Lift One Another Up And Be – That Is The Trump Message And Mine!


Recently College Graduates For Trump, commented on my blog.  I am now confused as they turn out to be a group of great Trump people.  How in the world do they come up with that I may not be saying what they stand for? They or their spokesperson decided that I was off base in an article I wrote about college grads somehow thinking that I was not for blue collar careers or Trump or something?

The feedback on an article I wrote, “Why College Grads Need A Trump? ” brought about a lot of apparently much needed discussion.  I really  didn’t know this  issue needed so much. “


I received the following message to the article above. I truly did not understand the logic in it at the time.(Especially since my article expressed nothing about blue collar workers. Nor was it about them. If anything it upheld them.) Here is the response:

“There are numerous reasons why the data may show that mostly blue-collar support Trump: 1) He resonates with unions and many democrats “to bring jobs back to the U.S.”. 2) this does not mean less than normal about of college-educated support, but instead more than normal blue-collar support. We know that independents and democrats will be supporting Trump, and Trump only. Your article here misses the point: there are many millions of us who support TRUMP and were not indoctrinated into any liberal ideology. –visit us on FaceBook: COLLEGE GRADUATES FORT TRUMP.”

If you read the article you will see that I made no blue collar reference and was not taking a stance as this comment pointed at me to have made. I was pointing out the liberal theology that is taught in colleges.  No one can deny that fact.

trump 1024x1024

It takes all of us. Every dang one of us to make America roll like a charm. Very few collage graduates are ever entrepreneurs. They work for them. Why? Because entrepreneurs are not indoctrinated…in fact most are not college grads. Most have intellect, some college and a whole lot of know how. That is what it is. Stat wise anyway.

Now very few have the capability to be entrepreneurial compared to those who are pushed out in cans of college courses, ready to do the thing the recipe in the can said. Very few are ready to make a new recipe and be a chef in the realm of business. That difference is not anything I am making up…it is what it is. It has been documented and written. I merely report.

trump towers beaut

Then there are those that have both the education and the entrepreneurial abilities…those often turn out to be the Trumps, or close. Very successful is the word. Which brings us to the question of what happens when a government ties the hands of youth who could be a Trump or an Apple computer geek or a musician of sorts, a rock star or a simple successful business owner?  That was the point of the article.

Or what happens to a blue collar worker in a factory owned by an establishment or Apple computer geek? It all ends when America is torn down, interrupted and reprogramed. That is the bottom line.

College Graduates For Trump – I am for you not against you.  Isn’t it time we all go forth on the same page?

In ending I must say, for the record I am half white collar, half blue collar, and an entrepreneur. That is what makes me unique. I see all sides and value each. It takes all to make the world go round. I am for each group. I am also for lifting others up and out of their pits of going no where. I am for teaching all of the ways to be creative and to grow.

VETERANS 174090-840x420

I am and have always been one who shares what I know to others in my field to grow my industry which I have a tract record for. I view competition in the industry as strength, not weakness. People told me I was crazy for that when I did it,(why on earth build your competition)  today they call me a mentor, I always knew I was a mentor and ignored the rants when I got them.

There is no color of collar in my book, nor preference thereof.  We are all in this together.  Marvelous it is that in America we are all free to choose and to be, as long as we do not allow others to dictate their demands upon us. That is the real issue here.  To demand that no one limit anyone. Each one appreciating any and all contribution of another.

Trump rally texas 2Together, we as Americans can all lend a hand and lift others up…but only with the constitution that is the roadmap to the  American dream that was put in place by those that understood that to succeed one needs to give back and help others succeed in the process. That is what I believe anyway.

Dianne Marshall


6 thoughts on “Lift One Another Up And Be – That Is The Trump Message And Mine!

  1. Dianne,
    While I was careful to not vilify nor diminish college students in a previous post to the thread “Stand by the man named Trump”, I did state that the “institutions” are not known as “cornucopias” of common sense. It seems to me that West Walker (the student poster you mention) would probably agree with me, that conservatism is minimized, and probably mocked in academia. I hope that WW continues to return to The Marshall Report, at least as a reminder that there really ARE college students who are capable of both conservatism, AND critical thinking.
    Thankfully, I am alerted in my inbox if anyone “likes” a post I leave on a particular thread. Assuming that there are others who are alerted in the same fashion, I sometimes “like” a comment that I don’t necessarily agree with, just to try to inform the other poster that someone is trying to engage them in DISCUSSION, and exchange of IDEAS.
    I am greatly encouraged that West Walker is not only aware of your blog, but willing to engage others in debate (?). While I am under the impression that college Trump supporters are probably the minority, as the truths emerge they will inevitably grow in numbers!
    I hope West Walker brings ALL of his(?), her (?) friends her to Marshall Report, to keep old geezers like me up to speed, and encouraged about our future leaders.

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    1. Being that he is a YUUUGELY successful business man, we both know that he has got to know scores of philanthropic, ALPHA MENTORS who he could call upon to not only instruct how to reign in the ridiculous Goliath that is college/govt. subsidy, but actually TEACH ! LEAD BY DEED!!! /Gee, that would really suck to have a government initiative “come in” ahead of schedule, and under budget!/sarc

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    1. Shotgun Joe,
      I do consider their youth and inexperience. I also consider the wonder of this country, that even still, leaves open the door for differing viewpoints. My hope is that a majority of the students’ parents have already formed the foundation to make it possible to construct skyscrapers of excellence that people like Mr. Trump represent. Just the fact that anyone has applied themselves academically enough to even be eligible for college, impresses me (as a G.E.D. “scholar”), and motivates me to cheer them on. On of my proudest moments was being able to financially assist my step-daughter (condo) in her pursuit of a college degree. I was able to live vicariously through her. Worth every dime.


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