Nuclear? WWIII? Tyranny? Why We Need Trump Now!

Putin 613902_1 copy

When you have Saudi Arabia killing a key Iranian Cleric, and Iranians torching the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, then you add Erdogan declaring he is the leader of ISIS….you have gloves off and WWIII. Why?  Because there are no rules for radicals when it comes to killing. Will Mecca be the target? Turkey? Iran?  Israel? Syria? Or the entire middle east?

What we are about to all witness, like it or not….is the result of nuclear weapons in the hands of radicals.  It was bad enough watching the western world’s chaos and misuse of this arsenal….but now we will see what those who could care less about humanity do with them.

You should all thank Obama and Hillary for creating and fanning the Arab Spring flames.  Will the media ever ask either of them what their back up plan was if their jihad sponsoring got out of control?  Maybe we should ask Jeb what his brother and his daddy’s plan was?  What was Bill’s plan?  Does Hillary have a clue?  Will Putin save the day?

Meanwhile, in the USA we have BML making another Waco in Oregon.  We have citizens arrested as terrorists for  driving their truck with a bunch of confederate flags on the back.  We have Obama over riding the constitution to take away our guns.  We have the stock markets crashing.  We have candidates saying stupid things like Rubio calling the militia actions the same as terrorists, after all – that’s gonna win a few votes right?  Those dang anti Americans clinging to their right to water, their land, and constitution!

What on earth has happened?  It is called New World Order pushing to end the old world in panic because if Trump is elected all the games are over!

Call it what it is….they need WWIII.  Blame it on ISIS when in fact it was the evil establishment elite all along.

Dianne Marshall


One thought on “Nuclear? WWIII? Tyranny? Why We Need Trump Now!

  1. phil fan says:

    Sadly your analysis of the current world situation especially in the Middle East (and Europe) plus the political situation here in the US is the unvarnished truth. Especially this comment “Call it what it is….they need WWIII. Blame it on ISIS when in fact it was the evil establishment elite all along.”

    The uniparty hacks, Chamber of Commerce big business globalists, are leading us down a path of their choosing = war where everybody loses but where they make money and gain power. Trump is exposing this by telling the truth and not supporting their chronic lies about how the game is played. Their hope is a nice war will distract us from the truth telling man. Was it a coincidence that the San Bernadino killer couple was activated when the spotlight focused on Obamas games in Syria?

    It’s getting harder to distract and fool us thanks to the truth telling man.


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