Why My Vote Is For Trump

trump in prayer untitled

They took our privacy for our protection and we allowed it. (patriot act).

They took our freedom to travel interstate for our protection and we allowed it. (TSA scans and pat downs).

They took our freedom to say what we believed and we allowed it.  (political correctness).

They committed live theater false flags to intimidate us for their drills and keep us in line. (Where do I begin?)

They toppled nations and lied about their motives for doing so. (Where do I begin?)

They took our national parks, waterways, and mud puddles as government property. (Why?)

They left our borders opened, and called all illegal kids born here by illegal immigrants citizens, although it was a lie. (Why?)

They lied about green projects, global warming and climate change. (Why?)

They committed voter fraud in our faces through dead people, comic characters, single person multiple votes, and rigged voter machines. (Why?  I think we know.)

They have lied, led us wrongly, skewed the facts and plotted against the constitutional rights Americans have in order to change the America we all knew and loved. (Why?)

There is a bunch more. But, this is enough to prove a point.

Is America in peril?  Yes.  Will the establishment quo candidate be able to save her?  No.  Will Trump?  Yes.  That is why my vote is for Trump.

Dianne Marshall



7 thoughts on “Why My Vote Is For Trump

  1. Sha/la says:

    I agree with all the reasons you stated in this article and more also. I heard Rand Paul on CNN saying he thought Donald Trumps popularity was like a reality shows. Also he said he would be afraid of him with nuke weapons. Oh come now… I didn’t hear you say a word about the others that are running with there, “I want talk to Putin till I do all these grandiose things right under his nose.” Then “All” but Donald Trump and Rand Paul are going to have NO FLY ZONES. And let’s not forget the “Carpet Bombing” yet Donald Trump has made no such foolish statements and Rand Paul is afraid of Him with the nuke weapons? Maybe he better be concerned about the candidates he seems to approve of. But then maybe he feels those are the ones he can beat? Strange world we live in..,,

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  2. Ryan is GOPe/uniparty globalist all the way. He hates Trump for threatening to expose their con on the American people. He therefore hates Donalds supporters, That’s us. Therefore if he can scare potential supporters with smears and lies about “who he trusts” (he trusts Kasich, carpet bomb Cruz, Rubio, Jeb, Christie and the other ‘no-fly zone = war with Russia’ candidates ). Why trust them? Simple = to keep the lucrative war machine humming for money and power and for them to keep the GOPe power, dominance sucking the blood and bucks out of our pockets into theirs.

    Ryan along with Cruz and those mentioned above are the problem not Trump. Ryan is scum

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