Trump Is Real – Cruz Is Plastic!

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Trump just stands up and says what he is going to do.  He is busy campaigning on real issues while the rest keep throwing daggers at him and try to psycho analyze Trump supporters and why they like him so they can emulate that on the campaign trail.  I’m speaking of the plastic man himself, Ted Cruz.

If Cruz were real, he would just say what was real instead of having to pimp out his entire family for testimonials and make them rehearse until they say the right things in the right way.  Give me a break.

The good thing about plastic is you can recycle it, the bad thing about plastic is it doesn’t decompose.  It just recycles into another form of more plastic.  If you like plastic you will love Cruz.  Recycle him into anything you want him to be.  He is yours to mold.  Just don’t expect him to accomplish anything except a North American Union and merge that into a new world order establishment dream.

Plastic is plastic.  It is not real.  For the real deal you need to listen to Trump and watch his supporters in real time.  That is the real movement taking place.  Trump is organic, he is not full of GMO’s nor is he anything that can be recycled.  He is one of a kind!

Vote Trump!

Dianne Marshall

4 thoughts on “Trump Is Real – Cruz Is Plastic!

  1. Alice Coulson says:

    This is so right. Cruz will do the North America transformation. Donald is,one of a kind. Cruz should not even be vp. I’m hoping enough level headed Iowan will go for a real man. Would be great for Trump to win Iowa. Hope mezmerized evangelicals who don’t look at issues will not mess this up. I’m an evangelical but have not put my brain on hold. Trump is the true conservative. He,wants the country to stay in tact and prosper. These,articles are great. Please write something on Iowa. Thanx

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  2. phil fan says:

    In the current Orwellian definition of “conservative” it = “Globalist”. Uniparty money supports Ted Cruz via big supporter Mercer, a man with a global agenda of open borders, TPP, Common Core. Me Too Ted is in alignment but “He’s a Conservative”, a constitutional scholar no less. Mind control beware

    Beware the creeping rot, twisted words, of these supposed ‘conservatives’. Goldman Saks global bucks are behind Cruz just like Soros bucks are behind Obama. You will lose your country

    I support the plain talker, pro-America American Donald J Trump for our next President of the United States.


  3. G. Smith says:

    You are a moron of the highest order if you think Cruz is plastic! He has followed through on every promise he has made to Texans. In 2008 Trump was saying how great the Clintons were, what good people they are! There is plastic for you,


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