Trump’s Message Empowers The People!

Trump’s message rings out loud and clear to all ages, all classes, all nationalities and minorities.  He is a sounding cymbal in an era of clashing brass and slammed doors.

What Trump has done is totally awakened the people who were sleeping. He has made all who were obeying the politically correct police snap out of their stupor.  He gave them all permission to think and to say what they saw.  Then they began to do the unthinkable….they began to say what they thought.  Oh my.  And guess what?  The people loved it and they had a taste of it and I doubt if any are going to reverse.  They are going full steam forward and waking up their family and friends.  There is a great new thing going on. People are awake and they are hungry for knowledge of the truth.  Real truth.

Thank you Donald John Trump for waking up all the people who over slept and now have a lot of catching up to do!  We are ready to help you make America great again!  We have talent, skills, ideas, energy and we are ready!

Dianne Marshall


9 thoughts on “Trump’s Message Empowers The People!

  1. John H. Leonard says:

    Donald Trump is trying to make America great again. He may be boisterous, but what he is saying rings true with most of the American people. I hope that Americans remember that on election day. I am tired of seeing countries like Iran and Iraq kick the shit out of America.

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  2. This one of the reason I love, admire and respect Mr. Donald Trump! Simplicities, I just wanted to say if you love your Country you will do what is the best for your Country ! He is a Leader, he has the experience, We will be respected again ! That is very important! he will our best President ever, that I know.

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  3. Sha/la says:

    Yes, I agree! We the people, the silent, the middle class hard working people are now awake! And it feels good to have a voice again. The Retired Military have also been treated unfairly. I know I am one. The agreement ( contract ) we signed each four years stated what was required of us, and what the govt, promise us When we completed the yrs. We full filled out part. Had we not after signing the agreement we would of done jail time. After 25 yrs. of service the govt’ changes there part. I thought a contract was binding? Seems not with the govt’ the end results the retirement benefits have been cut. This all happened after we full filled our part of the contract. … It is no wonder moral is so low in the Military. They now know they are fighting against the wrong side in a proxy war. The men & women at CenCom know their reports are being changed to say what president wants to hear. Those serving in Syria are giving Intel. To Russia & Assad
    Secretly. Complete break down with commander-in-chief. O.k I’ve finished my rant. ..
    I never planned to say that. What I planed on posting is I read a article by Rick Wells. It talked about Mitt Romney. How there are rumors and whispers that the Establishment was tossing the idea around of putting him in presidential race in a effort to stop Trump.
    Wow, they are really very worried Trump is gonna win! However, do they really think putting another RINO in the race will change Trump voters minds? I really think those knot-heads in Washington think we can’t see right through there plans. Hey, I’ll give them a heads-up. BOYS DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Mitt is a has-been. That ship has done sailed. He needs to just go on back to the house & rock on his porch.

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    1. Sha/la,
      First, Thank you for your service.I honestly was very much removed from any sort of combat unit activity (where I think the most important morale MUST thrive), that I can’t even imagine what our war heroes, active, former, or deceased might have felt under this current administration, or may I say “adminiCASTRATION”?
      Pardon my chauvinism, but we need an ALPHA MALE to grab this situation by short ones QUICKLY! Mitt Romney? They’re just trying to get us to disqualify ourselves by jumping the republican ship. Not a chance. Just like when they thought they were “calling his bluff”, by foisting that “pledge” on him. How has THAT worked out for them? No, they’re stuck with me, until I don’t need THEM anymore! I wonder how they feel, just waiting for their careers to crumble Yeah, this is what desperation looks like Is that carl rove in the video?.
      You’re right, old Willard should just keep his slippers on, and park on an Adirondack.


  4. phil fan says:

    How is it possible to have any respect for the GOPe who demanded Donald sign a ‘contract to support the GOP nominee’ and then do everything in their power to attack Trump their front runner? It is not possible to have any respect for this pack of scheming weasels. Now they hope to run Romney to sabotage Donald? Despicable, but it won’t work. They will destroy their precious GOP and clear the way for our take over of the party. Then Americans will have a clear choice what direction this nation will follow = more globalist hate America and Christians and love sharia LAW or LOVE this country, our God, our way of life, our Constitution.

    Frankly they are screwed and it’s about time

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    1. Phil Fan,
      I think this goes back to the tactic that Sundance at CTH has referred to. That is to either blatantly alienate, and cause a change of party affiliation of PRESENT republicans (to independent, or whatever), or chill the potential enthusiasm of future, first or returning voters. They’re spoiling the primary. What a pathetic,impotent joke the gope has turned out to be.Before he’s done, Mr. Trump will have the republicans begging for the rights to use capital “R” Wait until they see all of the Democrats “crossing over”! .TRUMP 2016! HE’S NOT FOR SALE!

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      1. phil fan says:

        Yep Skipper you nailed it. The GOPe weasels think they are controlling the process by shrinking the voting roles, Sundances “divide and conquer’ strategy or manipulating the RNC but what they cannot defeat is the will of we the people. We are sick of them, their allies the Dems and sinister forces like Soros and violent jihad.

        Enough! We are not going meekly into slavery.

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      2. Phil Fan,
        If a Democrat sees the “error” of their ways, such as a person who takes the sage advise of , and DITCHES AND SWITCHES, then I think they will be in many ways more worthy of some slack, than the gope, who has done nothing but take our trust and money, and laughed all the way to the bank. Besides, could there be a better indication of some sort of restoration, than being joined by people from the “other side”? That separation has been what the weasels in BOTH parties have been banking on for DECADES. Let the establishment (d&r) squirm. “Bi-partisan”? How about NON-PARTISAN? I’ll welcome ANY Democrat willing to vote for Donald J. Trump for President! soros? jihadis? not so much.
        TRUMP 2016! HE’S NOT FOR SALE!


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