swordimagesCA7EWOXOTrump is now being criticized for comparing the election to a war.  Well folks, what would you call it if you were attacked from the entire establishment every minute by the minute?

When the entire GOP is figuring out strategies to take you down and using terms like “someone needs to put a bullet in his head”, what would you call it?  When death threats are shouted on twitter and even his supporters are threatened, what would you call it?  When the lies from the competition get so bad they hold you responsible for ISIS being upset and causing more terrorism, like Hillary did at the debate, then what would you call it?

Sure can’t find a better word to describe the full arsenal of hate, lies, and attacks hurled at Trump at every turn.  Yet, with all the attacks, Trump stands firm as the Republican front runner and instead of applause for breaking all time GOP records, the GOP attacks Trump and openly plots new strategies to take their own frontrunner and his supporters down, even at the expense of destroying their own party.

Yes, it is a war.  A war started by the establishment against the majority of the people and their presidential candidate Donald John Trump.  One might call it a war between good versus evil.  A war between the voter and the GOP.  A war between truth and lies.

It is sad that in America, the so called example for free elections, the electorate process has been exposed for the dirty war on the people that it is.  So go ahead media, spin your lies and play your media war for all to see and as you do this remember, only a fool will believe you are not the ones instigating this war.  You have merely been called out for a war is defined also as active hostility or contention; conflict; contest: a war with words. It is a struggle to achieve a goal, and to actively carry out hostility and contention.  The establishment media and GOP are guilty of all of these and more.  So when Trump calls it for what it is….know this one thing – every Trump supporter agrees with him and has been watching you war against him since he announced his presidential run.  It’s time you own your actions for what they are!

Dianne Marshall


11 thoughts on “TRUMP CALLED IT WHAT IT IS!

  1. Dianne,
    I’m not sure if you caught what I said in a post almost a month ago. Someone threw a full beverage can from their car, at my truck (hitting it), driving down a highway at 65mph+. Because of my TRUMP bumper sticker. Does that sound like war to you?


  2. Katherine ONeill says:

    I love Trump, I see bumper stickers for Trump here in Florida all the time! I love those people out there fighting for Trump to help make America great again. One bumper sticker I saw said TRUMP THE BITCH!! Love that!!! All I know is every day I pray for Donald Trump to win the White House and become our next President of the United States of America to make us proud again to be Americans! GO TRUMP!

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  3. Katherine ONeill says:

    Just a note also to say THANK YOU SO MUCH DIANNE MARSHALL for putting TRUMPS WORDS out there for so many to hear! You are a wonderful writer and I look forward to reading everything you write daily and I make sure to share it with everyone i possibly can! Keep up the great work! GO TRUMP!

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  4. The movement of muslims into a non-sharia law culture is advancement of Islam (also known as jihad) and is an act of war because the end result of successful jihad, whether non-violent and/or violent, has the same end result as if the host culture had lost an all out war with muslim terrorists or Islamic military force.

    If the government does not define the enemy correctly, then that lessens the possibilty that the actual enemy may ever be defeated and that people will be found guilty of or stopped from aiding the real enemy. The source of the evil that drives the muslim terrorists (not radical muslims) to committ terror is the political component of the doctrine of Islam (not radial Islam). (What is the doctrine of radical Islam?)

    Elected politicians and people who allow or promote the inclusion of Muslims into non-muslim or non-sharia law culture or who do not use their constitutional authority to protect their citizens from Islamic terror or are otherwise advancing Islam are promoting an act of war against their fellow citizens.

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  5. Judy Vogrin says:

    I will stand and be proud. Mr Trump is a great American and will make America great again. I don’t care what the establishment says or does I am string, better and not afraid to fight for what is right. I will not be bullied or intimidated. No one will control me or take away my rights. I will fight for what is right. God Bless America!

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