Cruz The Calling You Heard Was Only Your Earthly Father…

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Did Cruz really think, let alone believe, that people were ready to anoint him president in the name of God?  Oh my head hurts.  It was actually Ted’s father that saw the vision and passed that on to Evangelical’s who among those was one, who was a self proclaimed prophet, also made such a claim. He proclaimed that Ted would be either a VP or a supreme court justice. Either way they had a vision of sorts…a self proclaimed idea that they thought by using their religious clout they could force into existence. Well, that is not how God works. Not at all.

That was the most blasphemous thing I have ever heard.  It is one thing if a person believes or says such things, it is another to announce it as a campaign punch.

I do pray that people see this for what it is.  All a big psy-op move.  The Lord will lay it upon the hearts of the people to know what is from him and what is from man.  In my heart, I see this entire move nothing more than bold, blatant misguided self absorption from one who has somehow in the cultic method he has followed, come to believe that what he sees is real and true.

In my world, there is an entirely different picture on the horizon, and it is not the one Cruz has painted.  I see Trump and I see his leadership helping a people from being devoured in far more ways then they can even see for themselves.  I see hope and a future for God’s people that only a man of grit and tenacity,  sent to serve God’s purpose, can ever possibly fulfill. A man sent to lead the masses through this terrible moment that has befallen them.  I see that man as Donald John Trump.

Read more here if you can stomach it.

Dianne Marshall


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19 thoughts on “Cruz The Calling You Heard Was Only Your Earthly Father…

  1. phil fan says:

    Unlike Cruz Donald is too smart to preach. He presented evidence of his upbringing via his mothers gift of that Bible she gave him. This coupled with his sly mention of “How many evangelicals come out of Cuba?” was brilliant. As we see with Cruz’s doubling down with the ‘body of Christ’ comment it really tempted Cruz to rise to the bait = the bait of emphasizing his faith. But Cruz like many of his supporters could not restrain themselves. They, and more importantly Ted Cruz, stepped WAY over the line to using religious phrases to “over make” his response. Swallowed the Trump bait whole by preaching to the electorate. Huuuge mistake that is the equivalent of the Carson hammering his mom story. The New Testament (was it the whole Bible? Dunno) Donald waved was the bright shiny object/squirrel that baited preacher Ted into a fatal mistake.

    How many times have we seen Donald spring these traps? Works every time. Even his supporters at Breitbart are upset at Cruz for this over the top approach. See ya Ted.

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    1. Phil Fan (and Dianne),
      First : HAPPY NEW YEAR!
      Second : I think you are correct. While what would be ideal for US, would be that a presidential candidate could profess his love for God in very open and pubic ways, recent history does imply that the secular voter would incorrectly reject that candidate out of hand. Those of us who were paying attention, remember Mr. Trump declaring that his FAVORITE book is the BIBLE! (He even had a special library built just to keep all of them). I think Mr. Trump intends to LEAD BY DEEDS! I also think that when his schedule allows he will look quite PRESIDENTIAL taking his family to CHURCH. After he attends REGULARLY, the “media” will not only lose interest, but may start mocking him for it. Let them try. Mr. Trump is going to render the “progressive media” impotent at least, and prove them TOXIC at best.
      TRUMP 2016! HE’S NOT FOR SALE!!!

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      1. phil fan says:

        Happy New Years to you too Skipper! Cruz mentioned something about needing to pray for “the Body of Christ” to get the word out in Iowa for him and some of us at Last Refuge went over it as being too much in a campaign. Think you are right = a little goes a long ways and agree that President Trump hits the right notes. Praying for a great year for him, for all of us and our country!

        Cheers, Phil

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      2. I agree. I am so tired of hearing the fake plastic man named Ted. Watching his raw footage on You Tube made me sick to my stomach. His family all looked like they were being paid to sit and help Uncle Ted, Nephew Ted, Son Ted, Cousin Ted, and husband Ted like brain dead crisis actors. I am sure when they each got off in their own private circles they talked about their Ted….and I am sure it was kinda like, “I wish he hadn’t made me sound so stupid, or I wish he would quit putting me on the spot like that.” I know there is one confused nephew who is wondering why he brought up all the terrible things about his mother like he did? Or why he tried to turn his job at the chocolate factory into a CEO position? I’m sure he will now be wrestling with more personal issues that were once mended. One thing rang clear in the bell curve of Ted’s history….once he does you a favor, you owe him for the rest of your life! They call that a certain type of behavior….but, I will not name it here.

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    2. Doug Gregory says:

      Pathetic on all counts. Trump isn’t brilliant. He’s mendacious, like his formerly praised Clinton mentors. What wouldn’t he do or say, to anyone, to “win”?

      Straight out of the Bill Clinton play book. Don’t be such a willing chump. You don’t even know what this guy’s core principles are.

      What are they? Win at all costs?


      1. Follow the plastic….it never decomposes. Cruz will always be somewhere in some form doing something in plastic. Trump is the real deal. Trump has told what he really feels, what he wants and what he will do, and all on the very first day he announced he was running. He gained the people because he had the guts to come out and proclaim it and has not wavered. Plastic man, on the other hand has been all over the place, having “gas light” moments and making all his relatives rehearse to play their plastic part in his plastic campaign. It is the worse acting I have ever seen in my life. My grandson did better in his kindergarten play. Really.

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    1. phil fan says:

      Cruz is a stealth candidate for the uniparty globalists. Not a “conservative”. Not a “Christian evangelical”. Not a constitutional scholar. Not anti-establishment. Not an America(n) first.

      A TPP globalist, nothing more or less

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      1. Has anyone else noticed his parents personal story has also changed from 2012? So far since 2014 I have heard several versions of his father. Today, his father talks about leaving Cuba and coming to America and working independently in his own business of oil and gas exploration? Finally having to sell when things went bad in the early sixties. Supposedly now he was always in America and for some reason Canada is never mentioned? It’s hard to follow the new stories when you already knew the old ones. Anyone that follows Cruz is also plastic. I have no other name for it other than gullible.


      2. phil fan says:

        That’s the great thing about plastic = you can shape it any way you want to fit the current needs. Cruz is another Obama-like guy with a shady past of ‘adjustable facts’. Also an inexperienced first term senator with not many accomplishments. He is fundamentally an anti-American globalist who is working to dissolve the USA and fit us into the NWO agenda. Via TPP, Common Core, amnesty.

        For some reason Donald is holding off taking Cruz down but not many of us including me are going to wait any longer. Time to get the word out on Mr Cruz the plastic man


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