So what is Trump’s secret? He is actually representing all Americans and dealing with real issues and doing it with straight talk! No political correctness. He may need time to reassess, as we all do, and if he finds a better solution he quickly announces it. He doesn’t stay in a bad ruling if he sees there is a better way to act on a situation. The media calls this flip flopping. Those with wisdom and common sense call it using good judgment!


The media keeps trying to make Trump look brash and out of control, even calling him a clown and his campaign a circus. Meanwhile, Trump stays on the issues and only counter punches when someone unleashes a substantial attack.

After all, if he swung back every time they spewed their mouths off, that is all he’d be doing.

In the midst of all the Trump bashing, what seems to stand out more than anything else is the childish, boyish, girlish, high school gibberish coming from the media, the lobby bought candidates and the pundits.  Not to mention the venomous spew coming from the establishment GOP and Hillary.  I really don’t even think they know how ridiculous they all look as they flail their arms, wince their faces and try to roar like the Trump. I certainly know Hillary can’t see how badly she is coming across.

So while Clinton speaks out her true left progressive ideas, then pivots back to be a nice little grandma character, Trump will mince no words when she attacks. She will not be able to lie about a video that doesn’t exist under Trump’s watch.  Nor will she be able to pretend legitimately applied words  have different meanings.  She can sing as many stances of “I am gender hear me roar” as she pleases, but  don’t expect that to win an election, and never expect that to win a war.

Trump tries to ignore all this crazy rhetoric, as much as is possible for any human being to do. He keeps focused on the task ahead as he boards his private jet and whizzes off to the next event.  He is not politically correct on the campaign trail and is excited about making America great again!  His bold, brash tone is awesome and refreshing to his supporters and they continue to get excited with him! Trump tells it as it is with no sugar coating.

His family calls it Trump talk and I think that describes it very well. America needs a leader that says what he means, means what he says, and rolls up his sleeves putting his own money where his mouth is to get the job done! America needs Trump!

Dianne Marshall



  1. What she just wrote, couldn’t be said any better. Very well informed! It’s so Hard for me to Understand why more Americans can’t feel the same way as us. To me, There hasn’t been a President like him since Ronald Reagan, which Donald admired very much. Young people don’t know what that man did for our Country, and we felt it even through the Clinton years. Now everything is going to Hell, and the people can’t get a grip on Reality! Our Country is in VERY SERIOUS Trouble, and a lot of Americans just don’t care, as long as they have money to spend. But, if you take that all away, and people aren’t prepared, WOW, I really don’t even want to think about that! The Truth is, Trump isn’t doing this for Personal Gain like some think, He’s doing it because He knows how Bad this Country is, and He wants to keep our Country Intact! And so many don’t know how Bad our Country Really is. I have a Son that I can’t get through to, and a Long time Friend too, that Just doesn’t believe that Trump is the answer. They Will find out if he doesn’t make it! What the American People want rate Now, is the TRUTH, and Nothing but the Truth, and Most Americans CAN tell the difference! For those that don’t, I feel Sorry for them! They need to Clean there ears out, because they are Stuffed with BS!


  2. Among the crimes that a President Trump could and most probably would address is the single most sinister crime ever committed against the Constitution of the United States of America, against the American experiment in government of the people, and against the American people: The criminal usurpation of the office of president of the United States of America.
    Mr. Obama fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally eligible to be president while knowingly not so. Mr. Obama publicized himself through his very own private literary agent/publicist as having been born in what is now called Kenya for some 16 years before first illegally representing himself as a natural born citizen while knowingly not so.
    Mr. Obama’s two illegal elections amount to nothing less than an ongoing conspiracy to contravene the Constitution and President Trump will be taking an oath of office to defend that document–ALL of that document including the Article II natural born citizen clause.
    Donald Trump was recently introduced in Arizona by Sheriff Joe Arpaio who’s volunteer Cold-Case Posse has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the electronic file which Mr. Obama/Soetoro, (or as his mother listed his name in one of her U.S. Passports: ‘Soebarkah’), posted on the official White House website purportedly representative of an actual Hawaiian birth certificate is nothing more than an amateurishly manufactured electronic file–NOT representative of any real document: A FORGERY.
    President Donald Trump will be in position to retroactively abrogate BOTH of Mr. Obama’s illegal elections and to prosecute all those complicit in the criminal usurpation of the presidency.
    That is why the single most important objective of those complicit in Obama’s criminal usurpation of the office of president of the U.S.A. is to saddle Trump with a vice-presidential running mate who is as ineligible to be president as the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa, the ‘Empty Chair’ Barack Hussein Osama–I mean Obama.
    It absolutely defies the science of Statistical Probabilities that among the first individuals to be advanced by the Republican Party so many would simply by coincidence be constitutionally ineligible such as is the case with Cruz, Rubio, Santorum, Niki Haley, and Jindal.
    Clearly, the Republican Party leadership wants to tie Trump’s hands from addressing the single most sinister crime ever committed against ‘We the People’ and against the Constitution.

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  3. Loretta says:

    I stopped watching the news – it’s not news it’s the clowns in our media circus ->they would not know news if it hit them in the face. Let’s talk the media circus – the news media is one sided and biased causing social divisions – black/white – police/civilian.
    Try covering a story in context because it is annoying to find out the real story just do the real news. BTW Hillary we fed up with lies and deceit — PC garbage — strengthen our military and take care of our vets.


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