Hillary Can’t Schlonge The Donald!

Trump hands Hillary’s venom back to her in a sippy cup with a built in straw.  I’m sure she will mix it with something strong and fall flat on her face again.

While watching her lose it and go nuts in public, her insane desire to be ruler of everyone is very scary.  She is so used to just hiring someone to get rid of the people who complicate, expose, or threaten to expose her true self that it is worth a few extra secret service men to insure Trump’s safe keeping.  A food taster is also in order. Hillary is very vile.

The fact that Trump knows everything about her and she can’t schlonge him makes for a very desperate and dangerous Hillary.  Just saying.

Dianne Marshall


3 thoughts on “Hillary Can’t Schlonge The Donald!

  1. Dianne,
    I’m sure by now, you recognize me as anything but an apologist, but I’d like to toss up a little affirmation : While Mr. Trump CHAMPIONS the truth from his own earned and well deserved “pulpit”, and lets his opposition damn themselves with their own projection and guilty “consciences”(?) (Minds in the gutter), I think that we should strive to stay on the high road when engaged with rudeness and trumpaphobia, and refuse to be dragged into the gutter, where his enemies “mingle” YECCH!
    I visit other sites, ( http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ excluded), and if the “article” itself isn’t questionable in spirit or tone, the comments invariably contain immature language, to be kind.
    As your blog becomes more and more popular, we “reporters” will have to remain vigilant to try to keep the exchanges adult and not mean of spirit. Or just put the malcontents on the PNM (Pay No Mind) List.
    Thank you again for such an excellent site. I know I am looking forward to its’ popularity growing proportionately with the importance and gravity of Mr. Trump’s mission and message.MAGA 2016!!!!!
    God Bless,
    Merry Christmas,

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