MEDIA PROPAGANDA – Not Working Anymore!

The media so badly distort the news, and promote a false narrative that they create uninformed voters.  This is not by poor journalism this is by design and in lock step with their puppet masters who push psy-op propaganda to purposely misinform and dumb down the public.

This is nothing new.  What is new is that the public is now becoming aware that it is being done to them.

Americans are  now questioning the propaganda and want the truth.  The one person who is telling the inner secrets of the establishment controlled media and exposing the dirty deals being done to the masses is Donald J. Trump.  This is why the establishment want Trump to shut up and get out of the race.

The people learn quickly when truth is told in layman’s language and Trump has successfully broken down the double talk into understandable segments and simple words which has led to a mass awakening of informed people.  The informed will not return to their line among the sheeple heading off the cliff.  They are awake. They want to know more.  The masses are no longer willing to accept the lies nor tolerate the liars.

Trump has successfully restored the art of critical thinking to the silent majority who are no longer willing to go along with being politically correct, nor are they willing to allow political pundits to sell them their opinions, especially those that are far from the same as their own. In short – people are now aware of the games being played on them, and they are no longer willing to remain silent. They are now thinking for themselves, drawing their own conclusions and calling out the liars.

As the master Jedi Yoda  would say, “The force is strong in these ones. Yes?”

Dianne Marshall



4 thoughts on “MEDIA PROPAGANDA – Not Working Anymore!

  1. And the 800 lb gorilla in the room no one wants to acknowledge? Why has the majority of media become seemingly anti-America, pro-Globalism, PC (pro-Cultural Marxist)? Is it about the money or is it about the changing of an independence-minded American culture that opposes the flow of some perceived, superior cultural existence. In other words, why does media promote cultural Marxism and why is it tolerated by the millions and millions of Americans it threatens?


    1. Globalization means: End of nationalism, patriotism, borders, individualism. There would be the ELITE ruling class and then the PAWNS. Have you realized that more & more colleges are removing the US flag? More “foreigners” are making DEMANDS that they NOT be offended by our “violent” history? The effort to “shame” America? The SUCCESSFUL efforts to denigrate all SOUTHERNERS and make their entire history “shameful”? I will be fighting this until the day I die.


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