into a misdemeanor when no one was injured, nor was any property damaged… thus, no probable cause for a non punishable infraction is turned into a punishable court appearance misdemeanor…or felony… By forcing the persons pulled over to sign a contract, giving jurisdiction to their rights to the STATE UCC Court…Inc for profit.
    Too much of legislators, senators, executives (presidents and governors), judges, not obeying the Constitutional laws that regulate them from infringing upon our rights. Such as the right to bear arms shall not be infringed… yet it is infringed every day by back ground checks, waiting periods, licenses, fees, to carry, buy or sell a gun…This is infringement at its worst…As NO crime has been committed by anyone buying a gun… if a person is out of prison, he is no longer a felon, as he has served his time to society… And as back ground checks set up registration with the feds and STATES by placing a name with a gun purchase it is also illegal… And most important is the FACT that NO crime has been committed for purchasing, buying selling or wearing a gun anywhere anytime…. unless other people were harmed by the use of that gun without probable cause of defense…
    Our political elected, are indeed prostitutes for money… selling away our rights to the FEDS for money given to the state with strings attached… The Feds have no jurisdiction over us, unless you live in Washington DC., forts, arsenals or territories (not States….)
    What about the ranchers whom had grazing rights long before the feds or states came in to the land. The land is still the peoples land, and all people can use the grazing rights land for recreation purposes as it is the peoples land. The ranchers take care of it, so it will produce good grazing… Now some STATES Inc.. want to take back the land from the FEDS; unfortunately to rape it by non American and American companies to mine without paying dividends to the people… or to sell it off to their buddies for profits and re-election money… who will remove the people’s rights to use the land, and giving nothing back to the people.
    Every ounce of gold, silver, uranium, oil, etc.. found in public lands belongs to the people of the USA… all mineral rights taken from public lands must have dividends given to the people… such as: NO property and income taxes on all non commercial people… on top of royalties of profits for each state citizen living in the state that is commercial selling of public minerals …
    When government controlled courts, refuse to hear all the above problems with fully informed juries at trials… And instead, many cases are tossed out, by a paid for Corporate STATE or FEDERAL judge, who is a BAR attorney, working for the STATE, to protect the STATES interests and profits… and as they also stop criminal exposure or punishments of crimes being done by governments in these courts… claiming immunity as the people were working on the job when they committed crimes….etc…
    Then the Bundy and Militias, have a duty, to take a stand… Then all Americans have a duty, to take a stand. Because of No recourse in the courts. No recourse in the legislative branch and No recourse in the executive branches of governments… Time to take a stand and FORCE governments to obey their oaths of office and the laws of the land.
    And last but not least… we shall not allow any kind of mass murder by governments to ever happen again… WACO Texas and also in Idaho, Ruby Ridge and also in Oklahoma city bombing, and also in NYC -9-11-2001… all set up and orchestrated by government operations… then trying to blame the murders on terrorists, militias, and extremists… when indeed it was done by secrete combinations under governments control; in order to commit the nation to global powers.
    If Bundy and all of the militias, are not allowed to leave peacefully when they decide to leave without any physical harm coming to them… (however, they must be made to repair anything that they damaged…by their own hands or by them hiring others to do the repairs…) Then the outside perimeter militias (patriotic people), will have to take actions against those whom harm the Bundy crew… and it could spark the Revolutionary war that has been brewing for years, due to governments continual breaking of the laws, acting under color of law to eat out the substance of the people…
    David J D’Addabbo founder of Sons and Daughters of Liberty of Arizona 1993; sui juris et de jure. all rights preserved without prejudice. Born in the U.S.A. with family history in the U.S.A. from the beginning of the new nation… extending from a family of soldiers (Marines, Army), and police officers, as well as non government occupations…


  13. R. Wargin says:

    No one seems to realize how party lines disappear when it comes to their own “power.”

    They’re all in this together. It has become, very simply, “We the Ruling Class” vs. “We the people.” (Capital letters mean something!)


  14. H says:

    Listen, Diane, I do not know who you are, but it appears you have posted this to rouse emotions under false pretenses. I don’t know about Rubio, but you are most certainly NOT correctly representing Cruz here! Just for a starter, that last link you posted starts out, in the first sentence, putting words in his mouth looking as if he said they are “ant-government activists”. Secondly, he did not say anything about them “breaking the law” in that particular example, but he did make it clear, the guns are in themselves a show of force and the threat of violence. Ya know what? That is true! If they did not mean to threaten or force, there would be no guns (therefore no consequences, except for a trip to jail).
    You are inciting anger, pure and simple, and many here are repeating false accusations and conclusions. If I didn’t know any better. I’d say you are with the government to stir up the people in order to have a good reason to confiscate firearms. And FILE, I hold you accountable for your lie.


  15. This is not true…in the last debate Cruz said loud and clear that he says ALL federal lands should be given back to the People and the States except for military bases and National Parks which represent only a small amount of the vast federally owned lands that are controlled by the BLM.


  16. Dear Dianne We have done lots of research on the Reasons why the FEDS and why these politicians want the FEDS to maintain control and continue to grab state lands and its because of the Resources check this out , This is what its all about ,

    Let me ask you if you would have been told the USA would accumulate 18 trillion in debt and 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities because of the last 30 years of unfair trade policies which allowed a trade partner to manipulate its currency in a fashion that created that SOUND ROSS PEROT said we would hear that only de-industrialized the USA that led to these loses in durable wealth creation and the conversion of any debt to an equity position , would you have agreed to that kind of trade policy ? ,

    READ THESE LINKS it tells you about the Russians that want USA Uranium ,
    The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium? by Jon Rappoport

    This article says that Malheur County may be the BIGGEST Uranium Deposit in the USA !!!!!!!

    FEDS want 13 million acres taken away from private sector operations in the Western States

    This is the Clintons Russian Counterpart that is Taking ALL USA Uranium !!!!!!!! , they have since took down their page .

    So we have started PETITIONS TO SIGN THAT WILL ALLOW EVERYONE LIKE ALASKA does TO BENEFIT FROM THE STATE RESOURCES THESE GOVERNMENT BANDITS ARE STEALING ********* One Petition is for Oregon Citizens , and the other is for US Citizens .
    This one is for everyone in every state make these go viral because it will get the GREEDY GOVERNMENT TO OWN UP TO THIS FRAUD AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!


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