Trey Gowdy Show Season 2 Cancelled!


In Gowdy’s first event to support Rubio he got slammed with negative questions. Let it be known this will get worse. Social media is already going viral, just not in the way the GOP establishment wanted. It is a major backlash. The publicity is that of outrage, not of votes.

This is another wake up call that once again proves the establishment thinks we are mindless sheep that can be herded. They really don’t understand why the people liked Gowdy, nor do they have a clue why it is that now they don’t.   Did they really believe we were rock star stupid here?

We liked the fact that he appeared to represent the people.  We were glad to finally see someone stand up for justice.  We were not  applauding the color of his eyes or his smile. Nor were we applauding when he endorsed Rubio who is not favored (for a host of reasons).  Instead, when we heard, we the people dropped Gowdy like a hot potato.

Then we thought long and hard about why a conservative would support an obvious RINO with a failed senate voting record whose claim to fame is his dream act for illegals and proud member of the gang of 8? When we took a deeper, wide awake look at Gowdy’s failed list of congressional accomplishments. We realized we were duped. He hasn’t brought anyone to justice in his committee investigations.  He botched both the IRS and the Benghazi scandals.  Wiping Hillary’s server clean all the while shouting and putting on the best dang show even Judge Judy was applauding.  But, it appears it was just a show to pacify the outrage Americans felt.

One of the biggest wake up calls regarding Gowdy’s intent, went ignored a year ago in a televised interview when Gowdy  told Bill O’reilly that he did not want to impeach Obama because Bidon would be a worse president.  Please read that last sentence again.  Ponder it.  Does that sound like justice?   Since when does justice operate in measurements that allow one to break the laws because another might break them too?

We the people did not just sit back and wonder at all of this. Instead we  tore away the rest of the veil and started looking at all the failed acts and smart showmanship of the Trey Gowdy  Show.  Staring the congressman from South Carolina playing the staring role of the good sheriff that rode into town on a white horse.  It was the highest rated program on C-Span.  America loved to watch it.  The theme was – truth, justice and the American way. The media loved to promote it.  Then, in the final episode we saw the sheriff take the side of the railroading tycoons. Who ever wrote that script really ruined the show.  Once the viewers realized Gowdy’s hat was a prop and his horse was wooden, the ratings dropped and season 2 was cancelled.

Don’t expect Americans to watch the sequel to the Trey Gowdy Show. Good guys turned bad don’t sell well.

Dianne Marshall

No one swooned over Rubio because Gowdy said, “I support him.” What happened was a major fail. The people crossed Gowdy off the list of patriots. The establishment doesn’t understand that we the people are not groupies, and we want our country back. We are just beginning to vett a few more….and vett we shall. Onward people….onward!


34 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Show Season 2 Cancelled!

  1. Sha/la says:

    Hey everyone. I need you to tell me is anyone else having trouble with the Facebook button on the last 5 or so posts of Dianne’s? I no longer can get the Facebook button to work on my site. Anyone have any advice on getting it to forward from e-mail to Facebook?

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    1. DeAnna says:

      Hi Sha/la, Not sure exactly what you mean… do you mean trying to share it on face book by pressing the “f” button? What I did was… I copied the address in address bar up top. Then pasted it into my face book feed. It worked… is that what you meant?

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  2. Sah/lla says:

    Business Daily says…
    Donald Trump repeatly blasts influential Tray Gowdy from South Carolina Sunday.
    That should read FORMER influential Tray Gowdy.
    Are these people that seem to be Conservatives fooling the people? Or could it be once they get into office they do a 180 for fame, power, money? OR
    Is something valuable to them threatened? As Dianne pondered. Are they really that good of actors? Are we the people really that gulible? Seems Like during this admin. There have been several TurnCoats, and it didn’t take them long to turn. It wasn’t a slow turn like you become what you associate with. It was a fast 180. Turned on a dime as we say here in the South. I think the answer to my questions, Are the TurnCoats that good of actors? Are We the People that gulible? NO to both questions. That leaves they became TurnCoats for fame, money, power. OR something they value very much was threaten. Time will eventually tell. Could be years but what is done in secret will be exposed Saith The Lord.

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    1. I agree…but , how do we know if Trump came from the same box of Crayolas’ ?…I heard rumors he was a plant by the demoncrats….I have pondered long and hard and researched to discover that the only man with an accomplished record , true conservative ideas , and has done everything he said to the voters’ he would do is Ted Cruz…I found that Cruz is honest , a true Christian and truly loves this country…


      1. Donald Trump has been saying for years that if he feels like the Country is bad he would run. Have you listened to his rallies? You can go to YouTube and listen to every rally and personal interview he has done. He genuinely LOVES this Country and has the American people’s best interest at heart. Even if he was running Independent I would vote for him.


  3. Tony says:

    It really is amazing, how many phony conservatives there are. Just like liberals, embedded everywhere. Which means, you really are loathe to trust anyone in Washington. This will be the year of the Anti-Politician!

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  4. Sha/la says:

    The Internet site I was on while surfing (can’t even remember the site) there poll says, they claim
    Rubio is just 8% behind Trump. They say Rubio is on his tail. Do they think we really believe that? I surfed on. I agree Tony we really can’t trust anyone. Not any T.V. Media for sure. I think those that support Ted Cruz will find he will be a TurnCoat also. In the beginning I was fooled by him b/c I was just believing him. Now I see he pretty much is for what he thinks the people want, to get votes. But WHAT things will he really do??

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    1. Max Jones says:

      What in the world made you think Ted Cruz would be a “turn coat” ? If Cruz is not a true and honest conservative who challenges every Rhino then there is no conservative anywhere. I like Trump, but I like Cruz better, however if Trump wins the nomination I will gladly give him my vote. Now, forgetting the Presidential run for a minute, we need also to concentrate heavily on the Congressional races. Trump or Cruz will have a difficult time doing all they have promised without getting more conservatives in the House and Senate. We need to be able to muster at least 60 senate votes to get important administrative positions filled–democrats will fight tooth and nail, unlike the republicans–to get judges positions filled etc.etc. We all need to pull together to repair what obama has done to us. Thanks.


  5. For a great while I was fooled by Gowdy, then I began to realize he wasn’t actually getting anything done. But I thought he would still make a good Attorney General.Then he does this. I thought Cruz would make a good VP, then I saw him blatantly lying to Greta on Fox. It was so obvious that I was embarrassed for him. The only person we have left is Trump.

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  6. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a difference between the RNC & the DNC. It almost seems like the RNC just wants an establishment candidate to win even if it’s Killary. All the Lobbyists and big corporations are scared if Donald Trump gets in they have no one to control. Even Cruz is a snake in the grass. Check this out. He has a lot in common with Rubio.

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  7. really ?? why don’t you people look at what Senator Gowdy DID for us ! Did ANYONE ELSE go after the LIBTARDS ?? HELL NO ! He busted his ASS all the time running into Obamas BS to stop him ! you all should be ashamed ! Are you all really that shallow ? Does he not have the right to choose who he wants for President ? WE DO !! so vote against Rubio like I will ! You sound like the Liberals to me .. Taking someone’s rights away because they don’t think like you ..UGH !!!!

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  8. I agree with this article 100%, as do many South Carolinians. However, Trey Gowdy is not the “junior Senator” for SC. Our Junior Senator is Tim Scott. Trey Gowdy is the CONGRESSMAN for the 4th District of South Carolina!!!! Mistakes like these can take away veracity from what otherwise is 100% on target comment regarding Trey Gowdy’s record. PLEASE correct it!!!!

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  9. Intentional Healing says:

    I started feeling uncomfortable with Gowdy months ago. He is spending too much time and money and getting nothing accomplished. Everyone walks out of his Hearings unscathed. They endure the blustering and the sharp talk and then they go back to their high paying government jobs or retire on their pensions. There are no penalties for their misdeeds and there is no justice. We the people, end up getting our hopes and expectations crushed. And then, finally the big day arrived and Clinton had her day in Court, and we watched for the entire 11 hours. We watched her fail to answer questions, act dismissive and cutesy, we saw her snarl and laugh, and we were outraged. But, what was worse was seeing our tough talking Trey Gowdy bow to Hillary, as if she were a queen. Think of the 600+ request from the ambassador for increased security! And, Trey Gowdy sweet talked her all the way through. And, in the end, the smiling and victorious Hillary Clinton, walked out of that Hearing and on her way to her preplanned pizza party. The disgust and disappointment cuts like a knife!
    #TrumpTheVote #AmericaNeedsTrump #WeLoveTrump #DonaldJTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain


  10. Sandra says:

    The author right on. Was he supporting Rubio because we liked him. Now I don’t like him. He appears to be strong but is weak and would sell out our country to illegals to came here illegally. Rubio and Gowdy can both hold hands because I lost respect for both. No wonder Hillary and Obama can get away with everything when you have Gowdy making decisions. Rubio does not even vote.


  11. AnnS says:

    This about Gowdy breaks my heart. He was always like a breath of fresh air. I keep saying I won’t get fooled again, I won’t get fooled again…….


  12. Turmoil, havoc and pure stupidity riddle the GOP. Birthers still blather about citizenship od Cruz and Rubio. While I am not a supporter of either person I must contribute the Section of US Code, Title 8 that clearly supports the citizenship of both candidates.


  13. She/la says:

    Jaybo1, I was fooled for a while on Cruz also. I have also heard that Carson is a plant. Something is wrong in his camp. His top campaign staff are resigning. If he can’t keep peace in his yeah, Go Carson camp after repeated complaints how will he keep US safe? Anyway I won’t state my uneasiness about Ted Cruz b/c Dianne has done a much better job than I could ever do in her Article here on Marshall Report titled, Meet The Cruz’s. Check out his wife. I know it’s his wife not him but, proven fact: you become part of what you associate with, play on the bank of a river long enough you fall in….
    This country can’t afford 4 more years of a ONE PARTY ADIM. that have fallen in the river with Obama. ( remember Gowdy) We are holding on to a sprig of grass not backing down and getting drug in and drowning. ( it would be funny watching Gowdy backpeddle after he see’s we Did not blindly follow him off the clif yes, he’d be funny to watch if what he did wasn’t beginning to be status quo.)


    1. With Rubio and Cruz having Club for Growth backing them I’m not sure they aren’t in this together. One run as establishment and one run as outsider. Either way they think one will be Pres and other will be VP. That’s why the RNC is now behind Cruz. I guarantee the RNC would rather have Cruz than Trump because Trump can’t be bought.

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