GOP Prepared To Fall On Their Swords To Stop Trump!


The GOP has obviously been instructed by the establishment to fall on their own swords in this election. The word has undoubtedly been issued to stop Trump at all costs even if it means destroying the GOP party.  I am sure they have been assured there will be a slight hour of moaning and groaning and then the new world order republican party will rise from the ashes with a new name, so not to fret – fall on your swords WITH EVERY DIRTY TRICK THERE IS GOP and stop the silent majority and their leader named TRUMP!

People it is time to get out the vote – make sure your friends and family know how to change their status to republican and if they are not registered – show them how to register!  Make sure they get out to the polls to vote in the primaries, and vote again on election day.


The writing is on the wall – this is America’s last chance to resist the establishment elite’s new world order of tyrannical control of your lives!

Dianne Marshall



5 thoughts on “GOP Prepared To Fall On Their Swords To Stop Trump!

  1. Lee Ulery says:

    Gov so corrupt they dont want Trump in to straighten it out, totally pathetic. Americans need better!! Americans HAVE TO GET TRUMP IN WHITE HOUSE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS PUT PEOPLE IN PRISON ITS TIME AMERICA!!!


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