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I’m thinking this IOWA evangelical thing is a bit over rated.  Why do I think that?  I was just wondering if Iowa is so evangelical minded in the vote, why on earth does The Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics have it that 48 percent of Democrats who expect to caucus next year support Mrs. Clinton, and 39 percent back Mr. Sanders?

I’m not buying into the media hype here anymore.  You either want to save America from the NWO establishment elite goals or you don’t.  You either vote for the one who goes against the status quo or you vote for the final nails in America’s coffin, for the days of the once considered terrible – “more of the same” are over.  It will be a funeral.

Why in the world in a state that is so proud to be American and so proud to be evangelical putting  God first would they ever consider an Arab Spring, Benghazi guilty Hillary or communist Bernie?

Why would they vote for the one that wants to end the 2nd amendment and take their guns away, and force common core down their throat along with climate change and Obama care paid abortions?  Why would they vote for those who support more Islamist radical rights in America and no borders? Most importantly why would they vote for those who have donors that push for the new world order establishment goals?

Has anyone else thought about this? It sounds like there is a bit of voter fraud going on….or just skewed polls.  Maybe 48 percent is out of 100 voters?

Dianne Marshall




  1. There has to be a lot of voter fraud going on. I can’t imagine Iowa in any strong numbers leaning towards Hillary or Bernie. Especially when they aren’t giving any numbers to Jeb who has almost the same platform. It is all hype.

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    1. Isn’t it sad that the phrase “voter fraud” doesn’t induce a gag reflex? My Mrs. is a poll worker here in a district close to the house (in Florida). Slip-shod if not negligent would seem to describe the “process” that takes place.2008 brought about a 3% discrepancy between ballots distributed, and votes counted. I believe 2012 was about the same.I have no way of verifying the exact (if any) infraction, but the complete lack of concern from her supervisor was troubling to say the least. 2016 needs to be the YEAR OF THE CITIZEN JOURNALIST! It may not amount to a hill of beans, but what would be the harm of identifiable “exit pollsters” at as many voting stations as possible NATIONWIDE with cameras to document even general trends? Mr. Trump should have (hire? BUY? a totally secure and isolated ISP to aggregate and correlate the data.Does ANYONE trust any “machines” that soros, soetoro, or skanky mccankles might have “had their way with”? I wonder if Mss. “Diamond and Silk” would be willing to start a movement like that? Get Catherine Engelbrecht from True The Vote together with those ladies? It could be YUUUUGE!!!

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  2. Iowa: It is a farm state with a farm economy and has a great number of- Farmers. Farmers are by nature conservative; they must be or failure is guaranteed. Lots of small town church goers who know everybody and everything about their neighbors. Very conservative. These are the facts on the ground in Iowa as I know from going to high school nearby in Wisconsin. And I come from a farm family (in California) so I know the farmer mindset = socially conservative to the max.

    In Iowa there is NO secret ballot voting. It is all by “caucus” = going to a hall, mingle with friends, neighbors and enemies and openly discuss, debate and ‘caucus’ about who most represents their values. Openly, no secret ballots for them. Everyone will know who you voted for. These caucus goers are a tiny minority of motivated Iowans unlike the majority who mostly stay home.

    So for Donald to win these caucuses he must, as he is doing so diligently, appeal to and motivate a mass of new caucusers to show up at the meeting place for the first time in their lives and talk him up, his ideas and programs, etc. To do this he has the best ground game manager and team in place who helped Huckabee (or Santorum) win Iowas in 2012.

    I’m looking forward to a flood of new participants in the Iowa caucuses to push Donald over the top.

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