CRUZ WHY IS YOUR FOREIGN POLICY ADVISOR A CFR MEMBER? I thought you hated that pernicious nest of snakes?


We’ve all heard him say it at least once.  Ted Cruz calls the Council on Foreign Relations a “Pernicious Nest of Snakes”.  He has excused his wife Heidi from her FIVE YEARS of serving on the Council on Foreign Relations as a Junior stint, joining after the Bush years to only try to put a conservative viewpoint into that pernicious nest!  Well, Ted, why didn’t she quit when she realized her assigned project wasn’t going to be a conservative constitution based one?  Why did she stay and help to create the manual to destroy America’s structure from within to achieve the North American Union?

The time has come to ask Ted more questions.  Why did he hire  one of the head Viper’s of the Pernicious Nest of Snakes, Elliot Abrams to help craft his foreign relations?  Yes, Ted why?   Why did you add this Neo Con Globalist whose resume shines with all the venomous  years of serving the Council on Foreign Relations? Why did you choose Abrams who has  crafted many evils against the constitutional values you hold so dear to work with you on foreign relations?

Why did you surround your campaign with Neo Cons like James Woolsey to also be a foreign policy advisor?  I’m sure you realized that Woolsey  was a national security specialist and former Director of the CIA under the Clinton administration. You did read his resume of heading up many Neoconservative groups including being the Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Founding Member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Sure you did.  You liked that.

And why Ted have you surrounded your entire campaign with neocons?  Especially  General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA?  The problem Ted, is that your entire inner circle is comprised of men and women experienced in growing government, supporting surveillance, and using American troops to achieve globalist NWO goals. 

Could it be Ted that you have surrounded yourself with Neo Cons because you too are one? It is clear that you have lied to the American public and serve another agenda….one with a great big fat 21 at the end of it!

Oh my head hurts.  Please read the full report of Cruz and his advisors in the link below.  Facts are facts and must be looked at. This election is the most important in the history of America.  Aren’t we tired of lies?

Read more about Ted Cruz’s Advisors here:

Dianne Marshall

46 thoughts on “CRUZ WHY IS YOUR FOREIGN POLICY ADVISOR A CFR MEMBER? I thought you hated that pernicious nest of snakes?

    1. dennis says:

      His mother was an American of age for more the five years.
      This is true meaning of Birth Right. Citizenship passes from the parents to the child.
      The real question is why hasn’t he challenged rubio statement that he is an Angkor baby


    2. skyfang says:

      I imagine the same way Obama did, He LIED about it !!!!
      Democrats 1, Republicans 1, The score is tied !!!!
      Is there anyone out there from CHINA who would like to run for President of the USA in 2020 ???
      No “Vetting” will be necessary, only a good line of “Bull Shit” and and some Billionaires of ANY Nationality to fund the “sham Campaign” and you are a shoe in !!!!


  1. Yes I am sick of the lies pouring out of the mouths of such candidates and leaders as Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Obama, the GOP elitists; the whole stinking pack of Globe lovers, our would be masters.

    Thanks for exposing this nest of snakes. I stand with America not the phony religion and agenda of Globalist worshipers of their god, the great Globe.

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  2. Also Heidi S. Cruz was an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City. Currently she is on leave from her career at Goldman Sachs in Houston. It is said that Heidi Cruz is the most high-powered political spouse we’ve rarely seen since Hillary Clinton.

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    1. skyfang says:

      That stands to REASON !!!!!! Hmmmm, Another revelation for the “CRUZ Library of Hidden Facts “!!!!
      Don’t you just LOVE the fact that we can discuss these little known facts right here on the Internet ????
      I’m sure that “Teddy and Heidi” are not happy campers about now.
      Does anyone have any info on either of them having connections with the “BILDERBERGERS”??? I guess that would be too much of a coincidence ?????


  3. DEPORTEM says:

    Good Grief. What a shallow, empty-headed diatribe! No one in their right mind is impressed conspiratorial speculation. Marshall obviously has her panties in a wad, and decided to do some character assassination using innuendo_ target Ted Cruz. The poor lady is hyperventilating, draining bile, and is obviously on an estrogen high. Go take a pill!

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  4. Bob Bennett says:

    You have something bad to say about every candidate–except Trump; him you openly root for. I’m not for him, but Rubio is not an anchor baby: his parents were not illegals when he was born here. He’s clearly eligible, as he was born in the US. Read the case law. All of your Cruz comments have no weight. What’s wrong with choosing former GWB figures who are clearly conservative? Cruz was also connected to Bush, but he clearly is much more conservative. Many of these people are from Texas, as is Cruz. Sooo? If you attack all but Trump and cannot find anything bad about him at all, then you have no credibility.


    1. Rubio was born in 1971. His parents did not become citizens until 1975. That is what you call an anchor baby. He is not qualified to run for president. He has no natural born US mother and father. Cruz’s eligibility is a national news item and argument. Four states have challenged his and Rubio’s eligibility to run for president. IL, VT, MD, and FL. Some from the democratic party have said they will also challenge him in court if he wins the primary. So, I am just giving you the facts here.

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  5. Don’t forget Cruz’s relationship with Goldman Sacs may have influenced is “absent” vote! His wife was employed by them until just before he started to run for president and they borrowed over $1million for election campaigns which he conveniently forgot to report. Rand Paul has a new ad “AUDIT THE TED”. Cruz has jumped on Rand’s bandwagon for numerous issues and also followed his filibuster example. Ted, in my opinion has tried to replace Rand by doing what he has done, only his efforts are just for show, not substance.

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    1. First Cheryl, I must say – I love the hat. Smile. And I love the comment as well. Cruz is a vulture and a parrot. A strange type of bird…he picks over the meat and then parrots the comments as though they were his own and Cruz bots lie for him and say – “Ted said it first”. Meanwhile those who are not on the way to the nut ward all know what is and what is not. Smiling.

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  6. Gadsden Gurl says:

    Our tea party called out Trump and Cruz as the two biggest phonies and now look at the sheeple.. Trump is the media pick because he will give us Hillary.


    1. So I guess your Tea Party isn’t voting for ANYONE this coming election, right?

      Because if you vote for Rubio, you’ll get a Globalist-in-Training who supports Amnesty and is presently being funded by the One World Government believers, the Koch brothers. NEVER MIND THAT HE’S CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR POTUS.

      If you vote for Cruz, you’ll get a Globalist, backed and funded by Globalists, who was a Legal Advisor for a Globalist in 2000, and had NO PROBLEM with his wife’s WORKING for Globalists from 2000 until 2015. NEVER MIND THAT HE’S CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR POTUS.

      If you vote for Christie, you’ll be getting another Pro-Amnesty Democrat-in-Sheep’s-Clothing bully just like Obama.

      If you vote for Bush, the Globalists will say “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” since THIS is THEIR choice. The more “honest” votes that Globalist Bush gets, the less numbers they’ll have to rig and juggle in order to “prove” he won. And that INCLUDES THE KOCH BROTHERS, once THEY get rid of Trump and then get rid of Cruz and Rubio by manipulating the lawsuits now starting to spring up regarding ineligibility questions.

      Mark my words…”Good ‘Ol Boy” One World Government Believer BUSH IS THE ONE THEY PLAN ON PUTTING INTO OUR WH.

      Even Ohio won’t vote for Kasiach.

      Ben Carson lost a lot of support once he made it known that he holds many of the same beliefs as Al Sharpton…and is on medication to control his anger impulses.

      Huckabee just dropped out.

      Santorum and Fiorina are way down in the polls and there’s no light at the end of their tunnels.

      So this leaves TRUMP…who, as a businessman, has had to work and get along with MANY democrats and RINOS due to living and working in a Democrat-controlled state and city…and wanting his business to GROW beyond a “Mom and Pop” size.

      As a private person, not a politician, Trump changed his stance on issues like abortion, single-payer healthcare and such several years ago because THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO WHEN NEW INFORMATION AND SITUATIONS ARE PRESENTED TO THEM. We GROW and we CHANGE. Many of us Conservatives today no longer believe some of the things we used to believe …and Trump is no different than the rest of us.

      Has it even dawned on your Tea Party friends and you that there is a very IMPORTANT REASON why the GOP, RNC, George Soros, David Rockefeller, the CFR, Obama, the lamestream media, and the Koch Brothers (who announced a few days ago their intention to use a BILLION DOLLARS to take Trump out of the game) are all AGAINST TRUMP??

      It’s because this guy IS A THREAT to them and their progressive liberal leftist goal of creating a North American Union out of Mexico, Canada and the USA! Sovereignty of ALL nations MUST be destroyed in order to bring in their One World Government!

      Trump is NOT a Globalist and has never been one. He’s not from “Old Money”, either. His dad worked hard all his life and finally found a job that he could turn into a business…and while Trump inherited $400,000 at the time of his dad’s death, turning that into BILLIONS OF DOLLARS was hard work.

      Heck, there are MANY people who start their businesses with MORE than that and still don’t succeed. In fact, the National Average of failed businesses is 40%. Trump’s “Average” is 3.22% because, out of 112 companies he personally started, only 4 failed. And he didn’t file for personal bankruptcy, either. He did Chapter 11 on each of them…like TONS of companies do! So he was able to restructure these businesses while KEEPING all of his employees. And he paid off all debts without using even one penny of taxpayer dollars!!

      Trump supported past Republican candidates until it he got tired of them not keeping their promises to make things better for all of us when once in office. He even said at one rally that he realized “if you want something done, you have to do it, yourself!” THAT’S why he tossed his hat in the ring.

      Trump is COMPLETELY AGAINST SOCIALISM and has ALWAYS been Pro-American Way of Life, Pro-Military, Pro-Veterans, Pro-Constitution, and Pro-job creation. He’s a big believer in Capitalism because Capitalism WORKS if one is willing to work hard. AND if our country goes down the drain, he has as much to lose as we do…probably more!

      Trump is far from perfect. But he’s still a decent person who is standing WITH us and AGAINST those who wish to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. And they are out to get him!

      Go ahead and not vote for him…but let me be the first to say “Thank you for helping to bring about the North American Union and the One World Government.”

      The Globalists couldn’t have done it without people like you.


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      1. Celtic…Wow! Amazing information! Thank you! Is it possible for you to copy/paste this info to my email? I would like to get this important info out…please?

        I don’t know if I will be able to find a reply from you, here…but if you “friend request ” me …I would appreciate it.

        Thank you. Sandy


      1. skyfang says:

        As a TEA PARTY Organizer in New York, I can attest to the fact that the TEA PARTY in our neck of the woods have been compromised by MANY Agent Provocateurs, who are very good at their craft and are making typically contorted POLITICAL PROPAGANDA STATEMENTS about TRUMP which are outright LIES of the First Order !!!!
        YET,,…… TRUMP’S TRIUMPHANT TOUR of LONG ISLAND, NY ( My Territory) has been a testament as to the POPULARITY he receives at EVERY STOP HE MAKES !!!!! THE TEA PARTY LIVES !!!!! And BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN MOST wish to think !!!! Tens of Thousands of Long Islanders have PROUDLY ATTENDED DONALD’S Campaign stops, and the PEOPLE ARE GOING CRAZY trying to get into the Auditoriums and other places where he is speaking, but due to Fire Dept. attendance Restrictions many thousands are forced to wait outside. Protesters only attend in small numbers probably due to the fact that many of the Trump supporters that are outside, are Bikers and other Supporters of Trump who do not appreciate efforts to deny any supporters of TRUMP their RIGHTS under the 1st Amendment, and who are staunch backers of TRUMP’S Immigration stand and calls for VICTORY against our enemies instead of compromise. Quite a refreshing change from other contenders for President.


  7. There is nothing conservative about neo-conservatives. The term originated with communists who realized what the Trotskyite communists were attempting to do. A better term is neo-Trotskyite. Unfortunately, many people who called themselves conservatives assumed during the Reagan administration that anyone who opposed the leaders of the Soviet Union must be an anti-communist. The neo-Trotskyite cancer entered American politics first with the Democratic Party and Senator Henry Jackson. In the United Kingdom, the neo-Trotskyites operate the Henry Jackson Society–called by some an anti-communist think tank! Surprisingly, the neo-Trotskyite cancer spread easily to the Republican Party. It is a sad commentary on how the mainstream media have been able to dupe Americans. Instead of believing the lies of the mainstream media, simply search online for neo-Trotskyite and read the truth about them.

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  8. “Ben Carson lost a lot of support once he made it known that he holds many of the same beliefs as Al Sharpton…and is on medication to control his anger impulses.” NOT!!! Why do you continue to spread these lies? Al Sharpton has stated that he disagrees with Ben Carson on everything although he admires that he is an intelligent thinker. Carson has never taken medicine to control his anger impulses. I am voting for Dr Ben Carson.


    1. Skyfang says:

      Dr. Ben Carson has long left the Campaign Trail by now, but as I read the vile LIES made about his “ideological ties with AL SHARPTON” and his “MEDICATIONS” for Anger MANAGEMENT, I had to make MY OWN statements !!!!

      I personally respect and like Dr. Ben Carson intensely !!!! He would, if the Country we live in wasn’t so blatantly stupid, have made a GREAT PRESIDENT !!! But if he was elected so, would have suffered the slings and arrows of BOTH POLITICAL PARTY’S, simply because he is a VERY GOOD, BRILLIANT AND DECENT MAN, and the VULTURES in GOVERNMENT would have chewed on his carcass and spit him out before he could spend one day in the Oval Office.

      I wish I could have supported and voted for him but I couldn’t see what happened to Christ for his GOODNESS, happen to Dr. Carson for his. Because of our BEASTIAL attitudes that arise during the Electoral Process, we surely missed out on having a WONDERFUL, THOUGHTFUL, and GOD-LOVING MAN to direct us and our Government to bigger and better things. That is the sad part of the Human condition.


      1. Those things were not made up. Yet, remember, Trump sought to have him as V.P. early on and it was Carson, then, who said no. Carson and Trump have resolved their political winds and are together now. And let it be known it was Trump who came to Carson’s defense when he was blatantly screwed by Cruz. So did I.


      2. You see, the difference between kind of heart and a political battle is that kindness of heart will always seek the high road when the battle is ended or devious. It just doesn’t work to run for office and say….hey my opponent is great…believe all the things they said about me. I endorse him. That is not what this is. But, in the course when all is fair game and downright cheating and fraud is committed…it is noble when another will stand up and say – that was not right it was WRONG! I did not see any candidate do that for Carson except for Trump. Did you?


  9. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?


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  12. You have ONLY 2 choices. Chump the liberal or Cruz the conservative. Both have some sort of connection with the CFA. I’ll go with the one who’s history is conservative not the one who flip flops like a fish out of water from possibly conservative to openly leftist liberal. I’ll take the one who focuses on the constitution (memorizing it in his youth) not the one who may have never read the constitution. I’ll take Ted Cruz, thanks very much!


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