Which Committee Case Has Gowdy Won?


Trey Gowdy goes after Hillary on Benghazi, but lands no conviction.    Gowdy goes after the IRS but gets no where.  Gowdy talks a good program and tears into the ones before the committee and it makes for good theater for those seeking justice….but ask yourselves America…..who has he ever convicted in these committees?  Why are the bad guys getting off the hook?

He couldn’t even get anyone to respect his subpoena’s.  It makes me wonder?  It has been stated that he never lost a case as a prosecutor in his career.  Does it make anyone else wonder?

I’ve been wondering about this ever since the last Hillary 11 hour Email Server Trial program brought to us by C-Span.

Dianne Marshall






10 thoughts on “Which Committee Case Has Gowdy Won?

  1. Tony says:

    I’m afraid Gowdy, May be another sell-out! What a shame! Even Trump wondered why Gowdy didn’t show up at one of his hearings! We need to clean house!


  2. Kay Briskey says:

    Down south where Trey is from rules are still obeyed. But, in Washington, the NWO people run the show and protect the most egregious of law breakers …… Obama and Hillary.


  3. muskox57 says:

    The Walls of Justice in DC has gotten too thick under Obama’s administration that it would take a multitude of like minded Congress to smash the walls with sledge hammers! Where did they vanish off too??


  4. I measure success in prosecution of major crimes as to how many end up in orange jumpsuits. Haven’t seen a one involving Gowdy since he got to DC. Truly sad that he is a sellout as well. Makes you wonder what skeleton is in his closet.


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