From Stablemates to Schlonged…The Media Misfires At Trump!

Will somebody educate the people at the Blaze and the rest of the media what the political term “Schlonged” means?  Good grief.  They are either playing on the fact that few people understand that political term and they can lie about what it means to them, or they are rather missing a few brain fires themselves.

Another term the media allowed Fiorina to skew, and they ran with it as well was “stablemates”.  Fiorina defined it as Trump saying he shared a “green room” before the show 60 minutes.  That was never what Trump said.  The term stablemates means (as defined in the dictionary) a person or product from the same organization or background as another. Example: “it is a marketing challenge for Fiat and its stablemate, Alfa Romeo”

It is obvious that terms like “stable mates” and “schlonged” are not understood by the so called media.

Dianne Marshall


10 thoughts on “From Stablemates to Schlonged…The Media Misfires At Trump!

  1. Sha/la says:

    Fox Insider News
    Trump tweets: Biased Media defined remark about Clinton wrong. He states it is a common word they know what it means.
    *** Don’t you just love it. Wonder if they really knew the meaning? Did they really want Donald Trump to make them (word people) look foolish? AGAIN!

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  2. phil fan says:

    Yep the phony outrage is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Really the phony outrage card is expired as are the race cards, the sexist cards, an the out of date snooty elitist cards. That all they got?

    Any adults on the left or in the GOPe to have a conversation…or no?

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  3. Sha/la says:

    Second thought…
    They had to know the meaning. If they had a doubt they would have looked it up to be sure. So what’s their game? Could they be willing to look foolish to keep some type back and forth going on with Trump? After all he’s great for ratings. Leaves Kelly eating his dust. Of course Hillary picked up the ball and commented about Trump’s vulger talk about her at a rally. So she is willing to look foolish also. They know Trump is sharp as a tack. He was bound to catch and correct them. That was Not the exact wording Hillary used but same meaning. Forgot exact wording. What she says is not worth remembering in most cases. It’s all lies!
    *** anybody got a idea what kind of game is being played?

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  4. Sha/la says:

    Phil I didn’t see your post. Gee, they are nutty. Fox will look totally foolish Hillary including for phony outrage. Now that Trump has called them on it and when he clears up the lies they have started to make him look bad it will only bring his poll numbers higher. Hasn’t Hillary told her quota of lies? Has her supporters finally understood she lies? So silly…

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    1. Yep the truth is coming out Sha/la and we are blessed with a great candidate to expose all the distortions and lies sinking our society. We are blessed and it is a joy to see Donald arise from our midst to stand for American values, honesty, plain talk and common sense. Ever since Reagan we have been sinking under false prophets like Bush x2, Clinton and the muslim usurper. I thought my generation would never produce a great leader after those mediocrities.


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  5. Hillary is losing it big time. Her crap that she always pulls isn’t working this time. She is sounding like a lunatic! A raving, angry wide eyed lunatic. She speaks with distorted face and snake tongue. Cackles like a hag and is starting to waddle like a dang duck. Not presidential. I would say, I don’t like her tone.

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    1. Exactly Dianne, nailed it. What an embarrassment for the totalitarian left and for the US to have such a pathetic “leader”. To think the GOPe would prefer her to Donald is very very sad.

      BTW Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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  6. Sha/la says:

    You are so right, Hillary is looking bad. Face tired/wore out looking. Under her eyes are big puffy patches like she hasn’t slept in a long time. She can give but can’t handle being called down on her lies. I got a News article the first of the week. Can’t remember the News source. Maybe Conservative Tribune? They wrote a piece on Larry Nichols book about the Clinton crime family. The book came out a few yrs. ago. I haven’t heard her call Larry Nichols out in public. She is getting hit hard. No wonder she has puffy eyes. …🎄🎄Merry Christmas to all!

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